Monday, April 8, 2013

just beginning the high tech SPACE AGE economy

This is the Lynx, a space plane under development by a private company - designed to take a pilot and one passenger into space - at a cost of $95,000. That's a bargain - Richard Branson's planned space plane, SpaceShipTwo will take 6 people to the edge of space, at a cost of $200,000 EACH.  Branson claims that he and his mom will be on the FIRST flight.

Space is no longer the domain of NASA and big government projects in Russia, China, etc. It is now a place where entrepreneurs can go - and make a buck.

While NASA has been given a mission to snag an Asteroid, a private company could MINE an astroid for its rare earth minerals - the stuff we need to make missile parts and high speed aircraft. China has basically bought up the world's diminishing supply, so an asteroid is the only option left.

Space X owned by billionaire Elon Musk has completed several supply missions to the International Space Station. And unlike the Russia PROGRESS, the Space X Dragon is the ONLY vehicle that will also bring back to earth supplies and samples for study. It spashes down in the Ocean and is recovered. It will soon be landing on land. The Russian PROGRESS burns up on re-entry. In a pinch the Dragon could be an escape vessel for astronauts. Not so the PROGRESS.

Stay tuned. We are just beginning the high tech SPACE AGE economy....

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