Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Next service station 60 miles." that is that lonely stretch..

At one point today coming from Brownsville to Corpus I saw a highway sign that read: "Next service station 60 miles." that is that lonely stretch before you finally reach Kingsville and the Inspection Station.

Well, SAVED Again, my car waited until reaching Corpus to break down! 
 In fact I was within a mile of the hotel when I started hearing warning signals I'd never heard before. Imagine being in the middle of nothing for 60 miles and a dead radiator, whatever...Yikes! 
LUCKY AGAIN...LOL. TONS of admin to do tonight anyway, now that's its WINE TIME after 5....
Ended up in a room that I've never seen before. it has a hot tube next to the bed in the bedroom. 
Not to mention a balcony looking out on the Gulf...Good place to be stuck if you have a dead vehicle and administrative to do which I always do...

But that SAND looks so inviting...for some reason i DID throw a pair of (wild looking) swimming trunks in the bag....
Ummmmmm. Car's going be at the doc tomorrow, that means someone has time to play in the water, right?
yeah, right. This nerd will be taking calls and working - with maybe a quick toe dip. LOL

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