Saturday, November 30, 2013

GOP Austerity = 23% Unemployment in Greece! Youth rate even higher!

Austerity Report from Greece
 November 30, 2013

Today I set foot on Greece for the first time. During a tour of the famous Parthenon which sits on an Acropolis overlooking the famous City of Athens, I was reminded that it was from Greece that the world got democracy. Back then it was “direct democracy” meaning that the people voted for or against actions – instead of having a “representative democracy” as we do in the USA where our elected representatives cast the votes for or against.

I asked a local Greek about the Rush Limbaugh radio statement that “Greeks were self-injecting themselves with HIV virus so they could claim benefits.” He said that was the most absurd thing he had ever heard.  Yes, their economy is a mess, but Greeks like living as much as the next person and don’t have to do weird things to get benefits. Chalk up another false story to the masters of deceit on talk radio. What is true is that unemployment here is 27.3%! It's so bad garbage isn't picked up.

I heard a story at the Parthenon that very much applies to the USA today. Apparently the great buildings of Greece had been destroyed, by the Persians I believe. A man named Pericles called upon the people to rebuild, which would be a great expense. He said that doing so would create not only jobs, but high paying jobs. The people heard the arguments for and against and decided to approve Pericles plan. Workmen were paid one drachma a day – enough to buy a sheep or a goat for a day’s pay. Architects were paid two drachmas a day. The result was a huge success.

Today, the United States faces a similar situation. We have tens of thousands of rusting bridges that need repair or replacement. The GOP has been the biggest job killer of modern times, refusing to invest in rebuilding our infrastructure. They have rejected jobs bills and transportation bills that were normally bipartisan in the past and would create high paying jobs. The GOP has been the opposite of Pericles – a do nothing, invest in nothing Congress. They failed to pass a farm bill. Lately they can’t even pass a defense bill. Millions of people are paying the price for this lack of leadership. There are now 73 million jobless young people around the world due to ‘austerity economics.’

I am reminded of the Proverb: “Where There is No Vision, the People Perish.” America is losing its high-tech edge. It is losing its education lead – in fact we trail dozens of nations in science and math. We have GOP leaders in Texas who literally believe that the Earth is only 5,000 years old! Their economic policies are as out of date as their knowledge of science. Texas has done well only because we are blessed with oil and gas. We lead in minimum wage jobs – but our workers lack high tech skills needed for the 21st century. They need training and that means investing in education. Our corporations are getting tax breaks to ship jobs overseas. In Greece, many don’t pay their taxes and having a retirement age of 52 was not realistic.

Europe is in a world of hurt primarily because of its economic policy of austerity – the same policy that the GOP has pushed on America at great cost and pain to the public. A whole generation of young Europeans are facing 40% to 50% unemployment (Spain’s youth unemployment is close to 50%.)  That’s even tougher when gasoline costs $10 a gallon in Europe (as we’ve seen in Italy and Greece).

I wrote an economic plan for prosperity in my book called “Agenda for American Greatness.” It describes how we got into this mess and how we get out of it and back to No. 1 in the world. I have made it FREE for your review at my book website….just click on the “Agenda for USA Greatness” link.

Don’t let Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck fill your head with false facts. The GOP has been consistent in laying waste to our economy since “supply side economics” under Ronald Reagan ballooned deficits. Under Bill Clinton we regained a $300 billion surplus. George W. Bush turned that surplus into a $1.3 Trillion deficit with the unpaid tax cuts that Senator John Cornyn voted for. They then added two unpaid for wars and handed President Obama the worst economy in 70 years.

It’s time to vote for a change – and invest in rebuilding America to create the good jobs needed to rebuild America.  Sign up for updates at I will be posting further blog updates on this “austerity tour” of Europe to show why it is an economic disaster.

We should follow Pericles wise counsel. For the next two days the “austerity tour” will cover condition in Turkey – the county that splits Europe from the Middle East and Asia. It will be my first time there.

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Michael Fjetland

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Austerity and Jobs - Italy's experience is worse than my last report

If you want to find out what is happening in a country, forget the internet – ask a taxi driver! I have found that true worldwide.  In Rome we had a limo service pick us up for the 75 minute drive to the port of Civitavecchia (try saying it, I dare you.) He was fluent in English so we asked him about the economy.

Apparently the information I have in the last blog post was dated. He said that unemployment was around 15% but as high as 40% for youth. Over 350,000 of their young people have left the past 4 years to seek employment in other countries. This is the cost of austerity.   

