Sunday, November 15, 2015

WHY do fighters join ISIS? It's NOT What you Think...

 WHY do fighters join ISIS? It's NOT What you Think...

So you think all ISIS fighters are driven by RELIGION? Some recent interviews suggest that is not the case. 

This writer interviewed a lot of captured ISIS fighters. You won't guess what drives them - and its NOT Islam.

When you get into it, it gets back to the invasion of Iraq destabilizing the country and ruining these young people's lives--no security or stability from them. They have wives and children and would prefer to be home and left alone. Now we have a Sunni-Shiite civil war, with Sunni Muslims (Al Qaida, ISIS) blowing up Shiite Mosques. 

 Under Saddam they weren't eating well but they didn't have this insanity in their lives. Saddam hated Osama bin laden and kept him out of Iraq. His harsh dictatorship suppressed the sectarian civil war that has broken out once that Pandora's box was kicked open by Bush/Cheney in 2003. ISIS is the latest ugly thing to fly out of it.  We need to put the lid back on.

Check  out the article HERE.  It does give us a clue what to do to find an answer.

This just in - Russia's Putin and Obama have agreed to find a way to stop the fighting in Syria, via mediation, etc. Stay tuned... 

This problem would be drastically reduced if Europe had JOBS for these young people.

 We could also help reduce problems if we had more interfaith discussions to reduce extremism that seems to be growing in all religions, as governments seem to be becoming more nationalistic. None of this chest thumping is going to help us solve these global issues.

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