Monday, February 28, 2011

Don’t Argue With Idiots – Especially on Facebook

Monday, February 28, 2011

I really came to a dramatic conclusion today - Don’t Argue With Idiots – Especially on Facebook.

I realized that arguing one-on-one with cement heads was a HUGE waste of my time.

Worse yet, it has been keeping me from getting important things DONE – like finishing my book of intrigue of a global negotiator, and marketing my golden egg business. Then I can argue with thousands or millions at a time – through my book! And Global American radio….! LOL.

I really got mad at the stupid things people write on Facebook – everyone is such an “expert” despite never having been to the Mideast or anywhere else. I have read more ignorant statements that are taken as “fact” like claiming the President is “anti-Semitic.” Sure, just like he’s from Kenya and Mars. Who makes this stupid stuff up?

Today one of my favorite TV News reporters, Mary Benton, said that “people don’t care about international, they only care about things like Charlie Sheen that generate ratings.”

She’s right of course -- but that’s the problem.

Americans are so focused on the shallow instead of the real things - like the wave of democracy and freedom-seeking people in the Middle East tired of decades and centuries of monopoly rule and being treated like dirt while a few at the top get everything, that they miss important stuff that impacts our future, and our prosperity. Duh!

People who have never been to Egypt are on Facebook saying “Sharia Law” will come -0- based on what? The fact that they have never been to Egypt? Or because they heard Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck say it?

Neither of those over paid radio hosts have spent thirty years in global negotiations in over 50 countries, or been kicked out of the Nile Hilton when Pres. Carter arrived in Cairo to sign the first peace treaty between Israel and an Arab country. I have. I read all about Egypt, China and India before I went – and when I got there I discovered they were nothing like what I read. Unless you are there, you have no idea of reality. Making decisions based on fantasy vs. fact makes for poor outcomes, and fatal mistakes.

That’s our problem – if we Americans think we can focus on rich celebrities acting badly and not be also involved in events half way around the world that involve our interests in oil, freedom and democracy, then we will definitely forfeit our superpower status in the 21st century. We will do it through arrogant ignorance and by choice – by not paying attention. It was that way when I was doing videos on the potential of a terror attack in the U.S. during the 1990’s. No one paid attention until 9/11 –because they were so focused on the Charlie Sheen’s of the time.

I am against that happening.

I know this. We aren’t going to win the global technology race when a nation claiming to be the world’s only superpower dissipates its wealth -- as we did in the first decade of the 21st century – AND when we need a big comeback its citizens sit around watching only local fires and stupid celebrity tricks on TV, or listen to highly paid radio hosts make up silly crap about “caliphates” because they have so little real knowledge of that, or any, part of the world outside the U.S. Until Limbaugh and Beck spend time in Egypt, Saudi, Libya, etc. they are as ignorant as anyone else who hasn’t been there. (Libya is as different from Egypt as Iowa is different than Mississippi or Alabama. Yet the desire for freedom is the same).

That is a recipe for disaster for America. We cannot lead a world we are ignorant of.

And I have no interest in debating with cement heads one on one.

So I am now off Facebook and stupid arguments with cementheads until I finish my real book that spans my time in over 50 countries –from international kidnapping to fraud cases, while laying out what America must do to stay alive and thrive in the remainder of the 21st Century, before we lose the global game (or get blown up) while watching Charlie Sheen interviews…

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dying for Democracy: Impact on America

Dying for Democracy: Impact on America

Freedom Genie Pops out of the Mideast Bottle

The longest-serving dictator in the Middle East is about to fall victim to a Tsunami of people willing to die for democracy that is sweeping the Middle East – the third in as many weeks. This time it is Gadaffi, the man who stole power in a coup, trashed the Libyan Constitution that provided for equal rights, and ruled Libya with an iron hand for 42 years.

He is the same man whose own diplomats claim that he personally ordered the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 that killed 270 people in 1988, including over 100 Americans. Like other monarchs in the area, his nine children dominate Libyan business, even fighting over which one of them would control the Coca Cola franchise, or the wireless network, etc.

