Thursday, November 19, 2015

Have You Noticed? BAD Guys today are "Muslim." Before that it was "Hispanics." Before that is was "Blacks" Notice a TREND?

Have You Noticed a Trend? 
Or have you been so baffled by b.s. that you MISSED it? 

The BAD Guys today are "Muslim." 

Before that it was "Hispanics." 

Before that is was "Blacks"

Notice a TREND?

I have noticed one. I see bigoted mindless (the usual suspects) in episode after another.  We need to start treating ALL people with dignity and respect.  Statistics show that a majority of terrorist attacks are NOT by Muslims, but by an array of separatists. 

Just before Paris, don't you recall how villain status that illegal immigrants had reached? How we needed a WALL to save us from Mexico and "those people."  Remember that?

Yet last year we had NET ZERO immigration last year. TRUE (google it). We had MORE LEAVING the USA then entering the USA illegally.  

Dang! There goes the need for a WALL we couldn't afford anyway. But HECK, its still good GOP politics to hate on a minority group --any minority group that can't defend itself at the time.  Come to think of it, ISIS hates everyone different from it also.

TRUMP said we need to "close mosques" and make Muslims wear special ID. Does that mean he wants from Syria wear a Yellow Star like the Jews had to under Hitler?

And Ben CARSON said on the campaign trail that Syrians are "rabid dogs running in the yard" so there! His words. They aren't even human. Just rabid dogs. Holy shit. This is a "Christian" who cares for people? Really?  That doesn't match the bible I read.

Will the GOP candidates next call for putting people in concentration camps like the Japanese in America after Pearl Harbor? Wasn't that shameful act bad enough? DO we really need to act like Hitler to beat that same menality?

Presidential candidates Cruz and Rubio, whose families left communist Cuba to save their necks, hit a new hypocritical high when they turn their backs on Syrians who are fleeing ISIS, fearing the same personal persecution the Cubans did, but heck, they aren't the same color, so its "different" right? Not cool or equal treatment.

Ironically, Cruz is on video (some months ago before Paris) saying we should "help" the refugees. I guess the political winds shifted -- so the puppet politicians with no real moral compass spun themselves to pander to the latest polls? Yep.

Yet in Paris today, a Muslim man stood with a sign saying: "I am Muslim. If you trust me, hug me." He was blindfolded. Paris people hugged him. I love the French. They are so cool compared to the toads we have in office, fear-mongering fools who have never been anywhere and really don't know anything but politics and how to pander.

For example, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who is stirring the fear pot like Darth Vader who knows a good hate recipe when he sees one. He has scared open carry, assault weapon carrying Texans into thinking we are in jeopardy because of little unarmed kids and moms from Syria escaping certain death between Assad's barrel bombs and ISIS. 

Politics is always more important than being a grown up leader or a statesman here in Texas.

Unlike the Governor and the people he is pandering to, I have been in Syria. I have met its people. I doubt the Governor has. I doubt his advisers have. Texans would find them to be like us, if anyone bothered to find out like I did. 

I wonder how many "bold, arms touting Texans" would be brave enough to go overseas and find out for themselves?  Heck, I can't get family to go see laid-back Norway, much less English speaking England!  I don't expect them to go into exotic countries like I did.

If our leaders haven't been in places like Syria and because of that ignorance generate unnecessary fear for the people they govern, then its the clueless leading the uninformed.

More coming. The circus will continue, no problem...
More coming...

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