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Election 2012...It's the GLOBAL Economy & Foreign Policy Stupid...

         Election 2012:  It's the GLOBAL Economic Policy of the Next President that is important to       Americans --not just his proposed Domestic Economic policy. 
                                                   Our future depends on it.

The question for all American voters is HUGE: Which Presidential candidate's plans will best strategically advance America in this brave new world we find ourselves in?

Voters should be asking:"what will it take for our country to be successful in a 21st century high tech world economy in which over 40 nations have their own space programs and their students are better educated in math and science than our American children? 

How will cutting education help us win this new battle for dominance in the world economy?

Today in America we have nearly 3 million OPEN, UNFILLED JOBS ready for the taking. These jobs pay $70,000 a year and more. Filling those jobs would cut today's unemployment rate from 8.1% to 6.1% OVERNIGHT.  So WHY are those jobs still unfilled with so many people wanting a job? 

One American company that needs people to fill some of these jobs requires all applicants to take a test to see if they qualify for training for one of these jobs, which involve running computerized equipment in manufacturing, etc. 

90% of the American applicants taking the test fail! Only 10% do well enough for the company to give them the training for these $70,000+ jobs.  Without Americans qualified to step into them they either remain empty -- or filled by a foreigner on a work visa or get shipped to people overseas who DO have those skills because Americans don't have the necessary skills.  Which President will help Americans get that education? And training?

Chinese kids have those skills. Indian students have those skills.  So either these jobs remain empty or the companies will farm them overseas unless we can improve our education and training to fill that gap with Americans.  

In this inescapable, space age century, our kids must-compete-or-die on a high tech level with competitors worldwide, on technology that will increasingly become more complex, and will continue to be high tech, and even MORE high tech, forevermore -- or they will end up flipping burgers at minimum wage instead while the rest of the world passes us by.  The choice is ours, and it depends on WHO voters elect as President in 2012.  From my vantage of having been involved in global high tech business, traveling to nearly 50 countries and terrorism analyst who predicted 9/11 (its on youtube), here is how I see it:

President Obama has supported investing in education and advanced technology needed for America to stay competitive. He wants to invest in updating our infrastructure - like repairing the 144,000 derelict bridges in America before they fall into the rivers below them. That would create jobs! Every jobs bill Obama has proposed, the GOP has opposed, even when he was proposing one of THEIR original proposals! the insurance mandate was originally a Heritage Foundation idea. That is not an American value - to block jobs in the name of politics in the middle of the worse Recession in 70 years!  

To his credit, President Obama who inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression and a $1.3 Trillion Annual baked-in Deficits his first day on the job! He has done a miracle job of saving our sinking ship on short notice and despite half the crew who refused to help fix the damage, the same one who put it up on the reef to begin with.

Despite their obstacles, the President has put us on a more sustainable path that does not penalize the 47% or the 99% in favor of the 1%.  Gov. Romney's plans favor that top 1%. President Obama's represents all Americans as well as the majority who elected him.

Now the Economic Trend is UP!  America is past the worst of the storm (save for any European Econmic meltdown). The President has generated more jobs in 4 years that were generated in the entire 8 years of the prior Bush administration. 

Given another term, the president can finish the job and build  and continue positioning America to win the 21st space age high tech global race.

To do THAT, Voters Also NEED TO GIVE THE PRESIDENT A CONGRESS that will HELP HIM INSTEAD OF OBSTRUCTING America's rebuilding. Tbe President needs a stronger Democrat Congress that share his vision and commitment to protect the Middle Class, people who believe our destiny and future are linked to our success in upgrading our education and training of all Americans in this global race of higher brain power and technology.

The President has done a tremendous job under the worst of economic and political conditions...

Brief History. Bush inherited a $300 Billion SURPLUS from Pres. Clinton. But Bush handed Obama a $1.3 TRILLION DEFICIT (plus another $6 TRILLION in new DEBT) on his 1st day on the job. 

BIG Difference!  (FACTS Count)/ Bush inherited cash-in-bank.  Obama inherited $6 TRILLION in Bush IOUs  and ZERO CASH and an economy bleeding 800,000 jobs a month his first days on the job when he took office. 

From that Titanic wreck, Obama has created 4.5 Million jobs in the past months and the trend line has gone from negative to positive.  

Don't mess with what's working people. Rome wasn't built in a day. A shipwreck isn't repaired overnight. After Pearl Harbor, it took years and both sides worked to do it.