The Freedom Genie has popped out of the bottle in the Middle East, burning a trail from Egypt in the east to Tunisia and Libya in the west. It is far from over and threatens to engulf countries like Saudi Arabia.

This week on Global American radio we cover this historic moment and discuss these questions vital to our national security that all Americans should be asking themselves and their representatives:

1) What is causing people to lose their fear and be willing to fight for freedom with only rocks?

2) What is going on in Wisconsin that has similarities in Libya? (You’ll be surprised.)

3) How many more of these U.S. allied oil rich countries are going to fall – IS Saudi next?

4) How could the freedom Tsunami sweeping the Middle East swallow Iran?

5) How did American leadership get us into this mess – and why does it have so little leverage in how the play ends?

6) What do we do now to minimize the damage?

7) How could this be a perfect private sector opportunity?

Oil is hitting $100/barrel as a result of the unprecedented government collapses going on in a region that hasn’t changed governments in decades, even centuries.

These changes could permanently impact our cost of gasoline and economic recovery. It is upsetting the “strong man” stability of an area that contains almost half of the world’s oil reserves – Libya’s being the largest. It insures the onset of a new power struggle between ruling elites and the ordinary people wanting democracy. And yes, it provides an opening for organizations like Al Qaida who want sectarian Islamic governments.

But listen to the surprising statement by Libya’s religious leaders who called Al Qaida “ignorant” and “misguided” in its interpretation of Islam.

One thing is clear so far – it is NOT religion driving this revolution that is leapfrogging countries.

Companies like BP helped persuade the UK to release the convicted Pan Am 103 bomber so it could win a huge offshore oil concession in Libya.

Find out more about this unique moment in history from a host who has over 30 years of experience globally, including the Middle East, on Saturday’s “Global American” radio program, broadcast at 9 am Central US time on Business 1110 AM, streamed on and podcast 24/7 on

It’s only your future, and your children’s future, in the balance.

Michael Fjetland

Global American Series

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Dictator Ghaddafi Loses Control of East Libya; Another Historic Moment

We seem to be on the verge of yet another Historical Moment in the Middle East. The longest serving dictator in the Middle East has lost control of eastern Libya, which has turned against Ghaddafi. Anti-government forces are now in control of Libya's second largest city and the surrounding territory. They have support from Libyan army units who have sided with the protesters.

Will Ghaddafi's army take it back? He still controls Tripoli, the capital.

This is about FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY, and peoples' anger at dictators and their mercenaries.

It is about lack of opportunity for young professionals, even with an education. One third of Libyans live at or below the national poverty line. Half of Egypt and half of Yemen lives under the poverty line, so there is a common thread to this discontent.

People in Libya (and Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain etc.) feel their lives are hopeless, so they feel they have nothing to lose by going into the streets, venting their anger at their dead end lives.

Ghaddafi is another Saddam-like strong man who puts the masses under his thumb and will kill to keep power. His son went on TV and threatened to produce even more deaths if people didn't snap to his fingers.

A Libyan UN Ambassador shocked the media today by using frank language, calling Ghaddifi's use of strafing and bombing his own citizens "genocide." He has resigned and called for a "no fly zone" over Libya. Some of Libya's air force have defected to Malta. Some have shot and bombed their own citizens from the air. (This is the Libya the Bush administration took off the terrorist list in 2006).

Ironically, a newsman who made it into Libya today reported that most of the people leaving Libya are EGYPTIANS -- going back to Egypt, which just had its own revolution! Fascinating.

The reality is that there is little the U.S. can do. This is for the Libyan people, with whatever assistance we can give. But we could follow the diplomats advice and declare a UN no-fly zone over the country. We could freeze business with them. Our leaders could voice strong support for the Libyan people.

Congress and the UN are fiddling while the world burns with desire for FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY. Yet DC is too self-focused to notice. And the UN? Too quiet to be relevant.

Not impressive...

This Tsunami of people across the Middle East willing to Die for Democracy will only grow and continue...whether we pay attention or not.

It is a universal human need that will not be denied: to be free and have a voice in their government.

Libya Genocide: UN Security Council Quiet - WHY?

Breaking news.

