Monday, April 22, 2013

Strange Call from a legislator -- So WHY did Gov. Perry CUt Fire Budgets 75%?

On the way back from Corpus Christi today I got a strange call from someone in Austin --a legislator -- who was insulted by my Press Release last Friday. "She" said she had sat on it all weekend but was still mad. So I repeated the apology I issued in writing last Friday. She said I should make a donation to West, Texas. I said that was a good idea.

That was NOT good enough. She then said she wanted to send my press release to the Attorney General of Texas!

I said "Fine" and while you are at it let's talk about why the Governor has cut firefighting budgets 75% in Texas and why those homes were that close to a dangerous factory which was basically a giant bomb? I asked her why the first responders had been allowed to get that close and put water on ammonium nitrate? If the Governor had not cut training funds they could have evacuated. The woman said: "But the second tank didn't explode."  All I could think of was: "Was it worth that many dying to save one tank?" I don't think so.

Then she said how my press release was "advertising" our product. It was about the third or fourth thing on her list.  I said the same technology had been in use in DC for over a decade and to this day hardly anyone in office or heads of counties and cities in Texas know about it -- and that it would have saved lives. What is wrong with making our officials aware of protective technology? Florida has known about it for years. Same for Washington DC. But yet few "experts" in Texas do.

Then she said: "Are you saying there is a conspiracy by our leaders?" I had no idea where she got that idea so I said "NO" --  I wanted to say that is was more like negligence by our Governor and his appointees but I didn't. I asked her who was calling and she said: "It doesn't matter."

I finally told her that I had warned of 9/11 before 9/11 (during the 90's) and no one listened - and that I had even given a copy of my video on that issue (that aired on houston TV numerous times) to Rep. Tom DeLay 9 months before 9'/11. I sent another copy to Dick Cheney. Neither of their staffs ever contacted me and asked: "WHAT is this all about?" None. But later Bush said "No one thought it was possible."

So I wasn't going to let this explosion and unnecessary loss of life go by without making our legislators aware of a life-saving technology that been around for decades. It's a technology Florida has used for hurricanes decades. It's a technology that is designed to prevent deaths from explosions as well as hurricanes.  That's why it was installed in DC. It could have saved lives in WEST, Texas. It's a better solution for schools then armed guards who can't keep the glass wall from blowing out by a bullet.

My claims are documented on YouTube under my name and in "Better Times Ahead April Fool" under the chapter "Predicting 9/11 and Running Against the Hammer" but I didn't mention it to her, thinking she'd think I was advertising my book! I was in deep enough as is.

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