Apparently there isn’t much for social services in Italy. We were told that if you are laid off before retirement age of 67 that you become homeless. We did see some of those on the streets of Rome when we sought out a place to buy wine. Even after retirement, people have to live together to make ends meet. People are hawking wares on street corners and offering to wash windshields.

The EU (European Union) keeps Italy from selling oranges on the export market. And with the Euro they can’t adjust their currencies as they did in the past.  When I was in Norway in 2011 the Norwegians told us they stayed out of the EU for the same reason.

If you think American politics are bad, it is worse in Italy. The taxi driver also says Italian politics is split between 3 parties now, and tonight on the news we saw that Berlusconi is probably going to jail.

We were told that things are much worse in Greece, which we will see on Friday when we see Olympia, the place where the Olympics was born, and on Saturday when we go to the other of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Acropolis. In Greece, it was once possible to retire at 52. No more…

Final note.  During the fire drill on the ship, announcements are made in 5 languages – English, Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese.  The last two nights our dinner companions were from Australia, Canada and Germany. Yet tonight we all had Thanksgiving turkey dinners at sea. The motto for Norwegian Jade is “Cruise like a Norwegian.”  It’s the Fjet way! Lol.

We did pass Italy’s “boot” today – that thin part which separates Italy from Sicily – near the place where the “Costa Concordia” ventured too close to the shore, hit a reef and sank. Our Captain is from Finland and stayed well away from shore. The Costa Concordia reminds me of the condition of the U.S. economy that President Obama inherited on his first day on the job – after our Ship of State hit a reef in 2008 after 8 years of unpaid for wars and unpaid for tax cuts by the GOP. Then the crew refused to help him fix the damage – claiming it would be too expensive. Ships and countries don’t fix themselves.

Stand by for reports on Greece and then Turkey – the latter            of which shares a border with Syria and is the link between Asia and Europe. Since we are now 8 hours ahead of U.S. Central time, we will be back onboard before your workday begins!

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rome - 1st stop on "austerity tour"

ROME - I shot this photo of the famous coliseum as we drove through the streets this morning after a nearly 10 hour flight from Atlanta. Last time I was here was in 1980.

First thing I discovered is that my adapters are two-pronged and my computer cord is 3-prong, so I am running on battery power which is LOW.  Tomorrow we switch to a ship and I should have an adapter by then. European hotel rooms are often SMALL. The one on the ship may be bigger than this one which feels like a 10 x 10 box, but the internet is FREE and the people are NICE. It took an hour to get from the airport to the hotel - due to traffic which is like Houston/Dallas.

Here is the status of the economy per Lex Mundi: "During the second half of 2011 the government passed a series of three austerity packages to balance its budget and decrease its public debt. These measures included a hike in the value-added tax, pension reforms, and cuts to public administration. The government also faces pressure from investors and European partners to sustain its recent efforts to address Italy's long-standing structural impediments to growth, such as an inflexible labor market and widespread tax evasion. In 2012 economic growth and labor market conditions deteriorated, with growth at -2.3% and unemployment rising to nearly 11%."

So you can see the austerity here has resulted in an unemployment rate of 11% versus our  7.2% making it 50% higher than the USA which has taken a different path -- until Congress started sequester, which has killed jobs in America.

My battery is almost out of juice. More tomorrow....

Monday, November 25, 2013

Austerity Tour Begins - Route

This is the map of the "Austerity Tour" of Europe I start today --assuming the RAIN doesn't keep us from taking off. It covers Rome, Greece, Turkey.  Check for blog updates and get future ones by signing up at the Fjet for Senate website
Not only is this a study of European vs. American economic strategy, I will also be looking at how WOMEN are treated in each country.

Click "Follow" to get the updates. This trip was planned and paid for back in March so its at my personal expense - not campaign or donors.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Next 2 weeks --Fact checking Austerity in Europe vs. Democrat/Obama Investment Strategy

Tomorrow, as a U.S. Senate candidate, I leave for 2 weeks for time in Italy, Greece and Turkey, to see first hand and do fact checking on what the European austerity economics have done to their economies--at my expense since it was paid for back in March. I intend to make this a study and planning trip. I return the day filing for candidates closes December 9.

Since Senate votes directly effect our economic future for good or bad, I will be putting my findings on my Global American values blog, and some photos. You can easily find the blog link on the left side of my U.S. Senate Page.

