Wednesday, November 18, 2015

.I've Negotiated INSIDE SYria -- Yet People Who Haven't Been There Say I Don'T Know> Explains Why We Fail Globally

I've noticed that people are pretty opinionated even on issues they really know nothing about. Several times today people have said: "You don't know what you are talking about!"

To which my reply has always been: "I have been to Syria. Have you?"

Not that it ever makes a difference with lug heads who put their ignorance (due to watching nothing but Phony News) above the opinion of a person with actual experience in the country in question. I wasn't in Syria as a tourist on a bus, or for a big company - - it was as an international legal negotiator, trying to get a kidnapped girl out of next door Lebanon (Syria was open then; it was Lebanon that was closed. today its the opposite).

I went there and saw it in reality, not what they make up watching TV news. I've also walked the streets of Paris and Brussels on negotiations, crossing the same neighborhoods that are in today's news.
I wrote a chapter on Syria in my book. It includes photos that I took of what it looked like "normal."  It's in the chapter "Indiana Jones Never Tried This"  I also produced and hosted videos in the 1990's warning about a potential 9/11, even sent copies to the Bush administration 9 months before 911. They are on YouTube for confirmation if you don't believe me.

 Have any of the "presidential" candidates done anything like that?

If I were Donald Trump I'd say something like "THOSE GUYS ARE SO STUPID!" Have any of them dealt with the Chinese, and India - whose economies will overtake ours soon?  Do they know what to do about ISIS that doesn't make it worse.

 LOL.  It's SAD, the poorly qualified people pretending to be qualified for president of these 50 states in a fast changing, dangerous, complex global economy. We live in a world of 200 countries tied together with international tax and other treaties. In face of that, Carson is clueless on foreign policy (according to his own advisers), and Trump makes up crazy stuff, leaving the "pros" in the dirt with their scripted talking points blowing in the wind! 

NONE of them have a real plan beyond. All they say is: "I will be so great!"  LOL..

I'd like to see if any of them would have gone to Syria even before the war like I did, on a mission to help a mom with no money and a missing daughter halfway across the world....What do you think? I can't even get a brother of mine to go to safe Norway, where our ancestors IMMIGRATED in the 1880's. He's terrified to go to a safe country, much less a "risky" one. I can say that I have been treated well in every country I've been in. All we have to fear is fear itself.

But then, people don't follow history - such as when in 1939 the U.S. turned down the Jews trying to escape Hitler before WWII, and we turned their ship around and sent them back. Most of them died. Have we forgotten our own history?

So if you want to learn about the past world that I saw develop in the past three decades, its in Better Times Ahead April Fool. If you want to learn about today's world of chaos and terrorism, read Global American Values blog on terrorism, trade issues, how to get America leading in a democratic way to leave this a better world.

I've Negotiated INSIDE Syria -- Yet People Who Haven't Been There Say I Don't Know.
That EXPLAINS WHY We Fail Globally.
You can listen to them or you can listen me.

Your choice. Only one of them is intelligent and smart.
                                                                                Michael Fjetland, Damascus, Syria

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