Sunday, November 15, 2015

Could Paris Attack Happen HERE? The NRA Guarantees it! Here's why...

Could a Paris-style attack (129 dead, 352 injured) happen in the USA? Not only could it happen, the NRA practically guarantees it!  I'm sure they will deny that, but the policies of the NRA make it a foregone conclusion that the same kind of assault weapons used against civilians in Paris will be easily obtained by a group willing to use them against Americans here in the U.S. 

If Americans can use assault weapons on our own school kids at Sandy Hook, why couldn't terrorists do the same on our streets?

I bet until the Paris attack hardly any of you noticed the ISIS bombing in BEIRUT, Lebanon (which is 40% Christian)?   Did any one you notice the ISIS bombing that killed scores of civilians in BAGHDAD a few days ago?  

No....most people in America and Europe didn't notice until Paris was attacked, in the same brutal way civilians from Damascus to Russia have been attacked over the last four years.

Why would anyone think this mindless would stay in the Mideast? ISIS attacks like Paris have been happening for a LONG time now, just not in Paris. You just haven't been paying attention. The RussianMetroJet bombing in Egypt looks like an ISIS bomb-on-board attack, retaliation for Russian bombings in Syria. Putin has already been stung by the same people stinging the French today, and Lebanese and Iraqi's etc. before that. 

Unlike Al Qaida, ISIS has been the master of recruiting via social media as it engages in a civil war with Shiites.  Like Al Qaida, they are striking blows outside their zone of influence in the middle east. This is not 1815. Anyone can travel the entire world now in 24 hours. We have millions of refugees fleeing certain death. Europe's young unemployed Muslims are not prohibited from either going to Syria, or coming back after getting training, leaving potential attackers wandering the streets until they connect with a group and weapons smugglers.

Yes, some terrorists could even slip in with the refugees, but most are probably already living in Europe and the USA as citizens, potential rebels with a cause. Radicalization is easy with the global internet, sleek videos, social media, high unemployment and a feeling of not belonging.  Unlike America, France has segregated the Muslim population, which lives in its own world instead of part of greater Europe.  In America, in places like Ft. Bend, Muslims are part of the community, and live next to Jews, Christians, Hindus, etc.

Could it happen here? Yes. While America has avoided Europe's economic austerity that has left over 50% disgruntly, disaffected youth unemployed in Europe's big cities with too much time on their hands, our NRA makes getting an assault weapon so easy that a Paris-style attack in the USA with assault weapons is only a matter of time. 

We have the gun trade show exemption. Each state sets it own laws, making the weak states a magnet for gun smugglers to buy and send them to states with tighter restriction. We allow straw men to purchase weapons for others who can't. 

We also allow Americans who travel to a war zone to return home (I went to Syria on a child kidnapping case, but it wasn't a war zone then). America has the loosest gun laws in the world - a terrorists dream.  A group could acquire all the firepower and explosives used by the killers in Paris with hardly any trouble at all in the USA.

We have already seen the Boston marathon bombing. Paris was that attack on steroids. It didn't take hijacked aircraft to pull off their 911.  Stay tuned. Until we address the root causes of this issue (ISIS and a destabilized middle east), the threat to us and Europeans will remain too high for some time to come. 

Military action alone will not cure it. Putting a lid on Syrian violence will.

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