Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Trump and the Rise of GOP Neo-Nazi Facism. NOT American Values

We have reached a tipping point in the rabid political rhetoric. 

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump has said not only should we kill not just terrorists "but also their families" he now proposes that Muslims be banned entirely from entering the United States. 

Does that mean the San Bernardino shooters six month old baby be put to death? She is their family. He also called for Muslims to wear special ID badges (perhaps missing the point that Hitler made Jews wear those during WWII).  
This was after saying all Mexicans coming to the U.S. were "rapists" and scum. Then a new target emerged--Muslims! Who is the next target of racist hate?

Trump would require a total ban on Muslims entering the country because .1% of Muslims are ISIS?  American values are at stake here.  Trump would punish 99.9% of Muslims for the acts of .1% when FBI numbers show that 80% of American mass shooter (which is really domestic terrorism) is by WHITE MEN.  How does that make sense?

So under Trump logic we should prohibit Muslims but not white men from entering our country?

It isn't just Trump. None of the other main Republican candidates can say anything other than "radical Islamic" when referring to Muslims, ignoring the 99.9% just as Mr. Trump has. None of them has said anything to inform their voters of anything good by Muslims.

The hordes of 99% WHITE people flocking to hear Mr. Trump degrade his opponents as "stupid" and "low energy" cheer wildly when he says "let's BAN MUSLIMS ENTIRELY."  Trump himself was applauding the beating up protesters at his "rally." 

These are America's fascists.  My bet is even those with no education consider themselves part of  "the master race" -- exactly what the Nazis claimed.

They are too ignorant and bigoted to realize that ISIS benefits from that kind of hateful talk by a presidential candidate, and Americans. It appears that the San Bernardino shooting was probably triggered by a religious argument with a rabid co-worker who put down Islam.

Trumpis falling into the ISIS trap of wanting us to hate ALL Muslims so it gives them more recruits. Trumps followers are too clueless about global issues to know it. 

The same people turn a blind eye to 26 school kids and teachers being murdered by an assault weapon in Sandy Hook are hiding under their beds because two Muslims did the same thing on a smaller scale.  The end result was the same--dead Americans. The reason were the same: terror.   

Are we only afraid of foreigners killing us with military weapons? Right now the jihadists in America can't barely get in a shot from the 80% of WHITE shooters who have been primarily responsible for our mass shootings.  

If the San Bernardino couple had shot up a Planned Parenthood center in Colorado, masked as a white guy, no one would have hardly cared! No fears would be running wild. Right?  But let the shooter be the Muslim at Ft. Hood and the entire race is condemned.

So those of Trump's followers hating on Muslims, you are doing exactly what ISIS had hoped.  If you fall for it, it shows your ignorance because it will make matters WORSE. And how is that smart, because its not. 

Sadly, the Republican party of George HW Bush and Reagan has turned into a whites-only, neo-Nazi fascist party, with Mr. Trump as its loud symbol of intolerance, the same intolerance of ISIS that we are fighting.

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