Saturday, December 12, 2015

Want to Dump the EPA? Then go to Beijing China and New Delhi India to see the result

Want to dump the EPA? Are you into denial on climate change?

Then go to New Delhi, India and Beijing, China and see what's it is like living in pollution so thick it kills. New Delhi is 3x worse than Beijing!  Beijing just hit its first "Red Alert" to reduce dangerous pollution drowning the city.

Here are some photos that I took in Delhi 30 years ago...that relatively "clean" city no longer exists.

NOW look at the city of New Delhi (photo below)

In fact, pollution in Beijing 30 years ago was still enough to put me in bed for a couple days from breathing the air...FYI. 

Below: Photos I took when in Beijing in 1982...

NOW look at Beijing 2015:

THIS is the difference the EPA makes! And this is why we need a global solution to carbon, pollution and climate change. We are committing planetary suicide. There is nothing smart about that.

Ironically, I was in Beijing and New Delhi in the early 80's to sell them American pollution control equipment made by Dresser Industries Lodge Cottrell division (story is in "Better Times Ahead April Fool"). The  Chinese made two mistakes: They didn't buy it from us and (2) they didn't use what they did buy.  Same for India.

This is why we need the Paris climate agreement to be a success.

More details in Better Times Ahead April Fool

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