Saturday, May 29, 2010

Global American: Information Americans are Not Getting Today

This Memorial weekend I am pondering a new weekly radio program called "The Global American"...a centrist take on American leadership and American values in the global economy.

The American public needs to know what is really going on in the world if it wants to avoid future disasters and stay ahead in this rapidly changing new global technology race that we are in.

It would be something that is currently missing on radio or even TV. Have you seen an aircraft fly with only one wing? American radio is missing the common sense center and a perspective of an American with experience talking to and working with ordinary people and business leaders in over 50 countries - to give Americans the "big picture" of what is REALLY going on in the world that will impact their future and that of their children.

We already have too many radio shows which are long on emotion and extreme views, like the radio host in Houston who suggested this week that a Mosque being built in New York should be "blown up" (the same mindless act that is the reason we are fighting two wars against!) Does encouraging American violence make us stronger, or does it make us more like the enemy?

The "Global American" radio program is intended to be a "big picture" perspective with a host who has been in 50+ countries, and worked in business and technology for both the Fortune 500 and as an entrepreneur.

Programs will be accessible online 24/7 and cover such things as NASA vs. space entrepreneurs and why the "public option" is not the best choice in that case. Did you know that NASA's recently canceled "Constellation" program is just a larger version of the Apollo program of 50 years ago--nothing really new. And even then it is over five years behind schedule.

The Constellation would take 214 days to reach Mars while a Houston space entrepreneur has a Plasma Engine that would get astronauts to Mars in just 39 days!

We will also cover the potential of nuclear terrorism, 21st Century security technology, etc....Did you know that China has now become the world's largest car market?

Radio show hosts who have never been around the world (and I don't mean on vacation) have no clue about the real world we are competing against. For example, in the mid-90's I produced a video about the potential of a terrorist attack on the U.S. Why? Because I had been in the Middle East and other parts of the world and I was paying attention to what was going on.

It's not rocket science to figure out but you can't be a wise American "by seeing Russia from Alaska." You have to see it in person or you are clueless. You don't really know how China, or the Middle East, or anywhere else will impact us unless you have been there. I've seen China go from a nation transported by bicycles to one that runs on automobiles and the third country in human history that has put people into space - in a span of just 20 years!

Final thought. If I could find this type of programming already on radio, I wouldn't bother. I am working 24/7 already with a rapidly-growing green business that saves energy and protects people at the same time. It is my passion.

But so is making sure Americans are truly informed of the world and how our founding fathers’ principles remain the best foundation for us to be a special, unique country in the world.

We are losing that edge when we think we are leading when we are not. Other countries have superior wireless networks. Over 50 countries have space programs. The tallest building in the world is now in Dubai. China is determined to replace it with a building that is one mile high. What big things are we doing? We cannot succeed based on our past efforts.

We cannot succeed by thinking our healthcare system is No. 1 when it is, in fact, only No. 37 in the world.

We can't lead by chanting "Drill, baby, drill" when our competitors dominate newer clean energy technologies.

We can't lead a space race using fifty year old technology instead of plasma engines built by entrepreneurs sitting on the sidelines.

We can only succeed if our future efforts are on the cutting edge -- not by doing the "same ol same ol" like NASA revisiting half century old space technology when the goal is Mars and beyond. Can you imagine a crew stuck in space for 214 days EACH WAY? Versus 39? It's guaranteed we'd have our first space murder before that voyage ended.

We have teachers who don't want to learn new things. We have business leaders that think credit default swaps are real business while places like China have set out to be the leader in solar and wind power energy manufacturing. Just saying we are great will not keep us from losing our leadership position. We have to be great! And that means having real knowledge of the world around us.

The Global American radio program and this series is intended to help Americans see the big picture and maintain our leadership in this new global space technology age we are in. The Global American will focus on SOLUTIONS.

So I'd like to hear your feedback on whether you would like to see this type of programming.