Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Confirmed- Russian MetroJet Was Brought Down by a BOMB by ISIS, Hoping To Get Foreign Troops In

Why did ISIS attack Paris? Because its LOSING ground and getting its butt kicked in the "caliphate." The only way it can sustain itself is if it gets a foreign country to commit TROOPS in Syria - THAT will boost its recruitment and claims that this is a "war against Islam" instead of the war against extremists that it is.  

Until Paris, ISIS was LOSING territory - they just lost Sinjar near Mosul to the Kurds (with American air support.)

And the Republicans have fallen for the trap, again, by calling for troops on the ground in Syria. They have learned NOTHING from the mistakes in Iraq that ended up creating ISIS to begin with (with those with short memories, Saddam kept Al Qaida OUT of Iraq, but once the U.S. invaded the borders opened up and it become a terrorist training ground).

We now know that the Paris attacks were made by EUROPEAN Muslims, NOT refugees. Even the alleged "Syrian" passport has turned out to also exist for a (living) Serb with the same passport.  So they think its a FAKE.  

It's now confirmed that it WAS a BOMB that brought down Russia's MetroJet. ISIS did it. It has spread to about 15 countries, like a cancer that must be cut out.  Up to the bombing Russia was busy hitting targets other than ISIS. The distinction was lost on ISIS.

So, the biggest problem is NOT refugees, but thousands of young unemployed, French, Belgium, European Arabic men whose families immigrated from the middle east --who live in segregated French, Belgian, German neighborhoods.They are jobless and have no hope, and therefore easy prey when the Internet delivers a clever message from a world away, the Imam who says "We care for you and can send you to heaven for killing people. Come to Syria and fight." And they are so ignorant and desperate they believe it.

Yesterday GERMANY shut down a stadium over fear of an attack. Officials said the move "was based on incoming intelligence."  The panic of athletes fleeing the stadium in a convoy of buses must have made them smile wickedly in ISIS headquarters back in Raqqa.  That action was seen on global TV. 

These guys are crazy but they aren't stupid - they are killers and hunters with 21st century technology and are now using encryption so their communications cannot be intercepted by NSA or European intelligence. Ironically, one of their favorites is the Sony Playstation 4 which allows people to communicate via encryption.  Despite all the NSA survelliance, we may not have seen Paris coming because most of the action was "dark" via encrypted messages. 

We need a political solution in Syria and a ceasefire. This conflict won't be resolved by bombs, but by a new government system and stability in Syria--easier said than done. The Arab Spring replaced dictators with sectarian (religious) civil wars and new dictators (in the case of Egypt).  

In other words, the Middle East is the same screwed up place its been since European countries deliberately drew boundaries that lumped different groups together, requiring a "strong man" dictator to maintain control.  We may yet end up redrawing boundaries to put Shiites in one area, Sunnis in another. 

The GOOD news? Polls show most Muslims HATE ISIS. The BAD news? The one country where ISIS is the most loved is...Pakistan, the only Muslim majority nation that has nuclear weapons.

Stay tuned.

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