Monday, July 23, 2012

GOP Has Driven Out the Moderates - Reagan Wouldn't Fit In Today

It is SAD that moderates have been driven out of the GOP, leaving only the fringe.

From my experience, the worst thing a Republican candidate can be called in a primary is a "moderate" (like TX Senate candidate David Dewhurst is being painted now). When I ran, I thought being the "most reasonable" would be a plus. It turned out I was wrong. Being the crazier guy in the room was a "plus" when running in a GOP primary.  I clearly did not win on that strategy.

Reagan was a moderate - he would have no chance in today's GOP. Neither would another moderate, George HW Bush.  There are no more "Rockefeller Republicans." They have been replaced with people like Rick Perry and Sarah Palin, who barely have a command of English and rational thoughts. Now we have Michelle Bachman's crazy ideas and Herman Cain spouting weird commercials: why anyone thought they were Presidential material is beyond me.

People like George HW Bush attracted me to the GOP.

People like Perry and Tom DeLay drove me away.  The GOP extremism drove me out after four runs for Congress against Tom DeLay (details in "Better Times Ahead: April Fool?" Some people have affairs for their 50's crisis. I ran for Congress.

That leaves the the Democratic party as the only sane party left; it actually cares about ordinary Americans instead of the super rich 1% who are pumping billions into winning this election.

Despite the attempts at voter suppression, the Dems have a "big tent" of groups they represent instead of a narrow ideology. IF the GOP doesn't change, it will become a small, minority party of angry old (white) people who would rather sabotage solutions than help the President create jobs...which is exactly what they have been doing since Obama took office to clean up their economic mess that caused the worst financial disaster in over 70 years.,0,3849476.story

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Christian Church in Syria & a Secret Door

Outside of Damascus, Syria - where Assad is now killing his own people, is this CHRISTIAN church. The door I am standing next to used to be the ORIGINAL ENTRANCE of that church - a secret door used when Christians had to sneak in to avoid being killed by the Romans. The photo was taken in late 1996 when I was on an international child kidnapping case.

Now that small doorway it at the BACK of the church.

Outside, Assad's Alawhite Muslim group is killing other Muslims.  How little things have changed in 2,000 years....!

The Syria story is in my ebook "Better Times Ahead: April Fool?"

Denver Shooter: Time for Flight 93 Defense?

Global American Series
22 July 2012

Denver Shooter:  Time for Flight 93 Defense?

On 9/11, passengers on three airliners sat still, intimidated by the hijackers who then crashed their aircraft into buildings, killing everyone on board and over 3,000 people working in their offices. But the passengers of Flight 93 did something different, and bold.

They fought the hijackers before their plane could reach its target, saving either Congress or the White House from a direct hit that brought down the World Trade towers and damaged the Pentagon. They paid with their lives -- which were doomed anyway-- but their bravery saved countless others from the same horrible fate.

It may be dawning on some Americans that they may need to follow the Flight 93 example the  at the next outburst of mass shooting by a lone wolf killer like Mr. Holmes in the Colorado movie theater. What if a couple guys had rushed him – instead of sitting there thinking it was a “stunt?” What if someone had tackled him when he was reloading or after his weapon jammed?  Is lying on the floor being shot in the back a better way to die?

Before the Batman nightmare we had the shooting of Congress woman Gabby Giffords, which was preceded by the mass shootings at Virginia Tech and Columbine. No one confronted the attackers. It may be dawning on Americans that we face a greater threat from domestic terrorists like Mr. Holmes than we do from foreign sources (such as the deceased Osama bin laden).

HOW do we fix this?  Do we focus on the person or the weapons?  

The reality is that Pandora’s Box has already been opened – assault weapons and huge ammo clips are already in the market.  You can’t put the Genie back into the bottle. Over 300 million guns are in American homes. The Colorado police were on the scene in 90 seconds – by which time 71 people had already been shot. If the shooter’s AR-15 not jammed, the dead and injured would have been considerably higher.  Had his AR-15 still been working, Mr. Holmes would have had more firepower then the police sent to stop him.

