Tuesday, April 30, 2013


How many of you can IMAGINE a plane full of BOTH REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS, traveling TOGETHER for a Presidential inauguration????  And NO ONE DIED! In fact, we got along GREAT.

Well, it HAPPENED. My partner and I at the time made it happen - well, I would give her more of the credit. Barbara was the R and I was the D and it DID happen!

It's a wild story. It occurred during the second Reagan inauguration, just after I got back from six weeks in China with a wild Texas technical expert named Charles after China had just opened to the West. Many mentions including some Houston stars like Chase Untermeyer during his Reagan years (so is Charlie Wilson of Charlie Wilson's War, and Tome DeLay, President Obama, etc.). It's one of dozens of  time tripping true stories in "Better Times Ahead April Fool" (documented with over 100 photos of countries over 30 years by author).

Can Camelot return - and R's and D's co-exist together again? Can we once again quit fighting each other long each to focus on us vs the world? 

Read ...and dream of better times ahead...

It DOES end with SOLUTIONS in "Agenda for American Greatness" - the final chapter...


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Syria - Does Crossing the "Red Line" Mean TROOPS in Syria? I have a better idea...

Does Syria's possible use of chemicals and crossing of the "red line" mean a "war" with Syria? Troops?

NO. It does mean that Obama needs to do what could have tipped the scales long ago - send some cruise missiles into select areas to send Assad a message - sting his military air force and scud sites. Send a Predator to knock out something near and dear to Assad.

Failure to send that message emboldened Assad, who is getting help from Russia and Iran. Don't expect Russia to "go along" with a strike, but the longer this goes on the more likely the extremists will take over.

Obama's best bet is a strategic strike that lets Assad know its game over, and negotiated a settlement so the secularists control instead of jihadis.  Otherwise it is another civil war and another unstable country in the Middle East we don't need.

I would not rule out a strike on Assad's residence at this point - he's responsible for over 80,000 civilians being killed.

We definitely DO NOT WANT TROOPS on the ground - except any needed to destroy or protect a chemical weapons site. We can avoid sending troops and still help swing the tide in Syria.

To see what it looked like before, you can see photos I took during a child kidnapping negotiation I did while there a few years ago, at


Treating Terrorists Differently based on Religion, Race....?

We have just had two terrorist attacks in the United States - actually three.

One was the Boston bombing and the other was the poison Ricin letters sent to President Obama and Senator Wicker of Mississippi.

Yet Peter King and his group in the GOP want to profile all Muslims to see if there are other people plotting attacks. But is he for profiling all Mississippi white guys and fringe groups? No....

The third recent terrorist was Adam Lanza, who took an assault weapon to kill 26 - many more than who died at Boston that terrible day. Is Peter King profiling all assault weapons owners and young white guys?

No...So you see we still have Congress representatives willing to discriminate against an entire group based on one common trait (religion and color) - Muslims - but not conduct the same audit of white terrorists in the USA, which we have had in the past, have now, and will have in the future.

A terrorist is a person with a STATE OF MIND - to kill innocent people. That applies to the Tim McVeighs blowing up kids in a day care at a federal building in Oklahoma as the Boston bombers and the Ricin attackers.

In America, justice and equality go hand in hand. Treating an entire class of people as criminals shows the vast ignorance of cultures by our elected representatives. They should be replaced because they lack true AMERICAN values.

We judge people by their wrongs, not their sex, race or culture. White killers are no better than black killers or Islamic ones. Having been in nearly 50 countries, I know that is what makes America the best nation in the world. Our legal system judges on Facts, not witch hunts in a minority.

I have met Muslims in the Middle East and the USA, even during a Congress campaign with Tom DeLay. I have met people from over 80 countries. Until Americans do the same, fear will dominate over facts about what they --and Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, etc. -- are really like.  In that same Congress campaign series I went to Mosques, Synagogues, many variations of Christian churches, etc. It's described in the Chapter entitled "Predicting 9/11 and Running Against the Hammer" in my book.

My trip to MuslimSyria on a child kidnapping negotiation revealed ancient Christian churches in the hills I visited outside Damascus. I was in Egypt when the first Israeli Arab peace treaty was negotiated (donated my room to a President's mission for that).

If you want to see what these people are like through my eyes, time trip around the world and see for yourself what's happening worldwide that impacts our future then check out "Better Times Ahead April Fool" my new ebook - a wild ride from farm to world negotiator and bust - and re-invention,

Documents with author photos of global change the past 30 years from China to India, South Africa, South America, etc --and most importantly, how to win our future...That's in the final chapter "Agenda for American Greatness."

The Wireless Weather Center with the Bottomles Rain Gauge...