Hint: Statistics and facts show that European austerity has resulted in nearly 50% of their youth unemployed. Their overall unemployment has been almost TWICE that of the USA under President Obama.

When the USA economy crashed in 2008, President Obama did the opposite of European austerity. Obama did what FDR did--invested in projects--to the extent he could despite being blocked by the GOP on jobs bills, infrastructure bills, etc.  For example, our GOP Congress is letting tens of thousands of bridges do what the one on I-35 in Minnesota did--collapse into the river with people driving over it.

It will be the first time that I have been in Greece and Turkey.  I got to spend one day in Rome in the 80's and a few days in Milan (Italy's key industrial city in the north.) If you haven't been there, you really don't know what its like. And I say that after working in nearly 50 countries. Once you see it up close and personal, you learn a lot fast.  You probably missed a tiny entry in today's Houston Chronicle about a fierce storm in Europe.

Yesterday, a cyclone (we call them hurricanes) just hit an island off Italy called Sardinia (see photo.) What is so weird is that it would be striking this late in the season. Maybe that is why it was named Cleopatra? They had 18 inches of rain in 1 hour!

And a November? Just like the freak weather the USA has been having. Asia had the strongest hurricane (they also call them cyclones) ever recorded--the one that hit the Philippines.

To me this is another indicator that we are facing serious climate issues with deadly consequences.

We must act since our children do not have another planet to move to once we toast our own blue planet. As it is, our buildings are blowing apart in ever more fierce storms.

SO sign up for the updates and I will be posting from different countries the next couple weeks. IT is a GLOBAL ECONOMY my fellow Americans. Our kids aren't competing with kids from Mississippi. They are competing with kids from China, India, Europe, etc.

We can't lead a world we know nothing about. Standby for Fjet for U.S. Senate.

Friday, November 22, 2013

50 Years Ago We Had Hate Media blasting JFK. Time to Change...

I wish to add one significant insight that is not in my earlier blog post.

Fifty years ago we had Hate Media. At the time the hate media was limited to newspapers like the Dallas Morning News, which was one of JFK's harshest critics. Who knows if its campaign did not incite an Oswald etc to commit murder. The DMN obviously is not the same paper today but we have new sources of Hate Media - like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck who play fast and false with facts - to the point where they even fail to recognize a state-issued birth certificate.

None of that is good for America. While we have a countrywide bar fight, the rest of the world is speeding past us. We can't even get basic work done, like budgets and confirmations. It has led to the "Nuclear Option" in the Senate. Its unfortunate, but when Senators routinely fail to return "blue slips" that allow a vote on a nominee, it's out of control.

Ted Cruz and John Cornyn have done Texas no favors -- we have courts without judges and thousands of other non-actions that have severely damaged our economy.

And Hate Media continues to stir fear and false rumors rather than moving our country in a unified manner forward. Our enemies are not the other party - its our foreign competitors beating us in markets and education and technology. And because of hate media and obstructionists like Cruz/Cornyn, America is less than what it should be and what it can be....

Help me change this national suicide with my Agenda for American Greatness. Sign up, volunteer and/or donate at my website. For updates "follow" my Global American Values blog at the website.

Remembering a Day of Infamy 50 Years Later

Fifty years ago today I was a 13 year old student in class in Rockwell, Iowa, when the terrible news came. The President had been shot and was dead. I remember one boy laughed and I wanted to punch him (only later in life did I learn that some people handle bad news that way.)  The feeling of loss was indescribable. It was a day of infamy. It was our generation's Pearl Harbor. We would not see another like it until 9/11 shook America.

But JFK lives on in my memory as one of the most fascinating, gifted Presidents of our time. It is his idealism and willingness to challenge the American public "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country" still rings in my ears.

Since that time what President or member of Congress has said what John F Kennedy said about launching a project to put Americans on the moon: "we do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard."

We are the generation who remember JFK. It is what drives us to make America a better place to live, one that rises to the global challenges and is a beacon of light of justice, freedom and equality for all -- regardless of their race, sex or religion.  JFK was the opposite of a Joe McCarthy or a Tea Party that votes against women, gays and minorities and disrespects anyone different from themselves.

It was with JFK's words still ringing in mind that I filed for U.S. Senate, in hopes of carrying on his ideals of doing things for America that are hard because they are the right choices. Too many politicians tell people what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear in order to advance our country to the next level of excellence.

