Saturday, July 30, 2011

Congress: Do the Job or Resign. Compromise is American

A boatload of us Got SOAKED today riding on "The Beast" speedboat out of Kemah -

It felt good to get a welcome break from the nonsense in DC. Instead I we got a symbolic soaking on a high speed run, with some nice turns. Yet those in front who weren't under cover were being microfilmed by the solar oven. Those in front of the boat usually stay dry. Those in back get soaked.

I was happily seated in the back of the beast...:). Even Tropical Storm "Don" failed to give us any real rain! Our series of historic record breaking temperatures continue and yet people don't realize how serious this is. Odessa could be totally out of water by this September (2011!). Water will be as precious as gold, more valuable than oil when you don't have any.

After riding "The Beast" I had to go to the grocery store, my hair and clothes still dripping as though i had been through a carwash. LOL. Yet I felt even that was a welcome break from the nutters in Congress who would jeopardize America's (and Americans) credit for the first time in its history? It's been raised 75 times since 1962, including 7 times under President Bush whose tax cuts for the rich, Plan D and unpaid for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan created our ongoing 40% shortfall in revenues that has required this borrowing. His breaks for the rich cost taxpayers nearly $1 trillion dollars in lost revenue. These are Bush/GOP debts requiring an increase in the debt ceiling, not President Obama's!

So far President Obama's biggest mistake was not using more of the stimulus funding on infrastructure construction for our crumbling bridges and roads, etc. since it would have created a ton of instant, long term jobs. Tax cuts for unemployed people are meaningless.

Then the President should push Congress for a high tech education plan to upgrade American skills for the 3 million jobs Americans are not qualified to fill because they don't have the training. Recycling people back into higher qualified jobs makes sense instead of shipping them overseas or having to ask foreigners to fill them because Americans cant, right?

This plan will result in higher standards of living for Americans and an America better qualified to compete with its people skills in the global, high tech 21 century. We will need to do so to win it. Failing to invest in our education and peoples' skills will be our undoing in the one thing left that we can do to keep up becoming another 'has been' country that sees a rich, high tech China do the things our American forefathers did, as this generation lets our lead slip away after squandering its wealth in the first decade of this crucial century.

Now the mistake is not re-investing in America, by pushing for an infrastructure bank as part of our Agenda for Greatness - creating jobs now and for the future. We need to get the conversation on job creation not moronic fights over raising debt ceilings caused by the party that currently has the majority in the House.

It was this same bunch who created the debt they now don't want to pay for, even if it wrecks America's credit.

It should be required that Congressional checks the FIRST withheld for failure to do their jobs. Compromise is an AMERICAN tradition.

Our Congress reps need to do their jobs and do that, or resign. A crew whose incompetence threatens to put the ship up on the financial rocks does not deserve to be hired, but fired and removed from duty.

We have seen what happens with a stupid crew: Think Exxon Valdez.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

American Agenda for Greatness (or Disaster?)

Global American Series

29 July 2011

American Agenda for Greatness (or Disaster?)

While America needs an “Agenda for Greatness” Congress is moving as close to the abyss as possible, flirting with the nation’s first ever debt default that would have severe negative consequences for both our country and its citizens. Instead of discussing jobs we flirt with economic disaster.

Our question this week on Global American radio is simple: What happened to the “middle” in the world – that area in which most people live between the extremes of the “looney lefties” and “righty tighties?” We discuss three American Presidents who were able to fend off the extremists in their own party for the greater good of the country: Presidents Eisenhower, Reagan and Clinton. What has happened to the American art of compromise in which we were founded?

That ties into the growing extremism in Europe evidenced by the Norwegian shooter, who calls himself a “Christian fundamentalist” -- but who no more represents Christian values than Al Qaida represents Islamic values. The growth of Neo-Nazism in Europe recently led Germany to remove the grave of WWII Nazi Rudolph Hess, and cremate his body. Why? Because Hess’ gravesite had become a “shrine” for neo-Nazis in Europe!

Threats of violence by a far right extremist group recently caused the cancelation of an Iowa counterterrorism drill. It poses a threat even greater than Islamic terrorists: the Norwegian shooter, like Oklahoma City bomber Tim McVeigh, killed more of his own people than the London subway terrorist bombings of 2005.

We also take a close look at wealth concentration in the U.S. – the top 10% now control 56% of all American wealth, up from 49% in 2005. We now have the widest income gap then we’ve seen in the last quarter century. What has caused this? What is the solution?

Finally, we discuss what an American “Agenda for Greatness” would look like. We want to hear from you about what you think that agenda should look like.

