Friday, April 19, 2013

West, Texas Explosion - Boston bombing - TX Leg Mad

YES, I did tick off some TX Legislators today when I said we should have better Emergency Ops to avoid what happened at West when a fertilizer plant exploded (water and ammonia is a dangerous mix--it causes explosions. The area should have been evacuated including the first responders).

Prayers won't bring those people back alive or help when we don't upgrade our technology to avoid the same thing happening all over again...

WHY DID Gov. PERRY ALLOW TCEQ to let that dangerous plant be so close to people including an apartment building and nursing home?

And yes, they should have "armored the glass" to avoid the injuries!  It could have prevented the buildings from being destroyed - by deflecting the blast wave.

Even an architect was mad at me today, when I said we should have avoided this using technology. I told him I had given a presentation to 25 architects and only 5 knew about security window film when i asked. It's only been on the glass in DC for over a decade...

For American security, I recommend you follow the Armor Glass blog along with this Global American as events unfold....

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