Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Today the doctor said "NO CANCER, NO RADIATION, NO CHEMO" required!

I just back from 8 a.m. start for my partner Laura at MD Anderson. She is now about 10 days post-op from a single mastectomy.  She had an 8 am and 1 pm with two doctors, a reconstruction specialist and the oncologist (cancer) doctor.

Yin Yang. Yesterday was her worst day. But today the oncologist doc said "NO CANCER, NO RADIATION, NO CHEMO" required! No need to take a 5 year pill that can leave you forgetful and with hot flashes every 2 hours - for FIVE years! Dr. Ibrahim rocks.

I've noticed over the years that a really awful day is usually followed by a really GOOD day. This was one of those for hers and her daughters and family. I had a feeling from the beginning this would be the result.

As global negotiator that controlled nothing as events went upside down 12 time zones away, I got used to following that inner intuition to figure out a solution in the middle of a cold hotel room in Beijing or hot one in Bangkok or Bombay...

Back to saving the world in five easy lessons...stay tuned.

Michael Fjetland
Author, Better Times Ahead April Fool
Agenda for American Greatness

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