Sunday, December 13, 2015

Trump/GOP Supporters Don't Realize GOP Created the Situation They Are Mad About

Let's face it, a LOT of Trump's supporters are angry white men with limited education and skills, as well as older angry people--nearly all of them WHITE.  Neither group seems to realize is that the GOP has created the exact situation that they are mad about.  I can prove it.

The GOP made the economy slower as it has attempted to sabotage President Obama on Day One on any bill that would actually create jobs and upgrade skills.  It failed until last week to pass a highway bill which has always been a bipartisan bill that rebuilds our ancient roads and bridges, not something to play games with. In Texas for example they gutted education as the world became a high tech global economy.

Result? Today we have 3 million high tech jobs available today in the USA (TODAY!) that Trumps supporters and others aren’t qualified to fill – but young Chinese and Indian workers DO have those skills.  The GOP answer? Give tax breaks to companies who then ship those jobs overseas. Democrats answer?  Invest in providing the education and training for Americans to fill them. (I cover this in my book “Better Times Ahead April Fool” at

The older angry people in the GOP are mad because the world is changing, and it won’t be a whites-only majority.  Tough. They also forget that Jesus was a Middle Eastern man (he certainly wasn't white). Stoking fear against minorities is putting them in a squeeze because it’s a guaranteed electoral loser. Trump is insuring it stays that way.

But its not just Trump. The entire party has gone so far right it would reject Ronald Reagan is not strident enough and too much of a “compromiser” (Reagan was in favor of banning assault weapons as inappropriate, for example; he had drinks after 5 with the Democratic Majority Leader and cut “deals” which is now considered heresy).

Stay tuned…it’s a crazy race in an increasingly insane world of assault weapons, radicalized loners listening to ISIS and the Rush Limbaugh’s of the world, a widening sectarian war in the Middle East, the rise of right wing anti-immigrant political groups in an economically stagnant Europe -- and social media brought to you by the global Internet brewing up nationalism and xenophobia not possible since before World War I.

None of this is promising for peace and stability.  There is a deafening cacophony of phony experts and “opinion’s out there. 

Get the true global FACTS HERE out it here at Global American Values –written by a 9/11 Terrorism Analyst with unique (documented) insights Americans need to know when we live in a nuclear world and global economy.

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