Sunday, November 15, 2015

Attack Planned in BELGIUM. What That Means in Paris And USA

We are learning that the Paris attack was planned in Belgium, not France. What does this Mean?

It means that we have an INTERNATIONAL operation that requires and international solution. They could not get guns in France but they could get them in Belgium.  The 7 jihadis may have stayed in Belgium until the time of the attack, to avoid the French radar. The solution has to be countries coordinating the flow of arms and extremists across borders.

Think about it. You can DRIVE from Europe to the Middle East. It's that simple.

I have walked the streets Brussels, Belgium and Paris, France. I talk about them in Better Times Ahead April Fool.

Stay tuned. Complex stuff coming...

P.S. Anyone running for president who does not have experience in the middle east is unqualified to be a candidate. This region is a nightmare for people who do have extensive experience there. I know. Been there....

The USA might have an incident like Paris. Our easy access to every weapon but a nuke makes us vulnerable.  However, we are already doing it to ourselves --like 26 kids and teachers at Sandy Hook. What's the difference?

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