Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Challenge to "Experts" Limbaugh, Beck ...Who really Knows How the World Works?

One of my nieces lives in the Texas Panhandle -- the land where the wind can drive you insane if it doesn't freeze or bake you first. She recently said on Facebook how much she "loves Limbaugh." Her husband loves Glenn Beck.

Neither my nephew, niece (or anyone in my family) have any idea of the projects their uncle has done in nearly 50 countries to date -- promoting American-made products and going from the Fortune 500 to being a (global) entrepreneur. So that gave me an idea. Who knows more about the world, Limbaugh, Beck -- or me? Hear me out, then decide.

Millions of American listen to radio and media talk shows by these two men -- and thousands of  other radio clones like them who pontificate on the great economic and international foreign policy issues of the day, right?  Has anyone considered what makes these folks "experts" to give advice to millions of innocent working Americans when they have no real world experience? 

Being rich or having a lot of listeners doesn't mean you are a great brain surgeon if you have never been to medical school.

Being rich and having a lot of listeners doesn't mean you are a business, tax and terrorism expert when all you have ever done is bloviate behind a microphone instead of sitting in cold hotel rooms in ancient China or hot ones in India working a deal to sell American pollution control technology or other American made products in nearly 50 countries like I have.

Being rich and taking a vacation in the Caymans doesn't make you a global expert on the American budget in a global economy. Negotiations in dozens of countries promoting  AMERICAN-made products does.

Growing up and never leaving Iowa, Texas or Anywhere USA doesn't give you a clue how the real global economy works.

So here's my CHALLENGE --  I'll listen to Mr. Limbaugh and Beck IF their experience in the world is proven to be even half of my global economic and terrorism analysis experience of the last 30 plus years. YOU decide AFTER you compare our resumes. You know their resumes already – college dropouts with no real business experience.

And if my expertise is better than theirs?  Then Limbaugh and Beck and the millions who follow them should be listening to me instead! LOL.

Why? Because if you have someone doing surgery who has no training, the results are not pretty. If you listen a clueless idiot getting advice from paid interests it will make you a clueless idiot -- and America will not win the future.

America will not win the future if Americans don't have the honest facts about where we stand and how we win the future with the economic hand we are holding at this point.

 My SOLUTIONS to win our future are found at the website and in the pages of "Better Times Ahead April Fool" and in the final chapter "Agenda for American Greatness."

See for yourself how the world has changed with over 100 photos taken by the author worldwide that will startle, amaze and inform you. They show where the U.S. stands -- versus the world -- in technology, education, etc.

WHO is more qualified to give Americans true advice -- someone like Rush Limbaugh who has never traveled further than ten feet from the dinner table? Or someone who has real global experience and a vision for America to win the 21st century?

"Better Times Ahead April Fool" Who has the expertise for the right advice -- Limbaugh, Beck or me?

It's your call. It's only our country's future at stake.

Read "Better Times Ahead April Fool" and you'll know...

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