Friday, November 13, 2015

White Racists - Stop Embarrassing Us. Most of you aren't even qualified to fill our 3 million high tech jobs

Racsim is an ignorance problem. People fear that which they do not know.

Young black students at Missouri university (Mizzou) report that whites will even move away from sitting next to them in class. I find this to be very ignorant. Others clutch their wallets as they walk past. I want to laugh at such stupidity. You really think a STUDENT is going to rob you?

The racist whites that are embarrassing us must have lived under a rock and not been outside their county and met anyone that didn’t look like them in a mirror. I live on a farm in Iowa, then small town Texas, but I did meet people from all over the world of all major religions and cultures.

And I know they are just like us. Duh. America is only 5% of the world’s population folks. Better get used to the other 95% and get to know them. I have. They are fine people – mostly good (with some bad -- just like us.  I went on to read the torah and koran as well as the bible – to know what they said.

So, I say to you, white racists, stop being ignorant and making the rest of us who have friends of all colors and religions look bad. You are an embarrassment by showing how effing clueless about different people that you are.

Many of you racists seem to have given little thought to education, because you are the same people who aren’t even qualified to fill the 3 million high tech jobs open in the USA today –jobs that the people of other religions and colors do have the skills to fill.  Think about that you “geniuses.”  Try getting an education instead of voting your hate.

I wrote about many of the encounters I had with people around the world, and while running for Congress, in Better Times Ahead April Fool – including a time I had lunch with a taxi driver in New Delhi India, in his tiny place with a meal cooked on a gas cylinder burner– despite my having just gotten food poisoning from a place in Singapore (two days flying time away).  I lived to tell.

That’s why I cringe when a bigot attacks a man in a turban thinking he is a Muslim, when I know it is not a Muslim, but a man from India, a Sikh – a religion as different from Islam as Buddhism is from Judaism.  Are you too stupid to even know who to attack?

Such ignorance and hate, yet knowing so little about the world you attack the wrong person.  Brilliant.

America is built on diversity – respect to all regardless of sex, orientation, religion, color, etc. That has been what has made us great and unique in the world.

We should avoid it, especially as we see the middle east falling into the same mindless hate -- a religious civil war within Islam (etc.) that shows how ignorance taken to the extreme produces nothing but death and horror.

Better Times Ahead April Fool

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