Thursday, December 3, 2015

San Bernadino Shooting - Whether the Shooter was White or Muslim it WAS Terrorism--Now 1 Mass Shooting Per DAY!

I have been doing terrorism analysis for over 30 years and have never seen such a bizarre case as San Bernadino.   It would be bad enough but check this out: the USA is now experiencing about one mass shooting per DAY!

A U.S. born husband meets Pakistan born wife online, he travels to Pakistan, they marry, have a baby, then give their six month old baby to a grand-mother on the pretext of going to "the doctor", and go off to murder 14 people (and wound another 21) using automatic assault weapons.  Who has a baby and deliberately orphans them?

The couple had accumulated over 2500 rounds of ammunition and 12 pipe bombs in their apartment! They were ready for a huge amount of damage. 

Yet bizarrely they attacked a group of co-workers in a facility caring for the disabled, not a mall or a political target. Where does any of this make sense. At 30 rounds per clip, it would take a LONG time to go though over 80 clips of ammo!

Did she become radicalized overseas, then radicalized him? Or did he also fall victim to the false promises and siren songs blasting out to Muslim youth lost at sea via the slick online social media campaigns of Al Qaida and ISIS? Why attack co-workers, which makes it look like workplace violence instead of a political statement such as "don't mess with ISIS?"  Why attack co-workers when you have enough ammo to attack Ft. Knox. Very ODD. Yet co-workers thought he was a nice guy....
The Atlantic just published a great piece on the definition of "terrorism" and what it is and is not.  I was one of the few who saw 911 coming and warned about it and I would call this act terrorism whether is was done by a WHITE guy (or two) or a Muslim couple making preparations for violence: either one meets the real test.

The TRUTH is that we have domestic citizens from many countries who can easily become terrorists--and can buy military weapons even if they are on the "no fly" list. 

They are aided by a Congress that just voted to guarantee they can buy assault rifles and 30 round clips even if that person is on the "no fly" list! 

Is that insane or what? That shows how bizarre the relationship is between the NRA and GOP Congress. This incident shows how much more dangerous America has become with open access to military weapons designed solely for mass killing. 

The 2nd Amendment was written when the only gun was a single shot musket, and militias were like our current state guards.  I doubt our founding fathers wanted civilians owning anti-tank weapons and sarin nerve gas either. There is zero reason civilians should own weapons of war such as grenades, nuclear weapons, stinger missiles or assault rifles -- especially if they got themselves put on a no fly list!

It is still too early to know all the facts, but we may have had a Paris-like attack by a U.S. citizen radicalized by global terrorists --or by a wife he found online in Pakistan. They are aided by a Congress and the NRA demanding the arsenal remain available to all 24/7.  We will pay for that gross negligence with more American blood on the streets.

I have been to Pakistan. It is the only Muslim country with a nuclear missile arsenal. I have seen it become more conservative and radical the last 30 years.  We have a global issue here, even if this incident is not terrorism the next one could be.  The NRA just makes it too easy to happen again, and again, and again.

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Michael Fjetland


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