Wednesday, April 10, 2013

North Korea - & Ebook updates

North Korea, a nuclear power (thanks to Pakistan's A.O. Khan, etc) may be about to launch a missile - just as America faces not letting criminals or mentally ill buy guns to kill innocents in the USA.

The same principal applies internationally - an unstable person (in this case Kim Jung Un, the 20-something idiot son of his dictator father Kim Jung IL) should not own military nuclear weapons -- or any other weapon for that matter.  We don't want our neighbor hurling a grenade into our yard because he is irritated, right? Or firing a nuke at us because our dog barks.

On a global level its the same. We don't need young Kim's throwing missiles our way - even if they can't reach us yet. They are weapons of mass destruction. Temper tantrums and missiles are a bad mix.

In 2010 a South Korean military vessel was hit by a mysterious explosion, killing over a dozen. North Korea denied it was from a torpedo from one of their submarines. We could see something like that again, or worse.

Anything could happen day so STAY TUNED ("CLICK FOLLOW FOR UPDATES"). Anything could happen next.

If you want INSIGHT into what is going on globally that impacts us in the USA, follow this Global American Values blog - written by one of the few Americans who has been in nearly 50 countries the past three decades and knows what is happening worldwide from personal experience.

That experience (from being a Marco Polo in China to negotiating a child kidnapping case in Syria for a Texas lady) is laid out in new eBook "Better Times Ahead April Fool" by me, Michael Fjetland. Details at

It also describes what Korea looked like when I saw it as a young global entrepreneur who had just lost his Fortune 500 job - and how countries like China now lead the USA in 7 key 21st century technologies. The title comes from a sign I once saw at 2 a.m. in Bombay India once.

On the bright side "Better Times Ahead" ends with SOLUTIONS to win the 21st Century in "Agenda for American Greatness."  Think Ben Affleck (ARGO) and Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones) adventures.

True stories. It's an eBook and I am discovering what a strange new world Epublishing is. This edition is loaded with photos I took in places like China 30 years ago - and again in 2012. You can see for yourslef the difference - compared to the USA TODAY. You WILL be shocked.

It's only on Kindle at this link now. It was uploaded last night. Amazon approved it almost immediately. Barnes & Noble has been slower, but both systems were simple compared to Google Books. I am a Fortune 500 trained international lawyer and have yet to discover what their royalty rate is - It was clear with Amazon and Barnes & Noble, both of which had simple software to process the book.

Not Google. I can't even find out how to load my cover design on Google - and had to "activate" sales in international countries like England, Australia, etc. Amazon and Barnes & Noble make that simple - one click and they do all the currency conversions.

Not Google. Thank god I have international legal training. I literally had to go through over a dozen countries and tell the system how much to charge in each country in their local currency! The Smartphone currency app came in real handy!  LOL.

Stay tuned for when you can get "Better Times Ahead" from Barnes & Noble, iBooks, etc.

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