Check it out on Global American radio, which airs on Houston Business 1110AM, streamed on and Podcast 24/7 on (click “Favorite Program”), where you can also sign up for future newsletters. There’s nothing else like it on radio.

Michael Fjetland

Global American Series

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Where is the leader with an "Agenda for Greatness?"

Where is the leader with an "Agenda for Greatness?"

All this talk about budget cutting is becoming moronic. HOW do budget cuts in a weak economy CREATE JOBS? Truth is, they don't create jobs; they destroy them.

WHERE is the plan for 21st Century JOBS, infrastructure upgrades, etc?

I don't see one from either party. It seems as if the national conversation has become dumb and dumber instead of better and better.

We have too many politicians and no leaders with Vision...

Proverbs 9:18, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.

Want some vision for a change? Tune in to Global American radio for a real vision of the

Friday, July 22, 2011

Congress - Repeating Mistake of 1937? A Recovery/Job Killer

Global American Series

22 July 2011

Congress - Repeating Mistake of 1937?

A Recovery/Job Killer

Is Congress about the repeat the mistake of 1937? That was the year the Roosevelt administration figured it had the depression licked and decided it was time to cut spending and balance the budget. Their actions plunged the U.S. back into recession after it had weathered the worst of the Great Depression

Unemployment that had dropped from the depression high of 25% down to 14% in 1937. When Congress and FDR worried about the historic deficit (of its time) and cut the deficit towards a balanced budget in 1938, unemployment surged back up to 19% in 1938 (think 2012). Manufacturing output fell 40% and personal income dropped 15%. It was a nightmare and entirely self-inflicted. Do we want to repeat that disaster? Who was it that said: “Those who don’t know history are bound to repeat it?”

The “cut, cap and balance” bill proposed by the GOP would cost 700,000 jobs to be lost in 2012. How does this help us? It would be a self-inflicted wound that would destroy jobs when we need to do the opposite. The same people objecting to the debt ceiling increase voted FOR it 7 times under George W Bush! It was raised 18 times under President Ronald Reagan (who could not even win a GOP nomination today according to some noted Republicans). Is the real purpose of the cuts to cost Obama his job?

How did it happen and how to avoid it is this week’s No. 1 topic on Global American radio, where you hear facts and insight not found on any other media source.

In Segment 2 it’s “MurdochGate.” Did Rupert Murdoch’s media also hack phones of 9/11 victims, either directly or through one of its U.S. media outlets which include the Wall Street Journal, New York Post, and Fox NEWS? Do we want one old man controlling the world’s news and picking its leaders with his global empire? The ethics of a news organization that would hack the phone of a 13 year old murder victim would suggest they would readily try to hack the phones of 9/11 victims.

In the murder case, the reporters in Murdoch’s paper were even deleting some of the dead girl’s messages when her voicemail was full so that more new messages by people could be left (and listened to by the news reporters). Deleting her voicemail gave the parents false hope that she was still alive and accessing her phone. Then Murdoch’s company blocked an investigation into its phone hacking by Scotland Yard. When asked if he was responsible, Murdoch said “No,” but said “only he could fix it.” It sounds like the Fox offering to fix the problem in the Chicken house.

On the Global American radio program this week we also talk about Murdoch’s “Tiger Lady” wife and her unique life (not to mention right hook!).

In Segment 3 we look beyond the end of the 30-year old shuttle era and describe the new space frontier just ahead. With a year or two one private space company could put more tourists in space then all the astronauts that have flown the past 50 years!

Finally, in Segment 4 we ask “If you like this crazy weather and its massive tornadoes, never-been-this-hot-in-our history heat, never-seen-droughts-like-this, and superfloods, etc., you’ll LOVE climate change!

Because that is how it will look. We even have a simple solution that is sitting in your backyard.

Check out the details on Global American radio, on either its 24/7 podcast or live at 9 am Central on Houston Business 1110 AM, streamed at and podcast 24/7 on where you can sign up for future newsletters and insight you won’t get on, regular or wingnut radio, or on Rupert Murdoch’s media.

Michael Fjetland

Global American Series

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Friday, July 15, 2011

One man controlling elections in England and the USA, owning Fox News who bribes police to get victim info

Anybody ready for a mature Congress that doesn't think the firstever default of American debt is not the most stupid, unpatriotic thing to do our country?

We need ADULTS in Congress who can do deals -- not crazy stuff like being the first in over 200 years to stop payment on America's checks! Checks payable to people like my mother, who is retired and depends on medicare, and yours...

Let's elect mature experienced adults in the next Congress.