But Holmes was a coward, like the Norwegian shooter, Breivik, who chose to kill his fellow Norwegians and then surrendered meekly to police. They are very much alike, and lower than pond scum.

Forget Congress. It won’t even prohibit people who are on the terrorist watch list from buying guns, so there is no political appetite to make changes, especially in an election year. As Governor, Mr. Romney signed legislation banning assault weapons. Now he opposes such a ban. The President has avoided the topic entirely.

And Mr. Holmes had no criminal record so even a focus on him would not have foreshadowed his violent actions. That doesn’t leave us much choice. The facts are stark.

ABC recently reported: “A study in the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery found that the gun murder rate in the U.S. is almost 20 times higher than the next 22 richest and most populous nations combined.  Among the world’s 23 wealthiest countries, 80 percent of all gun deaths are American deaths and 87 percent of all kids killed by guns are American kids.”

“But regardless, polls show that public attitudes don’t change, even after a mass slaughter like this. Forty-nine percent say it’s more important to protect gun rights while 45 percent favor tighter gun control.

We have lived on fantasy violence too long—from movies that glorify violence to trash talk radio that goes over the top and incites the unstable.  Yet we are somehow “shocked, shocked” when fantasy violence turns real.  To stop this will take the hardest change of all – changing our national language of hate speech into the language of RESPECTFUL debate.  We do it by keeping our disagreements verbal instead of physical.  I’m not holding my breath in anticipation of that happening.

The bottom line may be this: Next time a shooter opens up, American citizens may have to follow the example of the brave passengers on Flight 93 – and do what they can to take out the shooter.  It’s about the only option left.

Michael Fjetland
Global American Series
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Denver Shooter - Why Kill Your Fellow Americans?

Where does the Denver Shooting, or even the Oklahoma bombing make sense?

WHY kill your own kind - innocents Americans because you have some "beef" that doesn't amount to a pitch of crap? Whatever your "beef" is does NOT justify killing innocent people with heavy weapons, or any weapons.

The Denver shooter is like the crazy Norwegian Brevik, who killed his own people over petty political differences. He slaughtered people because they belonged to a party. He did the same as the coward in Denver - butchers people with high powered weapons, then meekly surrenders to the police. Coward bastard killers.

The Denver shooter slaughtered people because they were at a Batman event.

It's not the midnight movie that will get the next bunch. It's the idiot who thinks killing will solve his problems.  Next time it could be at the car wash. It's not about the movie, its about the willingness of some to kill people who did nothing to them.

It's TIME WE SHOW PEOPLE RESPECT and knock off the stupid, violent movies. It's time people started showing each other RESPECT - across party's, religions, cultures.

Only then can we stop this mindless madness, which it is...

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I am A Small Business -- That the GOP is Hurting

The GOP claims that President Obama is hurting small business. They claim that he makes it too hard to do business. They make it sound like small businesses can’t even fart without being hounded to death for polluting the air.

I own a small business. I am the President and the janitor and the secretary. I do have a CPA, thank god. My company grosses under $500,000 year so it is a genuine small business, not one of those $10 million/year “small businesses” the GOP speaks of. 

My company is not being hurt by President Obama's policies. In fact, the President was helping my business until the GOP interfered. My experience is that the GOP is responsible for holding back and hurting small businesses like mine, and many like mine, costing America millions of jobs! They are also costing our technology lead in the global economy.

Here's my case: The Republicans hurt businesses like mine when they stopped programs such as the 30% energy tax (up to $1,500) credit for making energy efficiency improvements in houses, which was supported by President Obama. 

When that tax credit was in effect it was a “win-win” for America and the average American. The credit helped the homeowners who purchased energy efficiency products that pay for themselves over time –like a radiant barrier or my company’s Armor Glass security film, which saves energy, cuts solar heat and armors the glass from break-ins and hurricanes. What's wrong with that? Congress canceled it.

