Sunday, April 21, 2013

Better Times Ahead April Fool -

See the inside of the Weird World of Brown & Root as a Young Lawyer
Give up a hotel room at the Nile Hilton for an American President and a Peace Treaty
See Old China, New China – Why do they now lead us in 7 key technologies?
Explore Crazy India on a Free ‘Round the World’ Pass
Go on a small business venture to the Cayman Islands with a Seabrook Housewife
Survive a Vicarious Drive Through Mexico in Another Era
Take a trip to Syria on a child kidnapping negotiation for a Texas mother
Discover a Fraud on Americans in Europe and go “undercover”
Take a Texan Selling Texas Music to Euro-Disney in Paris and Run a Blockade to Get There
Explore the Mysterious Death of Roger Sharp on a rig offshore Africa & the voodoo witch doctor
Discover vast oil wealth in Nigeria for a small Texas entrepreneur
Survive an electric failure on a small plane you are flying then a kidnapping in East Texas on the same day
Predict 9/11 and Survive a run for Congress against one of the most feared, powerful Congress in modern times
Close with an “Agenda for American Greatness”

That’s what’s in “Better Times Ahead April Fool” with over 100 photos worldwide by author. See it for yourself

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