Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The GOP Presidential debate was a ISIS Dream Come True – and a Recruiting Bonus!

The GOP Presidential debate was a ISIS Dream Come True – and a Recruiting Bonus!

If ISIS watched the GOP Presidential debate last night, they would have been doing the terrorists equivalent of “high 5’s” because the tone of the candidates was a terrorism recruiters dream. Each candidate, except one not on the main stage, played the fear card without regard to informing Americans of the true facts.

Not one candidate led their scared followers to believe anything than that every single Muslim man, woman and child was a threat. You would never know that the 30,000 members of ISIS represent only .1% of the 1.5 Billion Muslims in the world. 

From that “debate” you would never know that of 11,000 gun deaths in America by guns, only 14 were by Muslims. Not mentioned was that most Americans have a much higher chance of being shot by their neighborhood white guy (or a cop) than by a terrorist. Not one mention of Sandy Hook, Colorado planned parenthood or school shootings by our own domestic terrorists was made. 

As a result, a number of stories in the news about innocent storekeepers being attacked by Americans who think they are Muslim terrorists, when they are from India or another country. Ignorance rules the day.

When candidates for America’s top job impugn a billion people instead of just the trouble makers, saying to millions of Americans and billions of people worldwide that they don’t mind innocent civilians being killed; that they want to ‘carpet bomb and turn the desert to glass so it will glow in the dark’; that Muslims are like rabid dogs, they insult the 99.9% of Muslims who aren’t terrorizing anyone.  It’s an ISIS recruiters dream to hear words like that coming from us!

A large number of Muslims in the world have little education, are young and without a job.  ISIS promises them revenge, glory and MONEY to come join the fight. Our own Presidential candidates’ words are the jet fuel that propels ISIS ability to recruit more fighters as we bomb away.

So every GOP candidate last night, except for Lindsay Graham who was the only grown up on the stage, disqualified themselves to be President of the United States. We have enough problems without our own extreme language and fear mongering by our highest office seekers generating more backlash against Americans globally.

How to STOP Terrorism?


This 911 terrorism analyst sees a lot of unemployed Muslims. Many are in poor countries like Pakistan where Malik, the San Bernardino wife, went to school. They are not taught math and science along with the Koran. They are just taught HATE.  There is little Pakistan government money going into secular schools. This is true even here in America, where education funding has been cut.

We stop terrorism by stopping the fear mongering that plays into the terrorists’ hands. We need to separate the innocent from the guilty and let Americans know the difference. Europe needs to follow America’s lead in integrating Muslims as part of the community instead of putting them in concentrated public housing where 50% are without jobs or hope of a future.

We need to boost education and job creation worldwide, instead of following Europe’s foolish austerity economics.

That is the only way to defeat terrorism.

Ironically, Saudi Arabia, that financed and promoted the wahabbi extremism that led to ISIS, has now formed a 30-plus nation coalition to defeat the monster they themselves created and continue to feed.  Stay tuned as this bizarre situation unfolds, here and on our FACEBOOK page..

Michael Fjetland

Author, Better Times Ahead April Fool


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