Question for voters: Why would the GOP  reject their own proposals once the President comes out in favor of it? Why have they BLOCKED ALL (not some) of the President's proposals? Why would they even delay normal bipartisan bills like the Transportation Bill that repairs our infrastructure and generates JOBS? The GOP sat on it for MONTHS, when people needed those jobs and the roads needed the work.  Were they hoping that by blocking him things get worse so they can blame him for it.?

That's pretty non-American bad behavior when a lot of Americans are out of work and need a Congress helping a President who is working for them instead of playing political games. Obama had barely warmed his chair in the Oval Office when GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said: "Our only priority is to insure that he is a one-term President."  Note that McConnell didn't say his No. 1 priority was helping unemployed Americans; it was obstructing a brand new President who didn't create the Fiscal Disaster he got from the Bush administration and the GOP Congress that created this mess and has not bargained in good faith since.

FACT: It normally takes 7 years to recover from an Economic Tsunami of that size.  If it takes 8 years to mess it up it will take at least 8 years to fix the damage, so that is another reason Obama should be given a second term - there's more fixin' to do.

Despite the Tidal Wave of crap he inherited, President Obama has made great progress with the fiscal cliff cards he was dealt.  He followed the FDR path -- not the President Hoover path where the 1% said: "You will get nothing and like it" and the voters swept out Hoover and  swept in FDR who created jobs. Obama is today's closest thing to FDR in this election.  FDR acted for the 99% of Americans and it worked.

From my global perspective over the past three decades, in my view President OBAMA has made strategically wise choices to set America on a path of economic sustainability and technology leadership needed for America to lead and succeed in this brave new world -- where we will soon see private companies mining asteroids and planning trips to Mars. China will have a new space station set up when our ISS, International Space Station, is ready for retirement. What then? Do nothing? Let them own the ultimate high ground? Not invest in the education and technology needed to maintain our economic lead in a global economic world never seen before?

I have a unique perspective by which to evaluate the President's performance.  I grew up on a farm, so I know ordinary Americans go through, but ended up working for the Fortune 500 and being sent to over 30 countries in 5 years on negotiating contracts.  After a lay off I became an entrepreneur and added another 15-20 countries on my own helping small American companies expand their sales of U.S. made products because every $1 billion in USA export is another 25,000 American jobs!  I became a TV Terrorism Adviser on 9/11. Before that I was a TV Mideast expert during the first Gulf War in 1991.  I have seen China and India evolve over three decades from nothing to cocolossal economic powers.

In my opinion, based on my global knowledge of technology and markets in over 50 countries, the one candidate that I trust to deal with all of these issues facing America and the 3 a.m. calls a President gets is... President Obama.

Unfortunately, Romney has been a constant diplomatic train wreck even on friendly territory. America cannot afford screwing up tougher issues than offending our long term British allies during the Olympics. Romney's reaction to Libya shows that he is an amateur in international affairs -- other than hiding money in offshore tax havens to dodge taxes. How does hiding money overseas equate with knowing how to deal with the next event in the Middle East or Asia or where-ever? 

Presidential issues are not the same as setting up a Swiss or Caymans bank account (I have been to both countries and researched the legal structure. I am very familiar with what people do there, having been there, seen that).  

Presidential issues are vastly more complex than finding an offshore tax haven to cut your taxes to 13% while his secretary and horse trainer is paying twice as much as the boss. Not to mention Romney deducting $77,000 for horse expnses (got yours yet?) and shopping for a car elevator.  He was born wealthy and never had to face the hard choice of either buying food or paying the rent, like President obama and many Americans know all too well. Romney doesn't know what it's like not to have health insurance; most American don't know what's its like o have a special tax dodge account in Switzerland.

Gov. Romney wants to be President of the USA but does not want Americans to see more than two years of his tax returns. The President has released over 8 years of his returns. Romney required each of his Vice President candidate to submit to him 10 years worth of tax returns! But he himself will release only 2 years of returns. Ummmm. Why? What's in there we shouldn't see?

Why should we trust someone so withholding of information he himself demands of others?  The idea of a secretive President with offshore accounts he is not willing to tell Americans about, but demands 10 years of returns from others, should worry any American who doesn't have a Caymans bank account.

President Obama eliminated Osama bin laden by taking a chance on a mission that could have ruined his Presidency like President Carter's Iran attempt.  Instead he played it smart and it worked. It was Obama's idea to have the extra helicopter on hand --the one that they needed when the first one crashed. He thinks ahead so things work. No voodoo economics.

Obama has eliminated more terrorists in four years than President Bush did in eight years. With my first-hand experience seeing the growth of China, India, Egypt, etc. the last 30 years, I firmly believe that President Obama is the best choice in 2012 and deserves the opportunity to finish cleaning up the giant mess handed to him not that long ago. Voters should also give him a Congress willing to work with him to make jobs grow faster, or vote them out! 

