Sunday, April 7, 2013

America's Heathcare - Not No. 1

I referred an article on a new drug that would help patients with MS to a friend who has MS. His reply: "Its another drug we can't afford."  It turns out this new drug cost $56,000 a year! How many people can afford that?

Meanwhile, I got an email from a friend at rotary about a fundraiser for a police officer in Seabrook who has brain cancer. Despite having insurance, he needs money to cover the costs. I feel for him but I also thought: "What about all the people who don't have friends like this to give them a fundraiser to cover their expenses?"

It's evident that even with reforms to our healthcare system, decent healthcare remains "a bridge too far" for many Americans.

In countries like Norway, a democracy, this would not be an issue. The person would get the healthcare needed.

How can someone who claims to be "pro life" be against universal health care for our citizens? Why do police officers with insurance need friends to host fundraisers and people with MS have to go without life changing medications?

Even the Governor of Texas has opposed adopting "Obamacare" which would pick up 100% of medicaid costs for the next 3 years and 90% thereafter.  That decsion will cost Texas taxpayers BILLIONS of dollars - at the same time the State of Texas fails to reimburse hospitals for treating uninsured patients. How is this "pro life"?

We can do better. Healthcare is a human right. America is far from being No. 1 in providing for its citizens. Since when letting people die or denying them access to healthcare morally justified?

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