Saturday, December 5, 2015

Time to Renew the BAN on Assault Weapons - They aren't covered in 2nd Amendment

Look folks. I own a gun. A 9 mm.  But the idea that "a good guy with a gun" is going to stop a killer with an assault weapon with a 30-shot clip is absurd. It took over 23 SWAT officers to bring down the San Bernardino shooters.

If the shooter has a hand gun, I've got a chance, but not when they have military weapons. And if everyone has an assault weapon, and start shooting at each other, it would be an even BIGGER disaster. It's senseless.  Renew the ban on Assault Weapons. 

Over 80% of our mass shooters are WHITE MEN, not Muslim -- Sandy Hook, Charleston, Columbine to name a few.

 Join the army if you want to open carry a military weapon.  Technically, the 2nd Amendment applies to "a well regulated militia" ....that is not authorization for civilians to have grenades, nuclear devices or guns designed to kill massive numbers of humans in 30 seconds.

The Assault Weapon must be banned GLOBALLY.  They give ISIS a huge killing machine that our own GOP Congress says is "OK" with them. That means any real terrorist can come to the USA and buy the most lethal weapons like those used in San Bernardino even if on the NO FLY List!  

So, the blood of the next mass shooting due to that loophole is on their hands.

The international lawyer side of me thinks that we should file suit enjoining sales of all assault weapons as falling outside the scope of the 2nd Amendment, and take it all the way to the Supreme Court....! 

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