Friday, November 13, 2015

Paris Theater Hostages are Being Killed - While French Police Stand Outside...Happening NOW

Major terrorist strike at Paris RIGHT NOW and reports are that several hostage takers are shooting people inside a theater - while French police stand outside instead of rushing in.  

If they are worried about them killing people, its happening. DO something!

Standby, this is an ongoing terrorism event - there were several explosions by the soccer stadium as well. They evacuated President Hollande at half time!

Ongoing, stay tuned right here at Global American Values... 

8 p.m. Central USA. UPDATE
It's OVER. Over 120 DEAD. 
Still too early to know details but it is France's 911 - the worst attack on its soil since WWII. 
It's the first time SUICIDE Bombs have ever been used in France. Think about that.  France's policy of letting its young go to Syria then come back after training with ISIS has just been shown to be dangerous and foolish.

At least 3 explosions, very sophisticated attack on multiple locations. Very coordinated. This attack took careful planning. Unlike the U.S. you don't easily get AK-47's in Europe. But they did.

We also know that the timing is such that it could influence elections in Europe the next few months that could give rise to radical right wing parties.  

Our deepest condolences to the French peoople. "We are all French!"
Stay tuned...

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