This cool "wireless" Weather Center I bought at Frys - I put the vane and wind speed and "wireless rain gauge" on the roof of our condo (lucky I am the President with keys to the roof).

It now works! Initially everything worked except for the rain gauge.

After missing a six inch downpour yesterday I checked it - and found I had inserted one battery the wrong way (I should have consulted with NASA on this one). Now I have an endless recording of total rainfall, wind, etc!

Note the very short video how the "bottomless rain gauge "clicks" as water passes through. The gauge converts it to inches on the weather center sitting next to my computer! Awesome!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fake Tweets of White House Bombs Wrong Ricin Suspect - Confused yet?

It has been a bizarre week. First the Boston bombing. Then poor West, Texas gets blown up.

Then today we found a new Terrorist - a HACKER TERRORIST - who took over the AP Twitter account and generated a false report of a terror attack on the White House that caused the DOW JONES to PLUNGE.

It's a brave new world folks. STAY TUNED to GLOBAL American Values - to stay up on these strange times....

Monday, April 22, 2013

Strange Call from a legislator -- So WHY did Gov. Perry CUt Fire Budgets 75%?

On the way back from Corpus Christi today I got a strange call from someone in Austin --a legislator -- who was insulted by my Press Release last Friday. "She" said she had sat on it all weekend but was still mad. So I repeated the apology I issued in writing last Friday. She said I should make a donation to West, Texas. I said that was a good idea.

That was NOT good enough. She then said she wanted to send my press release to the Attorney General of Texas!

I said "Fine" and while you are at it let's talk about why the Governor has cut firefighting budgets 75% in Texas and why those homes were that close to a dangerous factory which was basically a giant bomb? I asked her why the first responders had been allowed to get that close and put water on ammonium nitrate? If the Governor had not cut training funds they could have evacuated. The woman said: "But the second tank didn't explode."  All I could think of was: "Was it worth that many dying to save one tank?" I don't think so.

Then she said how my press release was "advertising" our product. It was about the third or fourth thing on her list.  I said the same technology had been in use in DC for over a decade and to this day hardly anyone in office or heads of counties and cities in Texas know about it -- and that it would have saved lives. What is wrong with making our officials aware of protective technology? Florida has known about it for years. Same for Washington DC. But yet few "experts" in Texas do.

Then she said: "Are you saying there is a conspiracy by our leaders?" I had no idea where she got that idea so I said "NO" --  I wanted to say that is was more like negligence by our Governor and his appointees but I didn't. I asked her who was calling and she said: "It doesn't matter."

I finally told her that I had warned of 9/11 before 9/11 (during the 90's) and no one listened - and that I had even given a copy of my video on that issue (that aired on houston TV numerous times) to Rep. Tom DeLay 9 months before 9'/11. I sent another copy to Dick Cheney. Neither of their staffs ever contacted me and asked: "WHAT is this all about?" None. But later Bush said "No one thought it was possible."

So I wasn't going to let this explosion and unnecessary loss of life go by without making our legislators aware of a life-saving technology that been around for decades. It's a technology Florida has used for hurricanes decades. It's a technology that is designed to prevent deaths from explosions as well as hurricanes.  That's why it was installed in DC. It could have saved lives in WEST, Texas. It's a better solution for schools then armed guards who can't keep the glass wall from blowing out by a bullet.

My claims are documented on YouTube under my name and in "Better Times Ahead April Fool" under the chapter "Predicting 9/11 and Running Against the Hammer" but I didn't mention it to her, thinking she'd think I was advertising my book! I was in deep enough as is.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Better Times Ahead April Fool -

See the inside of the Weird World of Brown & Root as a Young Lawyer
Give up a hotel room at the Nile Hilton for an American President and a Peace Treaty
See Old China, New China – Why do they now lead us in 7 key technologies?
Explore Crazy India on a Free ‘Round the World’ Pass
Go on a small business venture to the Cayman Islands with a Seabrook Housewife
Survive a Vicarious Drive Through Mexico in Another Era
Take a trip to Syria on a child kidnapping negotiation for a Texas mother
Discover a Fraud on Americans in Europe and go “undercover”
Take a Texan Selling Texas Music to Euro-Disney in Paris and Run a Blockade to Get There
Explore the Mysterious Death of Roger Sharp on a rig offshore Africa & the voodoo witch doctor
Discover vast oil wealth in Nigeria for a small Texas entrepreneur
Survive an electric failure on a small plane you are flying then a kidnapping in East Texas on the same day
Predict 9/11 and Survive a run for Congress against one of the most feared, powerful Congress in modern times
Close with an “Agenda for American Greatness”

That’s what’s in “Better Times Ahead April Fool” with over 100 photos worldwide by author. See it for yourself

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Background Checks - and GUNS. NRA now "Pro - Al Qaida"

I needed a background check to get a law license and even to fly for the civil air patrol. I needed one to do a contracting job recently in the Drug Enforcement building.

