Saturday, December 5, 2015

Did a Religious Argument Lead to San Bernardino Shooting? Ban Terrorists from Getting Assault Weapons

Now that the FBI is treating this as an act of terrorism it begs the question WHY did the shooters have 6,000 rounds of ammunition and 12 pipe bombs, yet chose a workplace target where they took only one pipeline instead of attacking a shopping mall or a big venue like in Paris?

It may well be because a religious argument spurred the shooters to target the husband's workplace first.  One of the victims killed was Nicholas Thalasinos, "was a Messianic Jew, which means he accepted Jesus Christ as his savior, and a passionate defender of Israel. According to his wife, Jennifer Thalasinos, he was not shy about proselytizing, or criticizing Islam, even to Muslim co-worker Syed Rizwan Farook, who has been identified as one of the shooters."

It seems very possible that Thalasinos getting into an argument putting down Islam to Muslim co-worker Farook is what led to his leaving and coming back with his conservative Pakistani/Saudi wife to make a religious "statement" as a workplace violence episode.

If not for that, they may have been planning to hit another site --we'll see what the FBI investigation of their computer records show.  That raises the bizarre situation of the Farook's house being opened to reporters who roamed around taking video of drivers licenses, social security cards, photos, etc. WHY didn't the FBI take those items to put in their evidence files? That is the strangest part of a strange story of parents of a six-month old basically blowing it all on an office shooting.

Moral of the story: When you insult another person's religion don't be surprised if this is the end result--because this kind of sectarian killing is how it rolls as a daily experience in Syria and Iraq. If you aren't Sunni they kill you because you are Shiite, or Christian or for being an atheist.

The wife shooter was so conservative she would not even be in the same room with her husband's male relatives. She always wore a face covering. That may fit Saudi culture but it doesn't fit American culture. It's possible that after coming her on a fiancĂ©e visa that our culture that treats women equally just blew away her ultra-conservative mindset. She lived for years in Saudi Arabia that encourages ultraconservative Wahhabism that has been the root of groups like ISIS.  Her husband was exposed to it on his trips there to see her.

This is the same kind of terrorism that we saw in the Planned Parenthood shooting or any other mass shooting. ALL mass shootings are terrorism.

Just because the shooters are Muslim doesn't make the carnage from Assault weapons any less. "How can someone buy that much of military bullets that pierce armor without detection?"  In 2004 the ban on assault weapons expired and a GOP Congress and GOP White House allowed it to happen. This is the result.

This Congress two days ago even refused to change the law that allows people on the "no fly" list to buy guns including assault weapons!  They are making the USA a terrorists dream. 

How many more "mass shootings" do we have to endure before they act? Today it is reported that a hostage situation is occurring in Wisconsin. We are having a mass shooting EVERY DAY yet the question remains, when will Congress act to eliminate assault weapons -- designed to kill en mass in war -- from the weapons allowed to civilians who aren't supposed to be killing people en mass? 

These weapons didn't exist when the 2nd amendment was written and states it is subject to "a well regulated militia." That is different from a non-regulated civilians, terrorists, and the mentally ill.

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