Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Democrat Convention vs GOP Convention - WHICH Looks Like America?

I just saw the cameras pan over the Democratic convention that is just starting up. It LOOKS LIKE AMERICA!

The crowds are DIVERSE __ White, Hispanic and Black, Asian, etc. - NOT ALL WHITE as we just saw at the GOP convention. The Republicans have gone off the deep end to the right - I say that as a former GOP Congress candidate (who ran against Tom DeLay more than once).

The party that best represents the people of the United States are those who look like America.

And tonight it is evident that is the Democratic Party, a DIVERSE PARTY which is not 90% WHITES ONLY like the GOP.  The Democrats are roughly 1/3 white, 1/3 black and 1/3 Hispanic/Asian - which is what America is rapidly becoming as demographics continue their unstoppable march to a America that looks like the 50 or so countries I traveled to the past many decades. (That story is at ).
Such diversity will be a source of immense POWER for our future success.

WOMEN play major roles in the Democratic party. Democrats favor women's issues on health care and education for women and children. Saudi's don't let women drive and Republicans don't want to give poor women health care in Texas and don't want them to make decisions on their bodies without the State forcing them to undergo TransVaginal probes (in Texas, Virginia, etc.)

The Dems stand for the LITTLE guy, not the super rich few which have been favored since 2000 - during which America lost its lead in education and lost its No. 1 creditor nation status in less than 4 years after 2000 when the GOP controlled both Congress and the White House, and engaged in two UNPAID FOR Wars, Unpaid for Tax Cuts for the Wealthiest, and unpaid for Plan D and Pentagon spending. That is what caused the worst financial disaster in 2008 that we had seen in over 70 years! (Details at "Agenda for AMerican Greatness" at the link:

Democrats have always stood for that AMERICAN Tradition of EQUALITY (Equal Pay for Women for Equal Work - rejected by the GOP including Ryan).

Democrats believe if you work hard and play by the rules you should have an EQUAL chance of success as the kid from the rich family --those who don't fight our wars but get special tax breaks because they pay a lobbyist, and hide their tax returns and money in Europe and the Cayman Islands.

Democrats have always been the party protecting the forgotten Middle Class, the little guys -- which shrank 10% in the last ten years of tax cuts enacted by President Bush that favored the rich over the Middle Class.

Democrats stand for Equal JUSTICE under the law - not a different justice for rich and another for poor people.  Dems stand for people. The GOP U.S. Supreme Court of justices (Republican) decided that corporations are people who can spend unlimited BILLIONS buying elections, destroying the principle of "one man, one vote." They have replacedg it with "one mans billions buys many votes."

Dems favor a "level playing field" for all Americans - not special favors for the wealthy. They oppose tax cuts favoring the wealthiest which are paid for by cutting benefits for the Middle Class. Such unfair tax cuts for the wealthy will cause our deficits to only soar as a result....

Democrats have NOT attacked women's healthcare, or claimed there could be such a thing as "legitimate rape."  President Obama would never tell a Louisiana Hurricane Isaac survivor as Mr. Romney did to "Call 211" and to "look to charity for help" -- meaning no FEMA or government help of any kind. Meanwhile, Mr. Romney picks up million dollar checks on yachts bearing the flag of the "Cayman Islands" a tax dodge for the rich.

To the "Joe the Plumbers" out there, I say THINK.

I say this as one of the few who went from a farm to negotiating in nearly 50 countries the past 30 plus years, and served a TV Terrorism adviser, global entreprenuer, etc.

Americans who know nothing but "SNOOKI"  who continue to elect moron to Congress clueless about how the world works and are willing to  walk away from providing education and health care for our citizens, are killing our country's future.

Proverbs said: "Where There is No Vision, the People Perish"

Before you perish from Stupid --or pull the wrong lever on November 6, better read "Better Times Ahead: April Fool?" 

especially the updated, complimentary final, complimentary chapter "Agenda for American Greatness"


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