That credit was generating thousands of jobs in energy efficiency! It could be generating MILLIONS of jobs if allowed to grow. The President supported it. The GOP did not. Companies like my “Green+Security” are the next big economic engine for our country. Instead of supporting green businesses like mine, Congress is giving our tax credit to profit-rich, 100-year old oil companies who don’t need it.

If this were 1900 the same GOP folks would be backing the buggy makers against the emerging car industry (really!)

The GOP is responsible for the economic collapse of 2008 (the worst in 70 years –an economic mess not seen since the Great Depression). Since then people like Mitch McConnell have said since Day 1 of Obama stepping into office that they wanted Obama out, from Day 1!

To do that they have been sabotaging the recovery by blocking every jobs plan offered by the President -- and by canceling programs that were generating jobs in my industry and others. It is the American people who don’t have fat Congressional paychecks who are paying the price for their actions and in-actions, like delaying for months passing the normally bipartisan Transportation Bill that fixes part of our broken highways and employes many thousands of average Americans who don't have fat Congress paychecks..

Is the GOP against saving homeowners thousands of dollars in energy costs enough to pay for the products protecting their home?  Is the GOP against products that would provide homeowners greater security from the breaking bad folks unleashed by the Great Republican Recession?

The only logical conclusion is that the GOP wanted to hurt the economy and Obama. 

For America to have a chance average Americans better get wise to reality - and vote for a different Congress that will support and help President Obama finish the job and build the economy we need to win the 21st century high tech global economy.

Pass it on!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Does Hiding Money Offshore Count as "International" Experience for President?

Gov. Romney is planning a European trip.  That makes him about 45 short of the number of countries that I have been in the past 30 plus years (nearly 50 countries).

Parking money in foreign accounts is one thing; knowing what is happening on a global political/economic level is quite different.

Since the 1970s starting with the Fortune 500, I have been in over 30 countries for the Fortune 500 and nearly 50 total,


Presidential advisers WILL disagree - count on that. If the PRESIDENT HASN'T BEEN in the Middle East, Europe, South America, Asia for an extended period - THEN HE/SHE IS CLUELESS (and is faced with "on the job" training which can be fatal to a country (see financial meltdown of 2008 in my book for a reference.

Does Hiding Money Offshore Count as "International" Experience for President? No...

Can America afford an international amateur whose only international experience is hiding money in offshore accounts? You answer that in the voting booth in November, which means YOU need to read at least "Agenda for American Greatness" found in "Better Times Ahead: April Fool?"

Details at

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Syria's MELTDOWN - When I Was There on Child Kidnapping Case

Syria is exploding. The murderous Bashir Assad, who took power from his murdering father Hafaz Assad, has set his army, along with militias, killing civilians at an increased pace.

The fact that the rebels were able to plant a bomb that killed his Defense Minister and Deputy (Assad's brother-in-law) was remarkable. It shows the power behind the opposition to a dictator that doesn't mind having his troops shoot defenseless civilians, even those that had fled to a ditch, where Assad's men shot all of them.

The photo above is when I was in Damascus in the 90's on a child kidnapping case. Assad's father was in charge then. It was weird then.

Details are in my ebook: "Better TimesAhead: April Fool?" at

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


18 July 2012
Global American Series

Recent media articles have asked: "Is COLLEGE Worth the COST?"

Here is the SHORT ANSWER.

It's the 21st Century, a high-tech space age GLOBAL Economy. Americans can't fill over 2 million OPEN JOBS RIGHT NOW because they DON'T HAVE THE SKILLS TO FILL THEM.  If they did, our unemployment rate would PLUMMET to 6%!

So the answer is simple:  If you go to college to get an art history or other obscure, unneeded certificate, you are wasting your time and will end up flipping burgers for $10 an hour while our Asian competitors land the $70,000 to $100,000+ plus jobs. Why? Because THEY are getting advanced degrees in math, science, etc. needed for those jobs. Our kids are watching "Jersey Shore" instead.

Rather than majoring in "basket weaving" or "pre-law" to join millions of other lawyers with nothing to do, you would be better off traveling to a couple DOZEN countries -- and seeing how their technology ranks to ours. THAT would make our citizens SMART(er) Americans!

