Saturday, November 21, 2015

Brussels on Lockdown Today - Why ISIS Used It to Attack Paris

Brussels is in lock down today - Americans have been advised to "shelter in place."  It reminds me of how shaky everyone was after 9/11 here.  It is possible that more cells will attack soft targets. Europe will have to figure out how to identify which of its citizens have gone to Syria and find a way of keeping them from returning.

The photos above were taken in Brussels, Belgium when I was working on a case that turned out to by fraud by an international gang working out of Belgium and Holland (etc.). 
It's in the chapter: "Indiana Jones Never Tried This" I stand in solidarity with the people. 

Brussels is capital of the EU. Germany's invasion of Belgium is what triggered WWI.

Europe has over 1,000 citizens who have gone to fight in Syria. They have a far greater problem than we do - less than 100 Americans have gone over there.  ISIS is attracting young, unemployed Muslims from Europe with its phony lies about it being "Utopia."  Some who have made it back have said that it turns out to be a nightmare instead, but not for all.  

It turns out that many young people go, not for religion, but for a paycheck! A jobs program in Europe could cut their recruiting. If they are allowed to sit around unemployed and attend radicalization sessions, the problem will get worse not better.

I have heard calls to "send foreign troops" to fight ISIS. That is exactly what ISIS wants, foreign troops on the ground. That would be a huge propaganda win for them - that this is a "battle against Islam" instead of what it is --a battle against extremists. The extremists hope to make this their "Armageddon" battle.

There have been American politicians who are preying on people's fear and have called for stopping all Syrian refugees from coming here, people who are fleeing death by Assad's barrel bombs on one side and ISIS butchery on the other. These people are victims not terrorists. That is another propaganda win for ISIS. 

In 1939, America turned away Jews fleeing Hitler's butchery, and many of them died at a result. We are doing the same again today. Candidates like Donald Trump even called for making Muslims wear special ID's, not unlike what Nazi Germany required Jews to wear. What are we coming to?

I met Syrians on a negotiating mission for a Texas mom whose daughter was kidnapped and taken to Sidon, Lebanon. The closest we could get was 70 miles away in Damascus, Syria. Before leaving the country, we even visited a Christian church (photos below) about an hour drive from Damascus.  Like Saul, my eyes were opened on the road to Damascus.

They are people like us. They are protecting their children just like any of us would do. Don't listen to the fear-mongers.  They haven't seen what I have.  What I saw is described in "Better Times Ahead April Fool."  

Check back here to Global American values (and on Facebook) for updates as this situation changes--as it will. This problem is not going away on its own and not without diplomatic solutions.

                                             This is now the back door of Christian church near Damascus. Originally it was hidden front door.
I was a terrorism analyst on TV before and after 911. Predicted it on TV (video is on youtube). Based on my experience, research and opinion, we face a global set of Al Capone's and religious extremism tied to global Gun running and a dark money situation that needs to be addressed GLOBALLY (that means Russia, China, USA, Europe, etc)

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