Saturday, February 21, 2015

Obama's Legacy - Road Video of Michael Smerconish and Historian on Obama's Legacy - SURPRISE result

This Dash Cam video captures a satellite radio broadcast of the Michael Smerconish show on POTUS with a historian with surprising results of Obama's legacy.

I will let you hear the words. What you will be SEEING is footage from my two dash cam cameras, both of which can be turned in different directions. One is wide angle and one is telescopic. It one point I turn one of them to give my opinion on what I am hearing. I have global economic experience and can confirm it if you look at my book "Better Times Ahead April Fool" and the final chapter, "Agenda for American Greatness."

Michael Smerconish "Stuck in the Middle With You" is probably one of the most intelligent, thought-provoking, fair, honest personality on radio - unlike those who ignore facts and take extremists views. 

Stop the Crazy Shoot Outs: Respect & Equality - Values for Americans to Live By

The recent case of the Arizona mother who went home after being followed and got her son and his gun all started over her giving a child without a learners permit a lesson on a public road, and equally poor conduct by the other driver who went ballistic over someone in the slow lane. Both parties showed a total disregard of restraint nor tried to get professional police involved. The hunted turned into a hunter.  It resulted in a wild west shoot out on their front yard and the mother being killed.

Where does any of this make sense?

I ask Americans to follow a code that has worked for me in America and over 50 countries in traveling overseas. They are:

1) Earn respect by showing respect.  I found people to be nice and helpful in every country I've been in, even on kidnapping cases.
2) Treat everyone as you wish to be treated.  Being courteous won't kill you or waste your time.
3) Treat people as equal regardless of color, sex, etc. because they are.  Except for the extremists, all of us share the same dream of education, family, fairness, a good job and to be left alone.
4) Be flexible - I earned that everyone has a different sense of time and "things happen."  Focus on finding a solution since stressing out does nothing to help. If the jerk wants to cut you off, shock people by letting them in (it makes you look noble compared to the jerk). I had to be very inventive at a moment's notice in many countries (and in the US) when things didn't go as planned....

That's it! Let's face it, if everyone is going to be an "anger management case" grabbing and shooting their guns at the slightest insult, our quality of life is going to suck. That will just make us look like the 3rd world countries I describe in Better Times Ahead April Fool. We are better than that.

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