Friday, May 24, 2013

Carbon: Breaking a 800,000 Year Cycle...

"There is a remarkable record of CO2 concentrations preserved in tiny bubbles in Antarctic ice cores going back 800,000 years. These measurements are less accurate than modern Keeling-style instrumental readings, but they are plenty accurate enough to see the big picture clearly. All throughout the past 800,000 years, which encompasses several ice ages and interglacial warming periods, CO2 levels fluctuated in a relatively narrow band between about 180 ppm (during the colder ice ages) to 280 ppm (during the warmer interglacial periods). For about the last 10,000 years we have been living in a warm interglacial period, with CO2 concentrations at about 280 ppm. Then, beginning with the industrial revolution about 1750, CO2 concentrations gradually moved up to Keeling's accurately measured 1958 level of 315 ppm. Since then, as we have seen, CO2 concentrations have grown rapidly to the current 2013 level of 400 ppm.
So, the current CO2 concentration of 400 ppm is some 40 percent higher than anything that has been attained in the last 800,000 years. The glacial-interglacial cycles began some two and a half million years ago. Scientists estimate that a CO2 concentration of 400 ppm has not been attained for at least 3 million years. This rapid a change in CO2 concentrations has probably not occurred for tens of millions of years...." cont at link:

Friday, May 17, 2013

IRS Tea Investigation - Made by BUSH Commissioner! Media FAILS to Check FACTS!

What the IRS "Hearing" held today in Congress Failed to Disclose - The IRS Commissioner in charge during the Tea Party Investigations was a BUSH appointee, Mr. Douglas Shulman (see link)!

Steven Miller--the guy fired-- didn't take over until NOV 10 2012 --AFTER the election!!

Look at the chart for yourself - and ask: Why the hell doesn't ANY of the media have the common sense to realize the acts complained of were made under the Commissioner that was appointed by G W BUSH in March 2008 to Nov 9 2012! Why? Are they stupid? Allowing bullshit to pass as FACT? That's what is happening when you check FACTS (at the link).

Share the Facts!

Friday, May 10, 2013

As America's Drones Hit Pakistan - it's First Peaceful Change of Government without Military

As America's Drones Hit Pakistan remote areas where Taliban hide, Pakistan is undergoing its first Peaceful Change of Government without Military taking control in its HISTORY.

And WHO will make the decision? Since my first trip to Pakistan 30 years ago, a whole new generation who are under 30 will vote in this election, making the choice - just like a new, young generation helped elect President OBama.

If you want to learn more about Pakistan as I saw it, check out "Better Times Ahead April Fool"
or here at

Solution for Health in Poor Countries? - Reduce POLLUTION

FYI.  A study shows that the solution for Health in Poor Countries  is to REDUCE POLLUTION.

Beijing's (China) foul air in Feb 82 (30 years ago) was so bad it put this 32 year old in bed for a day or two during negotiations. (story at

Its gotten WORSE since then...Here is a photo of the author on the Great Wall in October 2012, which is normally "clear"...note the haze (camera time is set for Houston time. China is 13 hours AHEAD of Central time, hence the difference).

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Everything in BETTER TIMES AHEAD APRIL FOOL Book is Happening TODAY....

Doing too many things at once leads to doing nothing really well.

So I have found myself focusing on one thing - then switching to focus on another when I can or need to. In the past two days I have been in 3 counties and it was 85 degrees. By the time I was done, I'd walked a marthon, and looked 'rode hard and put up wet.'

I just switched over to being Webmaster for that amazing "Better Times Ahead April Fool" - adding the chapter titles at the TOP. They say it all. Keeping it SIMPLE is key.

Right now, like most of you, I'd prefer to be lying on my private island and deciding which restaurant to fly my seaplane to.  But then reality keeps interfering with that movie --as in the need to generate enough to put something into retirement since I am no longer the 40-something year old that still lives in my head.

So I need to sell a lot of security film and books to even buy a ticket to that island! LOL

What's important is that my business product is protecting people and property while my book describes how we got into this mess - and how we get out of it in a global, space age economy.

Everything I talk about in the final chapter "Agenda for American Greatness" is happening today, both here in the USA, Europe and Asia, etc. 

At least I have a plan for our future, unlike Congress...LOL. It's in Agenda for American Greatness.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Importing GARBAGE for Energy - Norway's Ununusal Business

Fascinating article on how Oslo Norway is IMPORTING GARBAGE --to burn for energy, even at the same time is EXPORTS oil, etc. Norway doesn't have enough garbage so it has to import it. LOL. And look at the other European countries doing the same "waste to energy" plants, recycling etc...

Happy Cinco De Mayo Day - Reminds me of a Car Trip to Mexico...

Happy CINCO DE MAYO day! In one chapter in "Better Times AHead April Fool" a Hispanic friend of mine volunteered his economy car and we drove to Guadalajara (see the map) and back to Houston. That was the 90's. FLY in is ok but today I wouldn't recommend driving it - anyone here DRIVEN to Mexico lately?

P.S. During our drive, we did get stopped once by a cop in Mexico. I already had a plan ready if that happened. And it did happen. It's in the

No Room on Texas Firefighter Memorial for new names...

There is no more room on Texas Volunteer Firefighter Memorial on the Capitol grounds for new names. This happens right after a dozen firefighters were killed in the West fertilizer plant explosion. 78% of Texas firefighters are volunteers, which is substantial. Details at this link.
This is very UNFORTUNATE. We need to raise $$$ to expand the Texas firefighters memorial in Austin for our fallen firefighters....Let's get it done after what happened at West.

