Tuesday, December 15, 2015

L.A. Over-reaction to Hoax Threat - Just What the Trolls Want

As a 9/11 terrorism analyst here is my take on today's events, where L.A. shut down its schools over a supposed threat by terrorists to 'bomb' one.

New York got the EXACT threat to its schools that Los Angeles got, only New York apparently has better international experts. They noticed that
(1) it was identical to the LA one and
(2) the author spelled "Allah" with a small "a" - meaning whoever wrote the note wasn't Muslim because Muslims ALWAYS capitalize "Allah." 

It's too bad the NY authorities mentioned that  spelling error because now the next low education idiot who copy cats will get the spelling right the next time.

Another reason this "threat" should have been considered a hoax by L.A is this critical fact:

Did the 9/11 hijackers give an advance warning? Did the Paris attackers give an advance warning? Did the San Bernardino shooters give an advance warning?

NO, NO and NO!  I haven't seen a case yet where a terrorist group announced any attack or car bombing. So USE YOUR BRAINS folks in L.A.  The last group that gave warnings before they blew up something was the Irish Republican Army in Northern Ireland.

WHY would terrorists tip off authorities of an attack? That defeats the whole purpose of striking unexpectedly. It's obviously a hoax by someone with an I.Q. of a fish, referring to the hoaxer instead of L.A. authorities.

I recommend L.A., which just locked down the second largest schools system in America, get some better experts because bomb threats happen all the time. Giving in to them generates unnecessary panic and costs us million of dollars.

NOW watch more of these copycats threats emerge because they can see how easy we panic. Stop living in fear folks. You have a better chance of drowning in your shower than being killed by foreign terrorists. In fact you have a better chance of being shot by domestic terrorists than foreign ones.

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