Sunday, November 15, 2015

Refugees are Fleeing What Paris Just Endured - I met Syrians but Ted Cruz Thinks Cubans Rank Higher

 Refugees are Fleeing What Paris Just Endured - 
Why are countries and states in the USA punishing THEM Fleeing ISIS death? 

Texas just passed an "open carry" law, yet our macho leaders are terrified of refugees coming here with young children, people who are fleeing the same ISIS killers that the people in Paris did on Friday. How is that not bigoted?

How is this "pro life"? 

Germany is taking in 800,000 and the USA can't even take in 10,000? For a refugee problem that was started by the USA when Bush invaded Iraq? Bush's invasion created a training ground for Al Qaida before it morphed into the ISIS extemists we face today. 

We started this problem, so we need to help fix it and that includes offering shelter to these people.

Unlike most Americans, I have met Syrians -- in Syria while I was there helping a Texas mom who was trying to get her kidnapped 12 years old daughter out of nearby Lebanon. I wrote about it in Better Times Ahead April Fool. I went to a CHRISTIAN church in Syria.  These people aren't terrorists - they are as much victims of Assad and ISIS as the Paris people are. To say that we would only take in "Christians" but not Muslims also being terror, is un-American.

Ted Cruz thinks it's ok to let people like him in from for "persecution" but thinks a Syrian family whose 3 year old child drowned trying to get away from ISIS doesn't deserve the treatment he got. How is that "religious"? 

Cruz  saying that Cubans rank higher than Arabs as refugees.  Never mind we just had a motorcycle gang in Texas had a shoot out that killed 9 in Waco. Never mind a kid shooter that killed 26 in Sandy Hook, ad naseum. 

Americans have killed more Americans with guns then died in WWII -- yet we are afraid of desperate people? ISIS isn't as dangerous as our own domestic terrorists like Tim McVeigh. So take a deep breath and relax.

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