Sunday, October 30, 2016

     FBI Director’s Strange Act.  Is Comey Helping Putin Rig the Election for Trump?

      FBI Director’s Strange Act.  Is Comey Helping Putin Rig the Election for Trump?

I am a lawyer by training.  What we are seeing makes we wonder if the strange act of releasing a vague letter on emails not even on a Clinton computer by FBI Director Comey is a last-minute attempt to ‘rig’ the election for Mr. Trump -- who has already been getting the help from Russia’s Putin, who hacked the Democratic Party’s computers and gave them to Wikileaks, whose founder-who-is-hiding-from-rape-allegations in London. 

That is a head spinner. Note that not one email from the Republican Party has been released by Wikileaks, showing their partisanship. It proves that another country is trying to influence our election, and our own FBI director, a Republican, seems willing to pitch in without due process.

Apparently Trump’s videotaped record of being a sex predator of women and insulter-in-chief of POW’s,  Hispanics, Blacks, Muslims, etc. is  OK with Mr. Comey, but by God we need to read more emails Hillary’s aide found on her husband’s computer while ignoring Trump’s calls to violence at his rallies and assault on our democratic values.

I am not a criminal lawyer so I take guidance from those who are experienced prosecutors who say this was abnormal and “just not done.”  Even the Justice Department said that Comey’s act was against normal procedures” and that he was advised of that before he released his letter. He released it anyway; the letter went first went to GOP members of Congress. 

It’s not Comey’s first time to violate common prosecutor procedures – you don’t hold a press conference on an investigation as he did. Ethical prosecutors don’t release un-substantiated allegations in a press release, nor do it 10 days before an election! Not unless the intent was to throw the election to Mr. Trump who has been trailing badly in the polls.

This last minute “hail Mary” act by Mr. Comey –who had already cleared Clinton of wrongdoing in July -- puts him and Russia’s Mr. Putin on the same page. Both acted in an underhanded way to support a narcistic man who has the gall to claim our voting system is “rigged” when he ran for president despite being sued for FRAUD (a trial on those claims scheduled for November 28.)  This is a fact that doesn’t get reported on the same level as every phony allegation against Hillary.

ON November 8 we have a choice between a qualified, sane candidate for President who has released her tax returns and proposals to make America stronger versus a shallow, self-centered, ignorant loud-mouth man who has refused to show the public his tax returns, treats women like dirt, and wants to be buddies with the world’s dictators.

Mr. Comey has tried to tilt the table in favor of depravity and racist rhetoric over Hillary’s sanity and treating people with respect. Despite his and Putin’s actions, the choice couldn’t be more clear. 

Hillary Clinton needs to be our next president if this country is to meet the great challenges it faces. We don’t need a Putin puppet in office.

Michael Fjetland, BBA/JD
Author, Better Times Ahead April Fool
"Agenda for American Greatness" (at the link)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Stunning Clear Choice Between "Bad Hombre" and the "Nasty Woman"

Never before have we had a choice so stunningly clear between candidates for president of these United States.  Here it is in a one page.

On one hand, there is a man who promises jobs for Americans --while he builds hotels with Chinese steel, imports his over-priced shirts, wine etc. from over 12 countries, and even imports foreign workers for his Florida estate, claiming he “can’t get Americans to do the work.” What that really means is that he’s too cheap to pay Americans to do the work, and he can abuse the foreign help since if they complain they lose their work visa.

How does that promise ring true by his own actions? He machine-gun-insults women, mocks the disabled, doesn’t like POW’s who were captured after he bragged on radio with Howard Stern his “personal Vietnam” was “dodging venereal disease” --along with the draft. He hates on Hispanics, Muslims, the list goes on, so long that the New York Times published a two-page list of people Trump has hurled vindictive insults!