Today, we are a better country because of JFK's 1,000 days.

Tonight, I will open the next chapter of JFK's legacy when I get to meet Democratic Governor candidate Wendy Davis for the first time. It's time our generation carried the JFK ideals onward for the benefit of generations yet to come....

I see those ideals in Wendy Davis and people like Leticia Van de Putte and other political leaders in today's Democrat party which includes people from all walks of life, just as JFK would have wanted. We are continuing his legacy.

Michael Fjetland

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Where There is No Vision, the People Perish - America Abandoning Space?

Our Congress determines the success or failure of America in the future. Right now, we are teetering on the abyss of abandoning space to our global competitors, including CHINA.

This would destroy America's future as a great power. The only reason we have smartphones today is because of the investment our government made in the space industry. It is the next frontier and over 40 countries are pursuing it - from India sending missions to Mars to China sending landings to the moon - while we cut back our investments and doom future Americans to second class status in technology leadership.

My platform includes providing NASA with something that it has NEVER had - a long-term budget. A 10 year budget. A budget that includes not only valuable earth science investment, but plans to development of a second generation space station to remain a key player in the ultimate frontier.

Anything else my friends is national suicide. Stay tuned by signing up for updates at:

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Audit the Pentagon - Faking Numbers and Epic Waste for over 20 years

If the GOP wants to cut fraud and waste, start with the Pentagon instead of whacking on social security and food stamps for our most vulnerable. In the last 20 years the trillions spent on defense have NEVER been audited to see what happened to the money.  It is so bad that even wounded warriors are not getting paid their benefits properly. Here is a recent "Business Insider" article on the problem.

The Pentagon has a budget larger than the next 14 countries put together - including China and Russia. While it spends nearly $600 Billion a year, no one knows where the money goes because it has "thousands" of different accounting systems that cannot communicate with other systems.

"At the DFAS offices that handle accounting for the Army, Navy, Air Force and other defense agencies, fudging the accounts with false entries is standard operating procedure, Reuters has found. And plugging isn't confined to DFAS (pronounced DEE-fass). Former military service officials say record-keeping at the operational level throughout the services is rife with made-up numbers to cover lost or missing information."

Mr. Cornyn has been in the U.S. Senate since 2002 and has done NOTHING to correct this drain on the U.S. economy. The Senate National Security Committee is debating the next defense budget now. The Pentagon keeps putting off the audit. It is still storing plastic explosives that are 30 years old instead of destroying them. We don't even know how much it is paying to store obsolete equipment for decades.

"Subscribe" or "Follow" to stay up on developments in our campaign to elect someone who hasn't been a politician since 1985 as Mr. Cornyn has.  America cannot afford to allow billions in waste to continue. The Pentagon budget is the largest item in our budget, and is the biggest opportunity to save the American taxpayer BILLIONS by cutting fraud and waste in our defense budget.
If elected, I would insist that the Pentagon not remain the only federal agency that is not subject to annual audits.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Texas Needs Medicaid Expansion - Highest Uninsured in USA

An amazing thing just happened in Louisiana. A REPUBLICAN running for office in a primary, where usually the winner is "right of right" just won the seat despite being in favor of expanding medicaid in Louisiana. Governor Bobby Jindal has opposed the expansion.

In Texas, our Governor Perry has rejected the expansion of Medicaid despite Texas having the highest number of uninsured people in the USA, and despite the fact the Federal government would pay 100% of the costs for three years, and 90% after that.  That is 6 million people including over 800,000 children.  Instead, Texas taxpayers will now pick up over $100 million in costs for covering those without insurance when they get sick.

If elected to the U.S. Senate, I would encourage our Governor to make this expansion. If that Governor is Wendy Davis, we can count on that happening. If it is Greg Abbott, then millions of Texans will continue to hang by a thread without health insurance. They won't get preventive healthcare and face bankruptcy from getting sick.

This is not pro life - denying health insurance to the needy is the opposite of giving a care about life.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Global Expert files for US Senate - the "anti-Cruz"

For Immediate Release                     Contact: Michael Fjetland
November 15, 2014                          Phone: 281-299-9576

Michael  Fjetland, president of Armor Glass International, Inc., a security company,  filed for the U.S. Senate yesterday representing Texas.  He formerly worked as an international attorney, negotiating contracts for the oil and gas industry in over 50 countries for both large companies and as an entrepreneur for small ones. He has been a TV Terrorism analyst after 9/11 and has written the book "Better Times Ahead April Fool," the final chapter of which contains his Agenda for American Greatness for getting America back to being No. 1 in the world again.

