Monday, November 30, 2015

Hillary's Infrastructure Plan - Right for America. Opponents would have us using biplanes against jets

When I hear opponents of upgrading our 70 year old +infrastructure --bridges, roads, pipes, I think of someone who would have us go into World War II flying biplanes from World War I and think we had a chance.

Hillary Clinton has what I have asked for years - a plan to make American infrastructure new again, the best in the world.  For example, here is a photo of  a Chinese High Speed train (same for Europe, Japan, etc). It doesn't even touch the rails - 265 mph. Now, compare that to ....

The Fastest AMERICAN Train (Below):
Amtrak: Under 100 mph.
(I rode one that never got over 60 and even stopped in a field on the way to New Orleans.)

QUESTION: So, tell me how we win the global tech economy race with outdated roades, falling down bridges and trains that are as slow today as Chinese trains I saw in 1982 in China!

Details are in Better Times Ahead April Fool, especially the Agenda for American Greatness chapter. Free at the link. 

Hillary Clinton's plan is the only infrastructure plan that makes sense. She is the only electable candidate in this race that has the global experience and vision in this race to be President.  For example, Ben Carson just went to Jordan for the first time, to find out that refugees really don't want to come here. Duh. Hillary already knew that because she has negotiated in over 100 countries.

 I can confirm it from my 50+ country international experience. Going basically as a tourist to one place for a couple days--out of 200 countries--is nothing. 

The GOP has been letting our core infrastructure rot into rust and they continue to let the 1% park free money overseas and pay no taxes. It makes no sense.  I can only hope that it is the Congress reps who refuse to upgrade our infrastructure are the bridge like I 35 in Minneapolis when it does collapse into the waters below. Otherwise it will just be their voters drowning, due to their neglect of our great country's backbone...

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