Saturday, November 14, 2015

France's 911 - And What it Means for America and Europe's Future

Europe fragmentation and the rise of Right Wing parties across Europe, more Muslim-on-muslim Sectarian killing - and ISIS in Paris.

As one who predicted 9/11, I will be updating the consequences soon, but not today. Today we grieve for France and the French people --ALL of them.

 It's still too early to know enough details, but we just had a global political Tsunami hit. For the second time in a year the Middle East trauma has invaded Europe.

Americans and Europeans just saw in the horrible Paris attacks what life is now like in Syria (and Iraq) EVERY DAY.

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Pandora's Box is not done with us yet. We need some visionary action to contain it.  The box was opened by the invasion of Iraq. We cannot unopen it at this point.

je suis paris! je suis French. We stand with you and against terrorism of all kinds.

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