A Libyan Ambassador at the UN has split with Ghaddafi and called Ghaddafi's actions "genocide" against his own people. Some of the Libyan air force has defected, taking their planes to Malta.

The Ambassador called for a "no fly" declaration by the UN over Libya, which has used aircraft and helicopters to strafe and bomb civilians.

So far, the UN Security Council has been quiet. Why? DO something you turkeys - at least TRY to do the right thing instead of looking like a weak bunch of hypocrites. Get a backbone!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dictator Who Murdered 190 Americans: Now Murdering His Own

Dictator Who Murdered 190 Americans: Now Murdering His Own

Egypt’s Mubarak was a peaceful wimp compared to what is happening to the citizens of Libya RIGHT NOW -- by someone who murdered 190 American citizens and got away with it.

The Libyan people are being shot in mass numbers by Muammar al-Gaddafi –the longest serving dictator (41 years) in the Mideast (who hopes to pass power to his son). If you are old enough to remember, Ghaddifi financed the bombing of American Pan Am flight over Scotland in 1988, killing all 243 on board and 11 unlucky Scots in the village where it fell and burned. Citizens of 19 countries died. Autopsies showed that as many as 147 were still alive when it hit the ground, the crew still strapped into their seats.

The man convicted of planting the bomb on PA 103 that blew a 20 inch hole in its side was just released by the UK and allowed to return to Libya after pressure from BP on the UK government. Ghaddafi gave him a hero’s welcome. In return, Gaddafi awarded BP a major offshore oil concession. (yes, the same BP that fouled the Gulf of Mexico with the Deepwater Horizon explosion that killed eleven, the largest spill on record).

As we sit in our comfortable living rooms at our computers, Libyan citizens are being riddled with bullets from helicopters and heavy weapons simply for being on the streets, trying to be heard. They haven’t been rioting, just walking or sitting. Many were shot as they walked in a funeral procession for those killed the day before. Religion hasn’t even been mentioned. People are unemployed and have no jobs.

Ghaddafi has an advantage the other dictators didn’t – he’s locked out the foreign media, keeping the killing off the global TV screens. Reports are that he flew in mercenaries from Africa to assist in the shooting. Yesterday Libyan doctors’ reached on the phone by BBC reported over 200 people shot dead in the head, chest, etc. It is UGLY and BRUTAL even by Middle East standards.

Even Egypt’s Mubarak and the Bahrain King stopped the bloodshed after it shocked the world to see the brutality of soldiers shooting peaceful men, women and children. Don’t expect Ghaddafi to cut back, or care what we think. He’s hiding behind blank TV screens.

The Libyan people have only rocks to defend themselves –they have no weapons. The world needs to DO something about this serial killer. Ghaddafi is committing war crimes against his own people. To allow him to slaughter people on a scale far beyond what Mubarak did and go unpunished is inhumane. Democracy embracing countries should band together to punish him economically -- and otherwise.

The UN, UK and US should say: “Stop the shootings immediately or we cut off all business with Libya.” This would deny Ghaddafi revenue from his oil fields. Right now, American and European businesses are operating in Libya, filling his war chest. We are doing business with a dictator who murdered Americans, Europeans and nationals from 19 countries, and then got the bomber out of jail. And he laughed about it. Business with him should stop until he steps down.

If no one else acts my fantasy is that charter jets start landing somewhere near Libya with guns and ammo to be distributed to the people of Libya who have only rocks, and their courage, to defend themselves from Gaddafi's AK-47’s and helicopters --paid for with the vast oil wealth he is getting from companies like BP. I’d rather Libyan people get those weapons instead of drug cartels in Mexico.

Americans take for granted having the right to vote. Republicans and Democrats can disagree and complain on the streets without being gunned down by soldiers or mercenaries. The people in Egypt and the other Mideast countries swept into this wildfire desire for freedom simply want that same basic human right. They also want a voice in their governments they don’t have, but we do.

THINK about it. The little people in the Middle East are tired of being denied FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY and JOBS - and an opportunity to be heard in their government.

To deny the Libyans, Egyptians and others that right is to be hypocritical of what America is all about and what it is to be an American. To be deaf and blind to this global serial killer is unfathomable.

