Thursday, April 18, 2013

Man Attacks Muslim Women Before We Even Know Who Suspects Are

An American man has attacked a Muslim woman before we have captured suspects in the Boston bombing.

My Fellow Americans. Attacking innocent people makes YOU look stupid. We have had idiots attack a HINDU wearing a turban because they thought he was a "Muslim." This is beyond STUPID. And you don't punish a color or race or cultural because of the acts of a few.

Do we attack all white guys when a Tim McVeigh blows up Oklahoma City buildings? Focus on the INDIVIDUAL criminals/terrorists. I have been in nearly 50 countries.

Try it. Guaranteed you by a LOT Smarter by the end of it...! Go ahead. Prove me wrong. will be a Wake up call for sure. It's in my book with photos so you can see for YOURSELF what we are up against worldwide...

Guaranteed you'll realize what needs to be done to win the 21st century. It's all in "Better Times Ahead April Fool" - 2013 ILLUSTRATED Edition.

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