Saturday, November 14, 2015

American Killed in Paris. Belgium connection to Attacks - Europe's Gun Runners

 It's official - at least one American killed in the Paris attacks.

Belgium seems to be the grand central station of ARMS Smuggler into Europe. It turns out that the Paris shooters had weapons that came via Brussels and Belgium.

Two of the dead 7 terrorists had passports, which most experts think are fake. One is Syrian and the other is Egyptian. But maybe not. ISIS just bombed a Russian civilian plane in Egypt because of Russia's bombing in Syria.  They have set off major bombs in surrounding countries from Baghdad to Beirut.  

All detonators used in the attack have been determined to have come from the "same source."  That means the same supplier was involved.

It is still early and even more attacks could occur. ISIS has shown an ability to mobilize social media and encryption to hide on the Internet, while having easy access to heavy weapons.  Someone is running guns and explosives in Europe.  Many of them have European passports.

I have to leave for a memorial for a friend who has died of cancer. She was a member of the League of Women Voters. Ironic. Because we need a world of women voters to replace ISIS machine gun diplomacy in that boiling cesspool of hate called the middle east.

Stay tuned here or on our Global American Values Facebook site for Updates in this fluid, changing, game changer in our lives and security.

I have walked the streets of Brussels and Paris, and Cairo, Damascus, Syria as an American negotiator. The stories are in "Better Times Ahead April Fool" - we have challenges ahead even in the USA as a result of this.

Stay tuned...

Michael Fjetland

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