Friday, April 5, 2013

Gov. Perry Claims Mexico Cartels for DA Death - Facts DON'T Support Him

Governor Perry is claiming that the murder of the Kaufman county DA and his wife was the work of Mexican drug cartels.
I have been a TV Terrorism Analyst. I have been to Mexico and once was kidnapped in East Texas for a time. I know what's going on (details in my upcoming book "Better Times Ahead").

 There is NOTHING about the Kaufman County DA murder that looks like a Mexico cartel was involved. The DA's wife was shot ONCE; the DA over 20 times. That sounds like someone with a personal vendetta against the DA - a cartel would have riddled them both.

I don't even think it was the Aryan Brotherhood - There is a link with the other Assistant who was shot. It could have been someone from Kaufman county...

It's pretty biased on Perry's part to blame Hispanic cartels with zero evidence. The Aryan Brotherhood (who are White Supremacists) are more likely involved than the Hispanic drug dealers --but I still think it was someone with a personal grudge. 

At least one person fits that description....and its probably someone they know locally.

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