Thursday, November 19, 2015

ISIS WANTS Foreign Troops - Don't Fall for It

By attacking Paris ISIS is hoping for a backlash that will send foreign troops into Syria. DON'T FALL FOR IT. It would be giving them exactly what they want!

Why? Because foreign troops would be the rallying cry by ISIS of a "war against ISLAM" and would boost their recruitment of young fighters from Europe and other parts of the world.  

This could be taken as a desperate act by ISIS, which has been LOSING territory --it just lost Sinjar and its supply route to Turkey for oil, arms and money.  If ISIS can get Russians or European troops (or American) on the ground, then people will feel its a foreign invasion and ISIS will get a new lease on life.

The GOP has fallen for this gambit before. When Bush invaded Iraq he created the insurrection when his guy Paul Bremer dismissed the Iraqi army WITH their guns!  Not until Sunni's got involved was there Arab buy-in to stability.

Then Bush's pick for Iraq's prime minister, Maliki, a Shiite, took power of a country consisting of Shittes, Kurds and Sunnis' Maliki gave the Sunni's and Kurds NOTHING, so ISIS was born to take up the Sunni cause.

Bottom line: We need to have Kurds, Shiites and Sunni's fighting ISIS on the ground, not us. As it stands, it is becoming a religious civil war (sectarian) between Sunni's and Shiites. You NEVER win that kind of war with a foreign army. 

Check back for more updates as this progresses. We don't need to make the same mistakes that got us to this mess.

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