Stalemate won't create jobs if the Eric Cantor's and Joe Walsh's or  the "legitimate rape" Akin's get elected or re-elected and continue obstructing progress sought by the President to create jobs and advance the education needed for Americans to get their game on at this critical time.  Obama got the equivalent of  being the new Captain assigned to the Exxon Valdez just AFTER it had been piled on a reef by Bush and the GOP. 

And after piling the ship up on the reef, the GOP who put it there fought the costs required to fix it -- even when the President adopted their own proposals, like providing vets with jobs! 

Congress just bailed out of Washington for the elections next month, leaving farmers without a renewed farm aid bill, and nothing done. The Senate GOP PARTING SHOT VETOED A BILL THAT WOULD HAVE HELPED VETS GET JOBS.

The President is the only candidate who is supporting our farmers, our vets and their medical and job needs, our seniors and OUR Medicare system, our students who need Pell Grants, our green energy eonomy along with "all of the above" energy strategy. He is the only one with a global strategic plan that will boost opportunities for the vast majority of Americans. 

As I see it, Obama represents 100% of Americans. He tried to work with Republicans and was stiff armed each time.  Gov. Romney from his own words represents the 1%, who want to have more and let the 99% of  us get less to pay for it. He wrote off 47% of Americans in his own words. He got it wrong about those AMericans- over  80% of that 47% are the elderly and poor working families. They aren't deadbeat takers. They have and are paying all kinds of taxes.

Gov. Romney, a has called for CUTS to education when we already rank 37th in math and science in the world.  He wants to end incentives that have created a new green economy that is already producing the next "big thing" in America, thousands of jobs in wind and solar businesses  - brand new energy savings and clean energy industries to name just two.   

My green+security company for example both saves enough energy to pay for itself, while at the same time protect a building's weakest link, its windows, from breach by burglars, hurricane-force winds, triple digit heat and harmful UV. It's thrived during the "Great Recession" and has zero government contracts.  Governor Romney would discourage the green economy and we'd lose those jobs to countries like China and India.

We've had several economic waves: the computer surge, then the Internet surge. Now its the Green Economy economic surge that will fuel untold numbers of new jobs if we elect a President who will let it happen.  Otherwise we lose it to our global competitors if we don't nurture it like an industry in its infancy.  Romney favors giving over $4 billion yearly tax subsidies to already profitable 100 year old oil companies.  

That makes no sense. It's as if the buggy whip lobby got Congress to block the new "horseless carriage" (the car) that threatened the horse and buggy industry in 1900.  If we had then what we have now, we'd still be riding horses instead of packing them under a V8.

Gov. Romney's economic plan would give the top 1% another tax cut that would generate an additional $5 Trillion in our national debt and wouldn't create a single job. It would only increase the debt and the economic pain while redistributing even more wealth from the middle class to the top 1%. Now only 20% control 80% of our economy under these bizarre tax schemes by millionaires for millionaires. We don't need more voodoo economics from Gov. Romney.

 Romney's plans would not advance education (you don't advance it by cutting it) nor support public investment on our nations crumbling bridges and roads.  Under Gov. Romney, Medicare benefits would be cut and become diminishing-in-value vouchers.  Under the Romney-Ryan plan more of seniors medical costs would fall on the elderly whose incomes are fixed and need it the most. Insurance companies would benefit the most.

Under Romney, Germany would remain the No. 1 solar producing nation in the world - and cloudy Europe does not have the abundant year round sun of the American Southwest! With President Obama's foresight, we could be No. 1 - ad generate twice (or more) as much free solar energy as Germany, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs in a new, clean 21st century industry that would move us closer to energy independence, domestically produced!

Last question voters need to ask:

WHICH CANDIDATE has the Best Strategy or America to win in the GLOBAL Economy coupled with a foreign policy that deals with global threats and builds on our global partnerships.  Insulting our British allies over their Olympic preparations is not one of them.

In 2012 America needs a President with the best Agenda for American Greatness in a space age century where the winner has the greatest education system. The only candidate offering that is President Obama.

And even the President's plans could be more global and more strategic - like encouraging even greater Space exploration and projects to generate energy from space.

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To see how we got here and more importantly how we get out of our situation AND SOLUTIONS, check out "Agenda for American Greatness."  It is based on the author's experience in nearly 50 countries (Fortune 500 to entrepreneur) and time as a terrorism analyst, detailed in "Better Times Ahead: April Fool?" described more fully at:for 

PASS IT ON...Every American needs to know this before Nov. 6...2012.

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