If you want action, pass this on to your friends and their Congressional representatives to pass on to others -- and to the President.

They can sign up for future updates, appearing here and on Global American radio at Tune in to our last program “Should We Fear Democracy in the Middle East.”

I’ve covered the Middle East since starting with the Fortune 500 thirty years ago. I will be discussing Libya and will give Americans the “big picture” about this Middle East SuperNova -- and its impact on our security -- in our next program. Stay tuned!

Michael Fjetland

Global American Series

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We have refused to do business with Iran and other countries under US or UN Sanction.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Should America Fear Democracy in the Mideast?

A Tsunami of Change Sweeping the Middle East

17 Feb 2011

Global American Series

A Tsunami of change is sweeping the Middle East. Protests are spreading like wildfire across the region: from Bahrain, Algeria, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, Libya and even Iran. It’s the most dramatic scene I’ve seen in my 30+ years of experience in the Mideast.

Should Americans fear the calls for democracy and freedom in the Middle East?

That is the topic of this week’s Global American radio show Saturday at 9 am Central time. My guest is Dr. Nivien Saleh, an Egyptian-German-American (German mother/Egyptian father) who is a Professor of International Studies at the University of St. Thomas in Houston. Ironically, she wrote a dissertation “whether the information technology empowered Third World citizens” which will soon be published. Egypt provided the answer.

Bahrain, home of the U.S. 5th fleet, has been controlled by the same family for 200 years. Libya has been controlled by Gaddafi for 41 years, even longer than Mubarak’s 30 year reign over Egypt. The “President” of Yemen has been in power 33 years and the military has controlled Algeria over 20 years – see a trend here?

We discuss several key questions:

What now happens in Egypt, a country Arabs call “The Mother of the Earth”?

Is the Muslim Brotherhood a real player in Egypt? How does it differ from Al Qaida?

Did Mubarak’s prisons lead to 9/11?

Is this a religious uprising, or is something else driving this wave?

Is Sharia Law a real possibility? (Get ready for a surprise here)

What happens if and when these creaky autocrats fall? Who or what takes their place?

What can the U.S. do?

Are we seeing an Internet-driven desire of people for freedom and democracy – or something else?

This is a very fluid situation. Bahrain has crushed the demonstrators, including women and children, who were camped out in protest. Iran has seen a new wave of protests, which it brutally put down. Libya is doing the same. What’s next?

Egypt has captured Americans’ interest. It holds the key to the future of the Middle East. Tune in Saturday and find out how different these countries are – and how similar the demands by the people are.

The Global American radio program airs at 9 am Central, is streamed on and then podcast 24/7 at (Click on “Favorite Programs” and look for the above title).

America’s future is on the line. Tune in. Find out what you are not hearing from other radio commentators who do not have “on the ground” experience in this part of the world.

Pass it on to your friends.

Michael Fjetland

Global American Series


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Thursday, February 10, 2011

America’s 21st Century Slave Trade

11 Feb 2011

Global American Series

It’s the fastest growing criminal industry in the world. It’s tied with the illegal arms industry as the second largest criminal activity following the drug trade. It involves over 1 million children worldwide. In the U.S. more than 244,000 children are at risk, as well as women and men.

This Saturday on Global American radio we discuss an 8-month study conducted by the nonpartisan Houston area League of Women Voters on this issue: human trafficking. Human trafficking is totally different from human smuggling. The latter involves illegal immigration and the ‘victim’ goes his or her own way after the ride. Trafficked persons are held in permanent bondage.

Why should Americans care? Because it is happening in their neighborhoods and it could involve their own children, sisters or brothers. It is a crime that hides in plain sight – in cantinas, massage parlors, even construction sites. In one example found during the study a victim was chained to a bed in a basement and forced to have sex with as many as 21 men a day. Often, the police arrest the victim and the trafficker goes free.

Texas is a key hub of human trafficking – one of every five victims travels through Texas on Interstate 10. Houston is the hub of the hub. In 2010 the Houston District Attorney brought exactly one (1) trafficking case to trial!

It’s a complex issue because victims slip through the cracks between local, state and federal agencies. Few police or sheriff’s or constables get training to deal with victims who can be under the age of 14 – and are afraid to go to the police.