While Mr. Fjetland's expertise is international affairs, he has a 15-point platform including strong positions on education, health care and job training  so we remain the leading country in the world in today's high-tech,  global economy.

Says Fjetland: "We have a 'Skills gap' of over 2 million high tech jobs in the USA available today, but Americans don’t have the skills to qualify for those jobs. Chinese workers do. Indian workers do. Michael believes Americans should be filling those jobs instead of sending them overseas or filling them with foreign workers.  Additional positions cover environmental quality, transportation, and NASA.

He promises to always represent the best interests of Texas, including funding for critical Texas needs. For more information, check out his website at:

You may also check out his Global American Values blog:
and “Better Times Ahead April Fool” ebook site:


Climate Change - Tornadoes in November. Threat to USA security

We MUST address Climate Change. News reports that the midwest is facing EF2-EF5 TORNADOES today - which almost NEVER happens in November. The Philippines just got hit by the biggest hurricane on record. 

 Our own coasts are under threat.We need an "Ike Dike" on the Texas coast to protect one of the largest petrochemical operations in the USA. A direct hit would knock out gasoline supply for the entire United States.

Denial is not an option - in fact, it is dangerous to our future security.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fort Bend - Next Red County to Go Blue? 2014 Could be It

In a RED State called Texas there is a unique county that is RED but looks like what the rest of America will look like in years hence - FORT BEND. And it is on the edge of becoming BLUE BLUE BLUE. Here's why.

Yes, the same Ft. Bend that is home of Sugar Land, etc. I spent a fascinating 2 hours there today. I came away feeling that the political winds are changing.

Despite what you may think about the current chatter about Obamacare, Democrats have filled nearly every contested office seat in Ft Bend.  It could elect a Democrat Congressman to replace Pete Olson, a Republican and former chief of staff to Sen. Cornyn -- and a new district attorney and county judge, to name a few. Here is why...

Fort Bend is a majority minority country, about 2/3's of the county is a mix of Hispanics, Asians, African Americans, Hindus, Buddhists, everyone except Martians. 1/3 of Ft Bend is white. It is one of the fastest growing counties in the United States - home to cities like Sugar Land and Rosenberg and Richmond. It is part of the new suburbia as Houston doubles in size, as Texas doubles in size in the 21st century.

The GOP has controlled Ft Bend for years. But a one party state leads to odd behavior and extremism. Only a second party can provide voters a chance to make a change in government to insure there are checks and balances, ethics and fairness -- and no, no bid contracts and all that kind of stuff, right?

What I love about the Democratic party is that every meeting looks like America - a diverse mix of people of all colors.  When I ran in GOP primaries, I found that the gatherings were uni-color, whites only with a token or two of other colors. The tea party is more of same yet even more extreme.

I have traveled the world. We are a world of different colors and religions. That is America. The people I have met around the world want the same things that ordinary Americans want - a decent job, to freely practice their religious beliefs, an education for their children, and to be left alone. I know that from having talked to real people worldwide the past 30 years.

Yet Hispanics are not getting a fair shake. Neither are the 99%. I heard stories today from good people of different colors who had never seen anyone else from outside their own culture for YEARS - until one day they were put into a new environment.  One young man told us about moving from an all Hispanic area of Galveston to a little town a few miles away called Santa Fe, which is reputed to be a hotbed of the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) and he was stunned. I find it amazing two separate worlds could be so close.

In this campaign I am going to introduce people to each other - we have a lot in common. I hope to be the bridge that connects us together as it should be.

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Meeting Young Tejano Democrats

The thing I have always liked about campaigns is that you get to meet people that you would NEVER meet by any other means. I meet a lot of people in my business but it is always about business instead of ideas and issues. 

If it weren't for a campaign I'd be sitting home in front of a computer or TV. That's fine but I don't want to hibernate my life away.

So last night I went to a Young Tejano Democrat mixer at "Howl at the Moon" which was incredible. The room was full of young people full of energy. If its an indicator of where the Democrat party is going, the signs are extremely good that we are seeing a resurgence of the party in deep red Texas.