By traveling, our people would see that South Korea's internet is 8 times faster than ours; that European Smart Cards are less subject to FRAUD then our outdated, old magnetic strip cards in the U.S. They would see Maglev trains going 200+ miles per hour while we sit in traffic with old bridges and decaying infrastructure and trains that rock wildly at 60 miles per hour.

UNLESS Americans upgrade their skills and focus on being trained for the 21st Century SKILLS NEEDED in this unavoidable global economic chess match - with math and science skills being top of the list, they will not be able to can run computer manufacturing tools, etc.that will be needed and commanding the top salaries. And without those skills, our technology leadership is doomed.

We can't win in a world of high technology by if all our people know is "who was the best sitcom actor" and "I'll have fries with that" when we are in an inescapable and accelerating global economy.

Our future depends on our winning the high technology race against rapidly developing countries like  China, which will be launching its own space station when ours is over 20 years old and at retirement age.

This global economic race is 3D. SPACE is now the ultimate high ground for over 40 nations with space programs. Being burger flippers won't make Americans players in this brave new world.

Some Solutions (and to see how far the Chinese have come from when I first went there some 30 years ago) can be found at: "Agenda for American Greatness"

Sunday, July 15, 2012


(now that Corporations can buy the next Congress),


Why? Hear the words of convicted felon, Jack Abramoff...

(Excerpt from "Agenda for American Greatness") ..."with the revolving door in Washington between Congress and lobbyists, our system is corrupted even more. Even Jack Abramoff, Tom DeLay’s convicted felon/friend said that we must close that revolving door to stop the corruption. That will return power to the people instead of favoring the special interests and the wealthiest.

In the meantime our Congress gives tax breaks to the wealthy, expecting it to “trickle down” to the majority. 
That snake-oil slogan has never worked.  It has only ballooned our deficits and made our economy look like Mexico's, where a few families at the top control a majority of the wealth..."
In the last 30 years, our middle class has been squeezed so that now one per cent of the American population controls 33% of all wealth now in the U.S. The top 10% of the population now control 56% of the wealth!  The top 20% control 84% of the wealth! That means the other 80% of us have to fight over 16% of the remaining wealth.
And on the subject of making our economy work and the true nature of our national debt:
"A total of 
$6.1 trillion in debt was acquired during George W. Bush's eight years in office, 
$1.9 trillion in Ronald Reagan's,
 $1.5 trillion in George H.W. Bush's four years, 
$1.4 trillion in Clinton's eight years and 
$2.4 trillion during the first three years Obama's administration, much of it spent trying to pull us out of recession, just as FDR did ...
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Monday, July 9, 2012

America's Future -and Climate Change at "tipping point of no return.

I warned on TV (and by contacting our leaders) about the potential of 9/11 before 9/11.  No one listened (video proof is at the YouTube reference below). I saw what anyone with international experience and some vision could have seen if they were paying attention.  Today is no different.

I am now predicting an even worse event than 9/11 - the extinction of our entire human species. Not by weapons or war either.

I am predicting that we are setting up our own extinction, caused by our own environmental negligence.  The fuse is already lit unless we take immediate steps to shut it down to avoid that final chapter in human history from becoming reality.  Time is not our friend, especially when the result is fatal on a planetary scale.

It has been the HOTTEST YEAR IN HUMAN RECORDED HISTORY.  Thousands of records from triple digit heat have been broken across the U.S. -- and the world.  These historic highs have never been seen before in human recorded history. At the same time we have historic floods and Hurricanes forming even before hurricane season. This is a global phenomenon, not just a United States issue.

The "new normal" temperatures continue to spike off the charts far above the normal hot-cold cycle of  the past 800,000 years (recorded in the Arctic ice cores that have been drilled and examined).

The lights are blinking red. The warning signs have never been so clear and dramatic as they are now. 