Even Ronald Reagan could not be nominated in today's GOP, it has become so out of touch with ordinary Americans struggling to survive. Why?

Because today's GOP is so focused on pleasing the super-rich who pay less taxes then their housekeepers-- or you. They do the bidding of billion dollar corporations that don't care if your child lives downwind of the mercury emissions from its plant. Why? Because they write the $5,000 PAC checks you aren't.

And now they would rather bring down the American economy then help President Obama create Jobs. Politics and 2012 are more important to them than getting people back to work, as corporations and banks sit on trillions in earnings in their accounts, as millions of regular Americans struggle to make their mortgage payments and find work.

Tell me, when its all about cuts, how does that CREATE jobs, by laying off teachers, state employees, etc.?

Today in the News:

Rupert Murdoch: "I'm sorry I got caught being a scumbag."

Hacking phones of 9/11 victims and a 13 year old girl murder victim - for years. His people even deleted messages on the murder victim's phone, whose voicemail was full, so they could get more. How low is that?

One man controlling elections in England and the USA, owning Fox News who bribes police to get victim info...yeah. How good is that - to have one man being the puppetmaster, electing people he favors in England and America?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

1692 Advice - Still Good Today...

In 1692, the following piece was found in Old Saint Paul's Church in Baltimore, and it still applies today:

Go placidly among the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story.

Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.

Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism....Strive to be happy."

The Stimulus WORKED - We could use another...

The numbers are IN.

Despite what you may have heard, the TARP and Stimulus WORKED. Here are the numbers....The federal government actually came out AHEAD on TARP. By some $40 billion to date.

"Had Goldman, Morgan Stanley, GE Capital, AIG, and several giant European banks not received bailouts and instead failed, even capital-rich J.P. Morgan Chase would have gone under because it wouldn’t have been able to collect what these and other players owed it. There would have been trillions of dollars in losses, worldwide panic, missed payrolls, and quite likely the onset of the Great Depression II. That’s why we needed a bailout. And why we got it."

"Not only did it forestall a worldwide financial meltdown, but a Fortune analysis shows that U.S. taxpayers are also coming out ahead."

"the Federal Reserve System has already turned over more than $100 billion of bailout-related income to the Treasury, and it’s on track to turn over $85 billion more this year and next. "

And the way things are going, it appears that we should do some more of the same. As state, local and the feds have cut jobs, the situation has gotten worse. That's what happens when you cut budgets - just like what happened in 1937.

For details, check out the link above...and ask yourself, "if it worked then why are we not doing more of it?" Is jobless preferred? I don't think the unemployed would want us doing nothing...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

NASA Astronauts and Techs Should Apply at Virgin Galactic

What should astronauts do now that the last shuttle mission has flown? And what about the technical people laid off as a result?

I'd recommend the most AMBITIOUS among them to apply as a pilots at private space companies, like Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTWO - which should be taking 6 tourists at a time into space in less than a year.

It could be five or more years to go into space any other way for these unique individuals - our nation's space pilots.

I personally interviewed the CEO of Virgin Galactic, George Whitesides, and was impressed with their operation and their plan. I predict that the FIRST private space company that will make entry into space routine for thousands if not millions of Americans will be Virgin Galactic. The first SpaceShipOne proved it could be done.

SpaceShipTwo makes it a commercial enterprise, taking ordinary people that can pay the price into a realm where only a few have traveled, at great expense. A shuttle launch costs a minimum of $1 billion dollars per launch! Private space companies can dramatically reduce that cost, faster, better, and definitely with less expense.

Richard Branson, the genius entrepreneur and founder of a series of Virgin businesses from Virgin Air to Virgin Galactic has said that the starting price of $200,000 for a couple of hours flying roller coaster ride - and a few minutes floating in space - will drop to $25,000 in a few years as space travel efficiencies kick in.

Branson has ordered at least four "SpaceShipTwo" aircraft to start his space enterprise. Think of them as the first "aircraft" for space travelers.

And these ships will need our nation's best space pilots. I am thinking of one who was an F-22 pilot, and new NASA astronaut. That's WHO I would want piloting my first trip into space on a SpaceShipTwo!

I certainly wouldn't be sitting as a space tourist passenger on a SpaceShipTwo with a pilot like the idiot flying the commuter plane who stalled the plane, killing everyone on board. Space is no place for 2nd rate pilots.

But there are many more companies than Virgin but it is poised to be the first one to show the world a new side of space - mass tourist space. Within one year SpaceShipTwo will carry more people into space than have been in space in the entire last half century!

Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

How NASA Could Help Solve Our Energy Crisis

8 July 2011

Global American Series

How NASA Could Help Solve Our Energy Crisis

- The 30 Year Energy War Starts NOW -

As NASA's Space Shuttle program ends, people are asking "What's next?" It turns out that NASA's expertise could help America solve our Energy Crisis that will be our No. 1 threat to economic growth and prosperity. We are facing a massive shortage in energy resources needed to fuel the U.S. -- and countries worldwide. This shortage will start a new "war" that NASA could play a key role in resolving.

The 30 Year Energy War Starts NOW. This "war" over energy sources will be a fight on a global scale in a “succeed or perish” contest among the major forms of energy, the corporations that supply them and the countries that run on them. It threatens vast fortunes as oil production peaks and begins dwindling despite 'drill baby drill.' Nations must innovate or perish. Experts expect $300/barrel oil by 2020. How will the U.S. do?

The 170 million extra vehicles added by China in just the next five years alone will consume what America uses today—8 million barrels/day! That exceeds our present oil supplies.

Add to that India and its one billion people. India has overtaken Japan as the world's No. 2 consumer of oil --and will only consume more as more Indians move up economically. Energy demand is expected to increase 40% globally in the next three decades, further widening the gap between what we have and what we need.

Why 30 years? Because it will take at least 30 years to find replacement fuels and put them into commercial production – whether it is hydrogen, nuclear, renewables or something else. Like the Space Shuttle “gap” we will have an energy “gap” between demand and supply.

Oil has been our mainstay energy for the past 100 years but there won't be enough of this dwindling finite resource to satisfy global demand as China and India grow 8-10% a year and the U.S. uses more as its economy picks up. The days of cheap oil are gone forever. The "easy" oil is long gone; only the most difficult remnants remain before it is exhausted. Gasoline already costs $9 gallon in Europe.

In the meantime, what happens to countries that can’t get enough oil to grow? There will be a “war” over access.

The Global American ™ radio broadcast concludes with a unique project proposal for NASA that would benefit us in two ways. It would satisfy our future energy needs from a carbon-free source while simultaneously providing a new mission for NASA and private space companies that would solve both problems – provide abundant clean energy while developing our next generation of technology to remain competitive in a brave new global, space age world. The project is: a space based solar power system that beams the suns energy to collector stations on Earth. Tune in to see why this makes sense for both our country's energy needs and NASA's future in space.

"The 30 Year Energy War Starts NOW" airs on Global American (TM) radio Saturday at 9 am Central, Business 1110 AM, streamed on and Podcast 24/7 on (click favorite programs and select the above title).

If you agree, pass it on!

Michael Fjetland

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

30 Year Energy War Ahead

This is a timely article that describes the great war over energy that will dominate the next three decades.

This "war" is inevitable as China and India's growth suck up the last of the oil reserves - as growing countries battle over a dwindling energy resource: Oil.

This battle will continue until the new fuels finally move from lab to the field.

"By 2041, oil will be far less abundant than it is today and so incapable of meeting anywhere near 33.6% of the world’s (much expanded) energy needs."

Check it out - then hope Congress gets off their butts and promotes the development of alternative fuels ASAP. This trend will also make 'energy efficiency' a VITAL NATIONAL INTEREST...

China, India Poised to Overtake U.S. in Just 9 Years

New studies show that China and India will overtake the United States by 2020 - that's just 9 years away. In fact, China could pass the U.S. by 2016!

India will then overtake China - but that could take another few decades, leaving the U.S. as the third largest economy in the world.

Bottom Line: We have a LOT of work to do. Cutting debt will not win this race; Only investments in technology leadership will.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Laid Off After 27 years, for Another Right Wing Show -

I was shocked to hear that two well-known radio personalities who worked for 27 years on KTRH Houston radio were suddenly fired this past week. Why?

The answer given was that the station wanted to convert the program to a new right wing Fox-style program of extremist views (instead of NEWS) by Mr. _Fill-In-The-BLank_ (who cares the name, they are all alike - mostly white, opinionated, narrow, right?).

For 27 years on KTRH, Lana Hughes and J.P. Pritchard gave us FACTS and useful information on news, weather and traffic. It was not a diatribe and political talking points. They were members of the Texas Radio Hall of Fame! Whatever happened to employee loyalty?

Now KTRH is just another Fox-clone, which has become more of a GOP political station than a news station.

We have the same limited thinking on the far left as well. Just this week Rep. Dennis Kucinich went to Syria where Dictator Assad used his presence to make himself look good and the rookie Congressman was so globally dumb he let it happen--so the problem is not just the far right but also the far left.

