Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Why We Need to Help Syrian Refugees - This is What I Saw

Right now nearly half of the Governors of states are refusing to accept Syrian refugees, who are fleeing the same killers who created the horror of what Paris endured. The difference is that the Syrian people endure a Paris-like attack EVERY DAY. 

Here are some photos I took of Damascus, Syria when I was there on a case before the war (some are included in my chapter on Syria in "Better Times Ahead April Fool")

Now look at what Damascus looks like TODAY:

These are NOT terrorists. They are people who are victims of terrorism. They are fleeing the same madmen that attacked Paris. They are so terrified that they risk death by drowning in the sea trying to escape, like the 3 year old boy below:
Those are remain alive have no life:

THIS is why we could bring in these refugees -- It was the U.S. invasion of Iraq that created ISIS. We have a moral responsibility to help resolve this conflict, and to help those who have been caught in its cross-hairs. If we leave them in refugee camps, without hope or an education, then it WILL be a breeding ground for recruits by terror groups.

The attackers in Paris were French and Belgium citizens. One had a Syrian passport. But most refugees are families with small children, not a threat to anyone. If people want to worry about something, worry about the European and American citizens going to Syria to fight who are returning. They won't be coming with refugees - because they already have American or European passports!  

Texas Gov. Abbott claims to be "pro life." Denying these children safety in America is anti-life. It only makes matters worse.


  1. Thanks for this post Michael! Everyone should read these words and view these pictures.... Jim Henley

  2. Thanks for this post. Let us hope as we call people to really see the situation (with the blur of fear), we can change hearts! And thanks for your work of bringing these photos to the world!


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