Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston Bombing - Ricin Letters to Wicker, Obama - Connected

Just the day after the Boston bombing at the Marathon, Senator Wicker received a letter containing RICIN, a poison. Today it was reported in The Hill that another RICIN letter was sent to President Obama.

Are these CONNECTED?

I believe they could be - and that it may indicate that this is a DOMESTIC terrorist at work. The letters were sent about the same time as the bombs went off. You don't just go to the pharmacy and order up some ricin, so this attack was planned - both of them (or all three if you include the bombing and two ricin letters).

I called it on the Kaufman DA killings which Gov. Perry wanted to blame on the Mexican cartels and others were convinced was the Aryan Brotherhood - you can see the prior blog entry on that.

In this case, the bombing occurred on "Patriots Days" and April 15 is tax day.  Then ricin letters to a Senator and the President. Since when has a terrorist ever done that?

This is someone with a POLITICAL agenda. I suspect we have an American terrorist involved or a small fringe group - NOT a foreigner.

Stay tuned. The evidence is still coming in. Other Senators could also be getting ricin -

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