The way Lana and J.P. were fired --with about 5 seconds notice – seems crude. That seems to be the style of those pushing one-sided radio. You know, the type where the result is fixed in advance, the jury hears only one side and then must rule on it -- even when the other party hasn't had a voice.

That's really going to inform the public right? They will really make intelligent voting decisions by hearing only one side, right?

The KTRH that I knew in days past was a rich source of general news, weather and traffic. It wasn't out to make you scream or commit road rage. That's now changed. KTRH is just another wingnut station.

What's unique about that? Right wingers on radio are a "dime a dozen" these days. They come from a clone factory somewhere - there is hardly any real difference between a Rush Limbaugh and a Glenn Beck or an Ann Coulter.

KTRH's change leaves only KUHF -- and the "Global American radio" program on Business 1110 AM, podcast 24/7 at -- as the only remaining sources of refreshing centrist, progressive, balanced news, ideas and topics. You can see that on our Global American Podcast list – covering issues like education, space tourism, human trafficking and our technology future. We cover REAL issues important to Americans and our future prosperity, not phony made-up ones. Those are like the sirens of the Greek myths,who would lure fisherman unlucky enough to follow their call, only to wreck upon the rocks.

The Global American has a unique perspective because of the unique experiences of its host, who has been a Fortune 500 legal global negotiator (and entrepreneur) in over 50 countries. Its host was a one time farm kid who got an education and a global job, and after a layoff started a business, eventually conducting a child kidnapping case in Syria and becoming a TV terrorism analyst. How many radio hosts can testify to the vast changes happening in not just Houston, but also China, India and the rest of the world?

Has Limbaugh, or Beck or Dennis Kucinich done anything like that?

America at this critical juncture can’t afford to be stupid or complacent. How much help for America in the ongoing global high tech competition do we get from a Congressman who has never been out of Ohio except on a political junket?

How much insight into America's future in a global high tech 21st century do we get from millionaire right wing radio hosts who have never done business around the world?

This distinguishes the Global American radio from the programs like Glenn Beck AND from the left wing fringe like Dennis Kucinich ("Kooky Dennis"). Congressman Kucinich showed up in SYRIA this week to meet with President Assad. Assad took over from his father, who massacred tens of thousands of his own people. (Remember, I had a kidnapping case in Damascus in the 90's. I’ve been there. I know what is really going on over there.)

Kucinich looked like an idiot when Assad used him to look better, despite Assad’s having turned tanks on entire cities of his own people.

The same Kucinich, along with Michelle Bachman and others apparently doesn't remember history because none of them mentioned that Libya's Gadhafi ordered the bombing of Pan Am 103 -- a terrorist attack on Americans no different than 9/11. Gadhafi did a bin Laden before bin Laden -- if Americans can still remember history. If they don’t, I do and that’s the purpose for Global American radio – to seek solutions and remind Americans about past mistakes so we can avoid repeating them. Have Limbaugh and Beck done that? Or Kucinich? Or Michelle Bachman or Sarah Palin or Rick Perry? Not even close. They have misinformed rather than informed Americans.

The Global American newsletter and radio series are focused on giving Americans TRUTH. It has been our fairness, truth and justice that have made America great. We have to face truth if America is to succeed in making its comeback.

KTRH is dead. For real insight into keeping America a global high tech leader, tune in to Global American radio. Details at

I hope Lana and J.P. will come on and talk about the future of radio!

5 Myths About NASA

Excerpt from Washington Post:

"This year marks the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s speech announcing plans to send Americans to the moon — and marks the end of the space shuttle program. Today, many Americans have no memory of the moon landing, and NASA isn’t a source of pride but a budget line that needs to be cut. Why spend billions exploring an uninhabitable environment when many Americans don’t have health care? To understand the importance of our space program, it’s first necessary to debunk some misconceptions about what NASA is and how it operates."

Click the link to find out why we still need NASA...particularly this part:

"Nine countries, including India, Israel and Iran, have placed payloads in orbit. More than 50 nations design, deploy, own or operate satellites without U.S. involvement. China and Brazil, for example, have been co-developing Earth observation satellites for years. Japan and China have mapped the moon in considerable detail. India launched its own robotic moon mission in 2008, with a follow-up mission planned in cooperation with Russia. The United States may still have the largest, most ambitious civil program in the world, but it no longer solely charts the world’s future in space."

Friday, July 1, 2011

How to Create Jobs in AMerica

Former President Clinton has written an excellent piece on how to create jobs in America - here is the link.

He makes some great points - one being how energy efficiency could create tons of jobs and save energy at the same time. Check it out.