So why should a gun buyer not have one?

One Al Qaida leader is on record saying: "Buy your guns locally in the U.S. GO TO A GUN SHOW WHERE THEY DON'T CHECK BACKGROUNDS."

So the NRA is now officially "Pro Al Qaida" and "pro Criminal" since only they--and people with something to hide -- fear background checks.

For my take on how we deal with terrorism and economic competitiveness, check out my newly released eBook "Better Times Ahead April Fool" - Details and links at:

Friday, April 19, 2013

West, Texas Explosion - Boston bombing - TX Leg Mad

YES, I did tick off some TX Legislators today when I said we should have better Emergency Ops to avoid what happened at West when a fertilizer plant exploded (water and ammonia is a dangerous mix--it causes explosions. The area should have been evacuated including the first responders).

Prayers won't bring those people back alive or help when we don't upgrade our technology to avoid the same thing happening all over again...

WHY DID Gov. PERRY ALLOW TCEQ to let that dangerous plant be so close to people including an apartment building and nursing home?

And yes, they should have "armored the glass" to avoid the injuries!  It could have prevented the buildings from being destroyed - by deflecting the blast wave.

Even an architect was mad at me today, when I said we should have avoided this using technology. I told him I had given a presentation to 25 architects and only 5 knew about security window film when i asked. It's only been on the glass in DC for over a decade...

For American security, I recommend you follow the Armor Glass blog along with this Global American values.blog as events unfold....

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Man Attacks Muslim Women Before We Even Know Who Suspects Are

An American man has attacked a Muslim woman before we have captured suspects in the Boston bombing.

My Fellow Americans. Attacking innocent people makes YOU look stupid. We have had idiots attack a HINDU wearing a turban because they thought he was a "Muslim." This is beyond STUPID. And you don't punish a color or race or cultural because of the acts of a few.

Do we attack all white guys when a Tim McVeigh blows up Oklahoma City buildings? Focus on the INDIVIDUAL criminals/terrorists. I have been in nearly 50 countries.

Try it. Guaranteed you by a LOT Smarter by the end of it...! Go ahead. Prove me wrong. Try...it will be a Wake up call for sure. It's in my book with photos so you can see for YOURSELF what we are up against worldwide...

Guaranteed you'll realize what needs to be done to win the 21st century. It's all in "Better Times Ahead April Fool" - 2013 ILLUSTRATED Edition.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston Bombing - Ricin Letters to Wicker, Obama - Connected

Just the day after the Boston bombing at the Marathon, Senator Wicker received a letter containing RICIN, a poison. Today it was reported in The Hill that another RICIN letter was sent to President Obama.

Are these CONNECTED?

I believe they could be - and that it may indicate that this is a DOMESTIC terrorist at work. The letters were sent about the same time as the bombs went off. You don't just go to the pharmacy and order up some ricin, so this attack was planned - both of them (or all three if you include the bombing and two ricin letters).

I called it on the Kaufman DA killings which Gov. Perry wanted to blame on the Mexican cartels and others were convinced was the Aryan Brotherhood - you can see the prior blog entry on that.

In this case, the bombing occurred on "Patriots Days" and April 15 is tax day.  Then ricin letters to a Senator and the President. Since when has a terrorist ever done that?

This is someone with a POLITICAL agenda. I suspect we have an American terrorist involved or a small fringe group - NOT a foreigner.

Stay tuned. The evidence is still coming in. Other Senators could also be getting ricin -

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Today I took these Weather center parts:

And added these items from the Space City Hardware store and 1 Home Depot Brick:
And produced this Weather Center on my roof - note the wireless Rain Gauge on the Brick
Here it is from the other side:
Viola! Here is what it looks like on the Monitor - Wind speed etc

YES! Job well done! Anxious to see if the "wireless self emptying rain gauge" will work as advertised...rain due tomorrow. Standby..

Monday, April 15, 2013

the American thing to do is peaceful protest, not set off a bomb...or kill kids

Just got in after a day of meetings all over, ending with being elected President of our board. Heard the shocking news about Boston on the radio. Wrote a quick blog - too early to know what is really going on.

I am very sorry for those injured or killed and their families. This senseless killing must stop. If you have a grudge, the American thing to do is peaceful protest, not set off a bomb...or kill kids in school. These are the acts of COWARDS, attacking the innocent.