What kind of business can survive on an Earth caught in the vice-grip of inescapable triple digit heat and hurricane-force freak storms that are increasingly dangerous and causing billions in damages to property? 

How do trillion dollar deficits rank in importance versus extinction in terms of priorities? The amount of debt won't matter if we are dead, or leave a dying planet to our kids, will it?

How does our blue planet and its inhabitants survive the loss of our protective ice shelves at the poles that provide the cooling we do get? If we lose that ice, we will cook hotter than frogs in the boiling pot.  When I grew up in Iowa I had to walk over towering snow drifts. Last winter, there was no snow in Iowa and the Midwest. No snow means no water to fill the rivers and grow the crops we need for food.  What kind of future is that to leave our children? 

What business would survive if we cause our own extinction? The answer is obvious.
Would you agree that there is no greater priority then the survival of our only home in space? Would you agree that if we no longer have a viable home planet that none of our cultural or political differences will matter if everyone is dead or dying from lack of food, water, or fighting over dwindling resources caused by a ever-hotter climate, right?

Two hundred years into our industrial era, we have achieved industrial technology never before imagined by our ancestors: billions of plants worldwide emitting trillions of gases on an escalating scale.  We humans have become the frogs in our own global industrial boiling pot, unaware that the slowly increasing temperatures are cooking ourselves, while we pay no attention or go into denial.

As countries like China, India and Brazil bring more billions of aspiring humans into the middle classes, buying cars and releasing air conditioning gases, we are accelerating the quantity of gases that are causing our oceans to become acid and disrupting normal air currents. 

Our one-of-a-kind blue planet is now home to 7 BILLION people, all generating more emissions never before possible by a few thousand cave men and woman sitting around campfires.  This ain't your father's planet any more.

Would you agree that neither the Moon nor Mars offer an attractive or practical alternative as a place for humans to go, right?  These lifeless planetary outposts would be the only options left if we humans jeopardize Earth's health and future by turning a blind eye to reality and failing to take corrective action. We are hitting our planet's "tipping point of no return" and have no time to waste, for your kids sake.

If we act now we can avoid that fate.  The damage we have done to date means we still face years of worse droughts and more common Hurricane Winds thousands of miles from where Hurricanes normally hit --like the Derecho and its 90 mph winds that recently hit the mid-Atlantic states and knocked out power for over 2 million, then baked them under triple digit heat and deadly UV rays. 

But we can stop the deterioration IF we act rationally and SOON.

Or else face never-ending HEAT FROM HELL.

Protecting people from these threats -- Heat, Hurricane Force Winds, and Burglars -- is the primary reason I founded Armor Glass. 

Before establishing Armor Glass, I was an Entrepreneur who practiced as an American attorney with experience in nearly 50 countries. Before that I was a Fortune 500 negotiator/attorney who was sent to over 30 countries before a lay off during the  80's Texas oil bust. 

Being laid off  was a mind-searing experience, having to choose between food and rent and live on your wits. That is something that a person born as a millionaire could not even guess at or understand. Only those who have been in that situation REALLY understand what it is like to lose your apartment or have the power turned off during winter when there is a 2 year old in the place. 

I experienced all of that and more (details in my book based on those old travels into mysterious lands "Better Times Ahead: April Fool?

A lay off led to endless hours of free time.  Hoping to sell some books for needed income, I began writing a "Fictional" book entitled "Fire Over Arabia." I needed a plot.  Based on my global travels, I decided it would describe what it is like being an international globe hopping negotiator. So I made it about an American international lawyer who gets caught in an unexpected flash war in the Middle East (in Iraq of all places), during which a terror attack is launched on the U.S. 

Sound familiar? That was science fiction talk in 1991 when I wrote it and described the potential on those TV spots in Houston. Some of these are on YouTube (ID: Fjet2020) including one with over 1.5 million views so far.

When I was 150 pages into "Fire Over Arabia" Saddam invaded Kuwait.  The first Gulf War was on. 

That is when I made my first appearance on the Houston Fox station as a "Middle East expert." Two years later, the first bombing of the World Trade Center occurred in 1993, killing six people. 