One young man I met was Luis Lopez, who is running for State Representative. He is a young bright entrepreneur at the ripe old age of 24. I was really impressed with him and the other people I met - up to the point where the band drowned out any meaningful conversation. LOL

Stay tuned by clicking "follow" and check out my Senate website (still a work in progress, but it does work!) at

Better Times Ahead! Can "Happy Days are Here Again" be far behind? From what I saw last night, I think not!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's OFFICIAL: Fjetland for U.S. Senate in Dem Primary March 4

Update: Yesterday I went to the TX Democrat Party HQ in Austin to check out the situation.

 Honestly, if someone like Chris Bell or Bill White were running for the U.S. Senate seat occupied by John Cornyn, I would have stayed out of it. But that hasn't happened. At this time only one other candidate has signed up, a nice lawyer from El Paso.  They are "talking" to another person who is also lawyer who "might" sign up after Thanksgiving. I will be out of the country then and so my options were limited to "now or never."

Considering the Senate deals with global issues that impact our country's economy, I felt i have the experience required and might as well throw my hat in the ring. It will be the international lawyer-turned-entrepreneur versus one or two domestic lawyers (I have done plenty of domestic law too).

So, I signed up and wrote a check. Game on!  The Democrat primary election will be held March 4, 2014. That's the goal - once reached, then it is on to November for the general election. I assume that Mr. Cornyn will win against his current three challengers.

Couple key points: This will be a positive campaign of ideas and solutions to make American No. 1 again. My plan has been formulated from my global experience and is contained in "Agenda for American Greatness" a free copy of which is on my book website - along with my personal memoirs.

I have no desire to be negative towards fellow Democrats who are nice people who probably share the same opinions I do on key issues. The difference between us is simply one of experience in the global economy. If anyone else has been in nearly 50 countries on business the last 30 years, I welcome them to join us in this discussion. It is a high tech global economy. I am the only candidate for US Senate to have the global hi tech and entrepreneurial experience needed to win 21st century

I part ways with the GOP on social and economic issues. It was their actions --including Mr. Cornyn's--starting with unpaid for tax cuts in 2002 and unpaid for wars that took Clinton's $300 billion surplus and turned it into TRILLIONS in debt for the USA. "Agenda for American Greatness" is a roadmap to get our mojo back.

Please stay tuned by clicking "follow" or "subscribe" to this blog to get the latest campaign information. Of course, I recommend volunteers and donations. Contributions can be made at the website:

Thank you! Please pass this on to your friends.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

America's Battle Between the Powerful and the Rest of Us...Repeating history

TUNE IN to the History Channel - it is running a tremendous series on America's constant battle between the little guy and the corporate tycoons who try to monopolize industry - even Ford ran into it when he tried to get approval for his car and was rejected by a group that claimed no one could build a car and sell it without their approval.

So, being the lonely entrepreneur with a car (his version 2.0) he challenged the fastest driver of the time to a race.

Ford won! He was just a poor boy until then.

Ummmm....TUNE IN. It's a history lesson all Americans need to relearn.

Last series was how Teddy Roosevelt led the trust busters against the JP Morgan, Rockefeller and Carnegie monopolies who were controlling EVERYTHING at the time - the 3 of them had more wealth than the top 40 BILLIONAIRES today..

The robber barons were ruthless. 1 in 11 steel workers died on the job. Poverty was so great a laid off man shot Pres. McKinley who was financed to the tune of $20 billion in today's dollars by these 3 men. They bought false ads in papers (sound familar? lol). THe big monopolies had put McKinley in office. His VP, Teddy Roosevelt would NOT be intimated by power when he took over. He broke them up. America benefited, conditions improved.

It's time again for the little guys win instead of the super wealthy. 
Unlike Rockefeller, Ford paid a LIVING WAGE. He was the OPPOSITE of the Rockefeller's and JP Morgans of the world.  He wanted to pay people enough to buy his car.
Look how today only a few companies own almost all of America's radio and TV airwaves. A few people, like Rupert Murdoch, can twist public opinion, even falsely, just like the monopolists did that Teddy Roosevelt broke up.

I have a plan. It's in "Agenda for American Greatness."

So, if I do take on Cornyn for that Texas U.S. Senate seat would be like Henry Ford taking on the fastest race driver of his time. I've had bigger challenges. They are detailed in "Better Times Ahead April Fool" - title comes from a sign i once saw at 2 a.m. in India. It fits life.