Sunday, December 13, 2015

WHY Panic over These Mass Killers and Not Others?

Here is the strange history of mass shooters and the public reaction:

 The above mass shooters kill and the public yawns...
 The above mass shooters kill and the public loses its mind....

WHAT's the difference? 

Anyone could have been killed by the white shooters above, but we only panic if the shooter is a "Muslim?" How does this make sense, unless it is driven by bigotry?
The above shooter killed 12 at the Washington Naval Yard - NO Panic.

Over 80% of our mass shooters are WHITE MEN, not Muslims. So WHO is the greater threat to our safety -- white men or Muslims?  THINK about it...

Since 911 only 45 people have been killed by "terrorists." That is out of 11,000 gun deaths in 2015 ALONE!  So, again, I ask, "WHY the panic?"  If I were a typical American, I'd be more afraid of young white men than the three million Muslims living in the USA.

THINK about it...

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