Ten years later came 9/11, and my return as a Terrorism Analyst.  Some of these are also on YouTube (ID: Fjet2020).

However, after two years of doing gigs for Houston Fox 26 (and NEWS 24, which later folded) talking about Anthrax scares, airport threats, Stinger Missiles, hospital security, etc. I felt that something was missing. Despite being a paid (not much, but paid) TV Terrorism Expert, I felt that my talking didn't actually DO anything to protect  people from any those threats.

Then I discovered the technology I used to establish Armor Glass. It was high tech and multipurpose - providing both security for every buildings' weakest link (its windows) from break-ins, hurricanes and heat, while also saving enough energy to pay for itself over time. All at cost a fraction of the alternatives, which cost 5X to 10X more. 

What could be better than getting protection and saving money, right? However, I took it a step further.

Because I had been a Terrorism adviser, I sought out the BEST technology and the best people to install it. Armor Glass was dedicated to security. But I discovered that most other companies were not. Most of them were focused on selling cheap solar film that only blocks sun but would fail if struck by a Large Wind-borne debris (like a burglar tool or tree branch).

Armor Glass security films are rated for explosions, Large Missile impacts (4.5 lbs) and can cut down solar heat up to 79%. All screen out 99% of harmful UV rays that destroy Aunt Emma's antiques and your costly furnishings.  UV is the No. 1 cause of skin cancer. So people get that protection.

Running this company is the best way that I can do to help people - protecting them from greater dangers while blocking that blast furnace heat.

But even Armor Glass can't help us if we destroy our planet's environment by failing to address climate change before the human frogs are boiled. We may even need to begin GeoEngineering-- planetary climate engineering --  to survive. For our children to have a future, we have to act NOW.

"Highest Heat Records in Human History" source:

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Why Congress is Hypocritical on “Obamacare”

8 July 2012
Global American Series

Why Congress is Hypocritical on “Obamacare”

An overlooked fact in the debate over the Affordable Care Act aka “Obamacare” that Justice John Roberts cast the deciding voted to uphold is this: The Congress reps voting against the act ALL HAVE GOVERNMENT HEALTH INSURANCE!  

If they are so opposed to giving Americans the same coverage they have, have you seen any of these Congress representatives “drop” their coverage in protest?  No. And you won’t see it. Congress representatives get coverage even if they show up with pre-existing conditions. They do not face losing their insurance if they hit the “lifetime maximum” of the policy.  And they don’t get canceled if they get a serious disease or cancer.

When I was laid off from my Fortune 500 job years ago, I lost my health insurance.  As an entrepreneur I went for more than a decade without any health insurance. It was scary.  When I did get it, the cost was enormous, and kept going UP every year.

Today I pay nearly $600 per month for coverage for just myself. To keep the premium from being even higher my deductible is $10,000!  People I know who work for the State of Texas government pay as little as $120 month for an entire family! The problem is that I can’t get into a “pool” to lower my premiums. The Affordable Care Act creates those pools.

The State of Texas currently has the highest number of uninsured citizens in the nation. The last legislature cut $5 billion from Medicaid to help cover the budget shortfall.  If you are single in Texas and make $4,000 or more a year, you make too much to get Medicaid!  Ironically, Massachusetts has the fewest number of uninsured, after passing “Romneycare” under Gov. Romney.  Under the Affordable Care Act, Texas would save billions it now spends on Medicaid and we would no longer be dead last in healthcare.

It is ironic that the man whose “Romneycare” was the model for Obamacare, would repeal it. It is hypocritical for Congressional reps that have government-paid health insurance to oppose the same benefits for their constituents.  

Conservatives worldwide, even in Canada and England, have embraced universal health care, making the United States the only industrialized country in the world without it. That puts our conservatives out of step with the world. I would welcome seeing those Congressional members try going without their government-paid health Insurance, like the 30 million Americans who don’t have coverage. 

My bet is that they are too scared to do without it – or too hypocritical.

Michael Fjetland
Global American Series

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