Trump says he is impressed by North Korea’s Kim Jung Un—who executed his own uncle he felt had too much power. Trump was briefed on Russia’s hack of the Democratic Party in his presidential briefing, yet he denies the Russians made the hack. What Republican candidate has ever done that before? Is he a Manchurian Candidate for Putin? He certainly has been a shill for Putin, willing to dump NATO and our old allies—throwing the world into hell, perhaps for a hotel deal in Moscow for all we know.

Furthermore, Trump has said he, if elected president, would sue the women who say he groped them – and he now wants to shut down any news organization that has said critical things about him.  Maybe there will only be “Trump TV” like what China Daily and Russian TV does for their 1 party states run by dictators. He is born rich billionaire wannabe oligarch with Putin.

On the other hand, we have the only person who not only beats my negotiating experience in over 50 countries (she has done much higher level work in over 100 countries), but who has actual plans to make college debt free, invest in infrastructure building like replacing century old bridges and pipes and roads that creates jobs. Hers are not the empty words like Trump’s vague non-speak “we will have the best plans.”

But more than that Hillary has the long-term goal to increase American skills and education needed to compete in this inescapable, global high-tech economy.

America’s kids are losing jobs to foreigners because Republicans have cut the education and training needed to gain those high-tech skills.  We can’t win in the space age with Model T skills or people with degrees they can’t use. Over 3 million American based high tech jobs are begging for American workers, who don’t yet have those skills – but workers in China, India do. Trump would do nothing to help American workers because steel died along with the Model T -- and natural gas killed coal. He opposes the new renewable energy that will create millions of new jobs while keeping our planet from turning into 200+ degree Venus, ending all life on our only home in space.

I discovered after the 80’s crash in Texas, you got to do new things and re-invent your future. That was what my book “Better Times Ahead April Fool” is all about. Blaming “the other” for these changes won’t fix it; in fact it plays to what Putin wants – to downgrade America.

Trump’s latest ploy of calling into question the legitimacy of the election is exactly what Putin wants.

This is not a choice of the “lesser of evils.”

It is a choice between Hillary the qualified, smart candidate with a purpose-driven plan versus the chaos constantly created by a narcissistic demagogue groper of women who likes dictators too damn much.

Michael Fjetland, BBA/JD
Author, Better Times Ahead April Fool
“Agenda for American Greatness” – How America Wins the 21st Century, at the link

Saturday, October 8, 2016

If President Obama Had Done THIS, What Would Republicans have Said?

If President Obama had run for office:

·       after having five kids by three wives, and was on tape laughing about the fun of grabbing a married women’s private parts, would he be president? 

·       If President Obama had run for office while being sued for fraud by university students who took a $35,000 course that had the same material contained in his $20 book, pocketing millions while students lost their credit and were left with nothing, would he be president?

·       If President Obama had called Hispanics “rapists and murderers” and said “some, I assume, are good people” would he be president?

·       If President Obama had insulted Gold Star families and said he didn’t respect military like John McCain who had been captured, what would have been the GOP reaction to that? Would he be president?

·       If President Obama had praised Putin of Russia after he allowed anti-aircraft missiles in Ukraine that shot a civilian airliner out of the sky, and said that we might not honor our NATO obligations, what would Republicans be saying about that?

·       Had run for office on the promise of creating jobs in America, but it turns out his business empire was made by importing goods made in a dozen countries from China to Mexico, and imported foreign labor to staff his Florida resort, what would Republicans have said about that? Would he have been elected president?

So, why would any Republican support a nominee who hides his taxes, insults women, Hispanics, POW’s, disabled vets, and asks Mr. Putin to hack our computers (wish granted) for the purpose of electing Mr. Trump? How can evangelicals call him even remotely a “Christian” role model for their kids who are learning how to hate and bully from Mr. Trump.

How is Mr. Trump more important than the American values of our country? Or is it all just a GOP sham that they have real values?

There is only one choice in November, and it isn’t Mr. Trump.

Michael Fjetland, BBA/JD

Author, Better Times Ahead April Fool