Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Want to Stop ISIS? “BOYCOTT SAUDI OIL That Finances It….”Says the Person Who Predicted 911

                                                          Want to Stop ISIS?  

                                   “BOYCOTT SAUDI OIL That Finances It….”

Says the Person Who Predicted 911 

We just witnessed in San Bernardino shooting the consequences of Saudi financing of extremism, paid for by us. The wife grew up in Saudi and was "taught" at Saudi madrases ("schools") that do NOT teach language, math and science, but HATE of all other groups outside of the Wabbahi sect of Islam (even other Muslims are on their hate list).  

The female shooter would not even go into the same room with her husband's male relatives. She sit in the car in the parking lot when he attended the California mosque, even though mosques do have separate areas for women. She had never been here before.  In my opinion she found a weak guy and radicalized him.  Even conservative Pakistan were she was born treats women better than Saudi does. It is the home of Sharia Law. No other religions are allowed in Saudi, only one. 

The only way to stop this is by cutting the financing by Saudi of these hate schools in dozens of countries by Americans (yes, US), is to boycott its chief input--Saudi Oil.

Do you fill up your car with gas? Then part of that $1 billion dollars A DAY Americans spend on gas ends up in Saudi Arabia, the same country which has been financing ISIS-type ideology that brought us 911, Paris and other attacks -- paid for with billions of our own money!

There is only one solution to STOP ISIS and that is to cut off its biggest source of money outside of the citizens it is taxing to death in territory it has captured.  It would have the side benefit of boosting our economy, our domestic oil producers and renewable energy sectors at the same time it guts dollars for terrorists.

We need to BOYCOTT SAUDI ARABIA’s oil to stop that flow. In its place, we substitute American produced oil and renewable energy on a grand scale to take its place. BOYCOTT Saudi and stop giving them your gas pump dollars until they withdraw their support of the Wahhabism feeding crazed killer groups like ISIS. The only people “hurt” are weapons makers and the terrorists. 

 Maintain the boycott until Saudi renounces Wahhabism, which is leading to a regional sectarian war sucking in America. In the meantime we boost the domestic energy sector which is hurting big time, and we have a MANHATTAN project on RENEWABLE Energy to keep our planet from committing suicide (which eliminates the need to worry about terrorism since no one will survive).

Most of global terrorism funding comes from one primary source: SAUDI ARABIA.

In Saudi, the rulers deal with the devil” is that they get to rule freely as long as they give free rein to the Mullahs pushing Wahhabism, an ultraconservative extremist version of Islam that ISIS follows.  They finance "schools" in Muslim countries that only teach hate not math or science. Women are prohibited from driving and religious police roam the streets to literally whip, fine or jail people for violating the ‘moral code’ (mainly women not being “dressed or covered appropriately”) or stoning women to death for adultery.  It is the country that practices harsh “Sharia Law.”

I served as a 911 terrorism analyst on TV (document on video) going back to the first gulf war in 1991 when I warned about the potential of terrorism in the U.S. which occurred ten years later. I have studied this global dark art for over 30 years now. I was right on 911, I was right on Iraq, and I am right on how to dry up ISIS’s money.

So we Americans should demand our Congress CUT OFF SAUDI OIL—BOYCOT IT. Substitute for it our own suffering oil producers and wind and solar energy sectors to take its place. Call your Congress rep today, here is the the link to their offices in the HOUSE and SENATE:  Tell them you want to BOYCOTT buying Saudi Oil until they renounce WAHABBISM that is creating groups like ISIS.

Such a move would have several benefits that would help both the renewable energy and domestic U.S. oil industry—and as this NY Times article points out, we would boost our economy either way.

Remember, 14 of 19 hijackers on 911 were Saudi citizens.  They aren’t really an “ally” if they are promoting the terrorism sweeping across Europe and the world today, are they?

If you agree, please share! And ask them to do the same…CALL your Congres rep and Senator! Boycott Saudi and ISIS $.

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Michael Fjetland, BBA/JD

Agenda for American Greatness (free, at the link)

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