Boston Bombing – Domestic or Foreign Terrorist? From 9/11 TV Terrorism expert

I was a TV Terrorism/Middle East analyst during the first Gulf War in 1991, again on 9/11 and for a years since. Copies of these are available on YouTube (search “Michael Fjetland” - not the best one has over 1.6 million views so far. They are missing the better material).

What is my opinion of the Boston bombing today?  Was it terrorism? Was it foreign or domestic?

The first explosion could have been just an accident. The second explosion, like the second plane to hit a World Trade Center building, told us that it was a deliberate ATTACK.

Anyone using a bomb is a terrorist. This was a “bubba” low level attack – multiple explosions with shrapnel meant to injure and kill -- but still not anything like what Tim McVeigh set off in front of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City. Not anything like 9/11.

It is too early to say if it was domestic or foreign inspired. I am leaning "domestic" since it is "tax day" but we need more information to know for sure.

Stay tuned and read about how we missed 9/11 in "Better Times Ahead April Fool" - the chapter "Predicting 9-11 and Running Against the Hammer."

The point is that weapons technology has grown and proliferated – making people at public events more vulnerable to even the one wolf, the small cell, and the deranged.

Stay tuned on this blog for updates by one of the few to predict 9/11.

Final note – This Global American Values analyst called it  on these pages several days ago I said that the Kaufmann County killer was probably someone LOCAL and NOT an Aryan Brotherhood member -- or (as Gov. Perry suggested), a Mexican Drug Cartel.  To see video proof, check out the undersigned on YouTube -- and stay tuned to this Global American Values blog…

Terrorism is also covered in the chapter “Predicting 9/11 and Running Against the Hammer” in my newly released eBook, “Better Times AheadApril Fool”….which is Illustrated with over 100 worldwide photos by author, Michael Fjetland --including photos of myself at the WTC after the 1993 bombing, and photos of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City where over 100 including children were killed in a domestic truck bomb.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Challenge to "Experts" Limbaugh, Beck ...Who really Knows How the World Works?

One of my nieces lives in the Texas Panhandle -- the land where the wind can drive you insane if it doesn't freeze or bake you first. She recently said on Facebook how much she "loves Limbaugh." Her husband loves Glenn Beck.

Neither my nephew, niece (or anyone in my family) have any idea of the projects their uncle has done in nearly 50 countries to date -- promoting American-made products and going from the Fortune 500 to being a (global) entrepreneur. So that gave me an idea. Who knows more about the world, Limbaugh, Beck -- or me? Hear me out, then decide.

Millions of American listen to radio and media talk shows by these two men -- and thousands of  other radio clones like them who pontificate on the great economic and international foreign policy issues of the day, right?  Has anyone considered what makes these folks "experts" to give advice to millions of innocent working Americans when they have no real world experience? 

Being rich or having a lot of listeners doesn't mean you are a great brain surgeon if you have never been to medical school.

Being rich and having a lot of listeners doesn't mean you are a business, tax and terrorism expert when all you have ever done is bloviate behind a microphone instead of sitting in cold hotel rooms in ancient China or hot ones in India working a deal to sell American pollution control technology or other American made products in nearly 50 countries like I have.

Being rich and taking a vacation in the Caymans doesn't make you a global expert on the American budget in a global economy. Negotiations in dozens of countries promoting  AMERICAN-made products does.

Growing up and never leaving Iowa, Texas or Anywhere USA doesn't give you a clue how the real global economy works.

So here's my CHALLENGE --  I'll listen to Mr. Limbaugh and Beck IF their experience in the world is proven to be even half of my global economic and terrorism analysis experience of the last 30 plus years. YOU decide AFTER you compare our resumes. You know their resumes already – college dropouts with no real business experience.

And if my expertise is better than theirs?  Then Limbaugh and Beck and the millions who follow them should be listening to me instead! LOL.

Why? Because if you have someone doing surgery who has no training, the results are not pretty. If you listen a clueless idiot getting advice from paid interests it will make you a clueless idiot -- and America will not win the future.

America will not win the future if Americans don't have the honest facts about where we stand and how we win the future with the economic hand we are holding at this point.

 My SOLUTIONS to win our future are found at the website and in the pages of "Better Times Ahead April Fool" and in the final chapter "Agenda for American Greatness."

See for yourself how the world has changed with over 100 photos taken by the author worldwide that will startle, amaze and inform you. They show where the U.S. stands -- versus the world -- in technology, education, etc.

WHO is more qualified to give Americans true advice -- someone like Rush Limbaugh who has never traveled further than ten feet from the dinner table? Or someone who has real global experience and a vision for America to win the 21st century?

