Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Bombing – Domestic or Foreign Terrorist? From 9/11 TV Terrorism expert

I was a TV Terrorism/Middle East analyst during the first Gulf War in 1991, again on 9/11 and for a years since. Copies of these are available on YouTube (search “Michael Fjetland” - not the best one has over 1.6 million views so far. They are missing the better material).

What is my opinion of the Boston bombing today?  Was it terrorism? Was it foreign or domestic?

The first explosion could have been just an accident. The second explosion, like the second plane to hit a World Trade Center building, told us that it was a deliberate ATTACK.

Anyone using a bomb is a terrorist. This was a “bubba” low level attack – multiple explosions with shrapnel meant to injure and kill -- but still not anything like what Tim McVeigh set off in front of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City. Not anything like 9/11.

It is too early to say if it was domestic or foreign inspired. I am leaning "domestic" since it is "tax day" but we need more information to know for sure.

Stay tuned and read about how we missed 9/11 in "Better Times Ahead April Fool" - the chapter "Predicting 9-11 and Running Against the Hammer."

The point is that weapons technology has grown and proliferated – making people at public events more vulnerable to even the one wolf, the small cell, and the deranged.

Stay tuned on this blog for updates by one of the few to predict 9/11.

Final note – This Global American Values analyst called it  on these pages several days ago I said that the Kaufmann County killer was probably someone LOCAL and NOT an Aryan Brotherhood member -- or (as Gov. Perry suggested), a Mexican Drug Cartel.  To see video proof, check out the undersigned on YouTube -- and stay tuned to this Global American Values blog…

Terrorism is also covered in the chapter “Predicting 9/11 and Running Against the Hammer” in my newly released eBook, “Better Times AheadApril Fool”….which is Illustrated with over 100 worldwide photos by author, Michael Fjetland --including photos of myself at the WTC after the 1993 bombing, and photos of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City where over 100 including children were killed in a domestic truck bomb.

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