Sunday, April 7, 2013

Why a GREEN President Might Approve a DIRTY Project

                                        Hold your breath - Obama might APPROVE it. Why?

Because the GOP has sat on every infrastructure bill that would create jobs rebuilding 70 year old bridges, falling apart roads, etc. This project would create about 60,000 jobs in a couple months -

Without it Obama faces a downturn in the economy engineered by the obstruction on the other side. Congress either deliberately or through ignorance of history is making the "Mistake of 1937" I cover in upcoming "Better Times Ahead April Fool."

We may be about to go from dumb sequester cuts (closing airport control towers) to the wrong kind of jobs being created (oil spill clean up) because Congress isn't creating the RIGHT kind of jobs, like training AMERICANS to fill the 2 million OPEN high tech jobs available in the USA TODAY that Americans aren't qualified crazy is that?

Personally, we could create even more GREEN Jobs than those for Keystone if we took action now. Our frantic grab at dirty fuels is rushing us into a climate disaster than could end life on earth as we know it.

Details in upcoming "Better Times Ahead April Fool."

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