"Better Times Ahead April Fool" Who has the expertise for the right advice -- Limbaugh, Beck or me?

It's your call. It's only our country's future at stake.

Read "Better Times Ahead April Fool" and you'll know...

Suspect in Kaufman County Killings - NOT a Cartel link

If you read my prior Global American posts you'll see that I suggested these killings were the work of a "local" - NOT the Mexican cartels as Gov. Perry suggested, or the Aryan brotherhood as others have suggested...


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

North Korea - & Ebook updates

North Korea, a nuclear power (thanks to Pakistan's A.O. Khan, etc) may be about to launch a missile - just as America faces not letting criminals or mentally ill buy guns to kill innocents in the USA.

The same principal applies internationally - an unstable person (in this case Kim Jung Un, the 20-something idiot son of his dictator father Kim Jung IL) should not own military nuclear weapons -- or any other weapon for that matter.  We don't want our neighbor hurling a grenade into our yard because he is irritated, right? Or firing a nuke at us because our dog barks.

On a global level its the same. We don't need young Kim's throwing missiles our way - even if they can't reach us yet. They are weapons of mass destruction. Temper tantrums and missiles are a bad mix.

In 2010 a South Korean military vessel was hit by a mysterious explosion, killing over a dozen. North Korea denied it was from a torpedo from one of their submarines. We could see something like that again, or worse.

Anything could happen day so STAY TUNED ("CLICK FOLLOW FOR UPDATES"). Anything could happen next.

If you want INSIGHT into what is going on globally that impacts us in the USA, follow this Global American Values blog - written by one of the few Americans who has been in nearly 50 countries the past three decades and knows what is happening worldwide from personal experience.

That experience (from being a Marco Polo in China to negotiating a child kidnapping case in Syria for a Texas lady) is laid out in new eBook "Better Times Ahead April Fool" by me, Michael Fjetland. Details at http://www.BetterTimesAheadAprilFool.com.

It also describes what Korea looked like when I saw it as a young global entrepreneur who had just lost his Fortune 500 job - and how countries like China now lead the USA in 7 key 21st century technologies. The title comes from a sign I once saw at 2 a.m. in Bombay India once.

On the bright side "Better Times Ahead" ends with SOLUTIONS to win the 21st Century in "Agenda for American Greatness."  Think Ben Affleck (ARGO) and Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones) adventures.

True stories. It's an eBook and I am discovering what a strange new world Epublishing is. This edition is loaded with photos I took in places like China 30 years ago - and again in 2012. You can see for yourslef the difference - compared to the USA TODAY. You WILL be shocked.

It's only on Kindle at this link now. It was uploaded last night. Amazon approved it almost immediately. Barnes & Noble has been slower, but both systems were simple compared to Google Books. I am a Fortune 500 trained international lawyer and have yet to discover what their royalty rate is - It was clear with Amazon and Barnes & Noble, both of which had simple software to process the book.

Not Google. I can't even find out how to load my cover design on Google - and had to "activate" sales in international countries like England, Australia, etc. Amazon and Barnes & Noble make that simple - one click and they do all the currency conversions.

Not Google. Thank god I have international legal training. I literally had to go through over a dozen countries and tell the system how much to charge in each country in their local currency! The Smartphone currency app came in real handy!  LOL.

Stay tuned for when you can get "Better Times Ahead" from Barnes & Noble, iBooks, etc.

Monday, April 8, 2013

just beginning the high tech SPACE AGE economy

This is the Lynx, a space plane under development by a private company - designed to take a pilot and one passenger into space - at a cost of $95,000. That's a bargain - Richard Branson's planned space plane, SpaceShipTwo will take 6 people to the edge of space, at a cost of $200,000 EACH.  Branson claims that he and his mom will be on the FIRST flight.

Space is no longer the domain of NASA and big government projects in Russia, China, etc. It is now a place where entrepreneurs can go - and make a buck.

While NASA has been given a mission to snag an Asteroid, a private company could MINE an astroid for its rare earth minerals - the stuff we need to make missile parts and high speed aircraft. China has basically bought up the world's diminishing supply, so an asteroid is the only option left.

Space X owned by billionaire Elon Musk has completed several supply missions to the International Space Station. And unlike the Russia PROGRESS, the Space X Dragon is the ONLY vehicle that will also bring back to earth supplies and samples for study. It spashes down in the Ocean and is recovered. It will soon be landing on land. The Russian PROGRESS burns up on re-entry. In a pinch the Dragon could be an escape vessel for astronauts. Not so the PROGRESS.

Stay tuned. We are just beginning the high tech SPACE AGE economy....