The national 24/7 hotline to report potential human trafficking is 888-373-7888.

Check out our program at 9 am Central time on Saturday Feb. 12 on Business 1110 AM, steamed on and podcast 24/7 on (click on ‘Favorite Programs’ and look for the title: America’s 21st Century Slave Trade).

We also discuss solutions.

A copy of the League study can also be found at: (Click “Publications” then “Facts and Issues”).

Pass it on. The life you save may be someone’s daughter, or your own.

Michael Fjetland

Global American Series

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Reagan’s 100th: Witness to His Presidency

Today marks when Pres. Ronald Reagan would have been 100 years old. Much it being made of it in some circles where he is considered an FDR type. I’m old enough to have seen it up close and personal and from a different perspective.

Around 1977 as a young Fortune 500 attorney I was sent my first international trip on behalf of a company called Brown & Root to a place called Nicaragua. We were supposed to review a water project financed by several million in US AID money that President Somoza had taken for reconstruction after a devastating earthquake -- and pocketed. The people were mad-as-hell about it, so he suddenly wanted a major American construction company to get involved.

It was barely a year before we would see Somoza fall and the Contra war backed by President Reagan began. I still remember how Oliver North bungled the arms shipment to Iran—yes, our arch enemy Iran-- which was set up to fund the Contras in Nicaragua (illegally). We never did that deal, which was designed by Somoza – the Nicaraguan Mubarak of his time and place. Had Brown & Root had $200 million in equipment there, Somoza knew that the company execs would be calling Washington to “send the Marines” to protect our stuff. It didn’t work because, for some reason, we never did that deal.

I also remember vividly how our deficits spiked starting in Reagan’s first term. What George H.W. Bush labeled “voodoo economics” had became the mantra – “Supply side economics” it was called. This notion that you could (1) Cut taxes AND (2) RAISE defense spending and that would defy the laws of math and magically generate a positive return -- instead of the massive deficits it did. Reagan actually GREW the size of government while speaking against it. Amazing.

I also remember that H.W. Bush would later do the right thing to bring the American economy back into balance, even after campaigning on “read my lips, no new taxes” but he did raise them. That brave move is what stopped America’s deficit slide – but it also cost him an election in 1992. But Clinton kept the Bush 41 new tax revenues and didn’t splurge on spending – and generated the first budget surpluses in decades. It enabled President Clinton to hand President George W. Bush a $200-plus Billion SURPLUS on his first day in office, where the same Reagan cut and spend was turned into borrow and spend, with even greater disastrous results. Under G.W. Bush American went from the largest creditor nation to the largest debtor nation and doubled a 200-plus debt in less than 8 years.

I also remember a Reagan cabinet that was all men. And I’m old enough to remember that during the 80’s the Reagan administration was assisting Saddam Hussein -- who was fighting a 8 year war against our arch enemy Iran. Yep, the same Iran that Ollie North was doing secret weapons deals with for the Contras. Have we forgotten that? I was a corporate attorney during global deals, so we couldn’t help but notice. The mustard gas Saddam later used on the Kurds could have come from American stockpiles.

Yes, I also remember “Star Wars” – a laser defense system that was ahead of its time, as was Reagan’s call for a new aircraft “Orient Express” that could take people from D.C. to Tokyo in 2 hours.

I also remember Reagan saying “Tear down this Berlin) wall.”

That wall has fallen, and so have we because of poor economic policies and spending $1 trillion on another war in a country (Iraq) that wasn’t even behind 9/11, to remove a guy who our own government as assisting in the 80’s. Removing Saddam removed the one thing holding down the Iranians, who were then free to pursue their nuclear ambitions.

Reagan believed in morning in America. I believe we will have it if and when we get ourselves away from voodoo economics – where we just insisted on tax cuts even for the top 2%, adding another $1 trillion to our debt.

I believe if we get back into budgetary balance like Bush 41 and Clinton showed could be done that even Reagan would be pleased. I suspect that he’d also be disappointed to find out that on his 100th birthday that we are not already riding on Space Planes and beyond.