The fertilizer company in West only had a $1 Million General Liability policy! Hell, my small company has that coverage - its required from our commercial clients -- and we don't store 270 TONS of ammonium nitrate on our property (NONE in fact)...
The policy should fit the risk. Texas needs to make some reforms....NOW.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Texas can't compete in global economy without Education investment

Dear Texas Legislators:

In The last 30 years I have been in nearly 50 countries on negotiating missions; therefore I have unique perspective when comparing Texas education to the USA and the world in which we compete in a global economy. I live in Texas so it matters.

I urge you to restore the full $5.4 Billion that was cut from the 2011 education budget because Texas is behind not just other states but behind the world in giving students the skills they need to succeed in this high-tech, global economy.

Texas has fallen to 49 out of 50 in per student spending, according to this Dallas Morning News report!

Today there are over 2 million high-tech, high-paying jobs available in the United States – yet they remain empty. Why? Because Texans and Americans do not have the skills to fill them! Chinese workers do. Indian workers do. Why would Americans not want to acquire the skills for a $70,000 year job?

One American company owner gives all applicants a test.  Ninety 90% of them don’t even qualify for training! Our math and science skills need improvement. We must up our skills or lose to our global competitors who are mastering those skills.

We can’t win in a high-tech economy without investing in the education of our next generation of Texans--all of them. Even the oil industry says they have a difficult time finding people with skills needed. Neglecting this issue sabotages our future as a robust economic state. High tech companies will need those skills available in Texas if they want to move to Texas.

Texas is adding 70,000 new students every year, which puts the legislature behind an additional 140,000 new students since the last legislature in 2011. So even the $5.4 billion leaves us short in preparing Texans for the future. The Rainy Day Fund should reimburse schools at least $8 billion - and make sure every Texas school kid has an Ipad or a laptop since they vastly improve learning in this space age century.

Therefore, I urge the Texas legislature to restore the education funding from the Rainy Day Fund, because it’s raining hard on Texas’ future right now.

Michael Fjetland, JD/BBA
President, Armor Glass International, Inc.
Author, Better Times Ahead April Fool
(Looking Back on the Future of America)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Age Discrimination in Recession - Costly to America

PBS reports that those over 55 have the hardest time getting new jobs after a lay off.

 I went through that years ago--its documented in my book. I finally decided to start my own business because it was the ONLY choice to get income rolling again. That was the 80's and 90's. That hasn't changed from today.

What made me mad is that they were hiring new people for more money who had less experience than I did. Fortunately, a company can generate MORE than what a job pays. You do NOT have a salary cap. It's ceiling unlimited.

And you don't fall asleep like people with dull jobs do. As an entrepreneur, falling asleep is like driving while asleep. Bad things happen keeps your mind sharp.

Long term unemployed people are still good people with good skills who just want a chance. Never forget that.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

HOW DO WE FIX OUR ECONOMY? It's in "Agenda for American Greatness"


Spain just announced 27% unemployment - their youth unemployment is 50%. They, like Europe, have chosen the austerity path. Their economies are SHRINKING. Our Congress wants to follow their example, the same mistake FDR made in 1937 during the Great Depression.

The answer to that question is in the final chapter of my newly-released eBook "Better Times Ahead April Fool" – Documented with over 100 photos by author showing the last 30 years of global change as he personally took most of the photos in this insightful book.

The first 8 chapters are vivid - from growing up on an Iowa farm to global business experiences in nearly 50 countries, starting with a less than auspicious beginning when I was hired fresh out of law school by the notorious, infamous Brown & Root (now KBR). Shortly after my arrival they were indicted for price fixing and the company president shot himself. Things only got more interesting after that.  I was one of only 7 attorneys in the whole company. They wanted to move me to be the contract lawyer a naval base in Iran on the Persian Gulf -- just before it was overrun in 1979...

Then along came a white knight company (Dresser) that sent me to 30 countries in five short years -- including China, India, Brazil - all BRIC countries now (the fastest growing competitors to the USA).

Then I was laid off, along with tens of thousands of other people during the Great Texas Oil Bust. Even our former Governor went broke.  I had to invent a job due to the economy and my age.  The book's journal entries, written in far-off hotel rooms, give a unique view not seen in news accounts.

From then on, I focused on helping small American businessmen and women do what they wanted  anywhere in the world they wanted -- including a Seabrook Texas housewife who invented a ceramic Turtle to sell to tourists visiting from the cruise ships in the Cayman Islands. I helped set up her business. I took a small Texas video company to see the new Euro-Disney buyers (their park had a Western theme)  after it opened in Paris. But a big problem came up. To get to the meeting we had to get there from England by running a blockade--French farmers had blocked the roads and rail lines in France in a protest.  Being an entrepreneur had costs and a steep learning curve --I even ran out of money on one of my first international trips to three countries (Chapter "Broke in Bangkok").

These are some of the stories in the first 8 chapters over the last 30 years that will give you a global vision of the real world of 200 countries we must compete in to succeed in the 21st century. It’s updated with photos from 2013 -- for a startling country comparison you can see with your own eyes.

Look for yourself. Compare our technology to theirs! Compare our education to theirs. See what I've seen. Then my solutions should make sense to you.

It has been my global economic, business, political, security experience in all these countries in the past decades that provides the insights into the solutions presented in "Agenda for American Greatness."

America has fallen behind. But the good news is that we have the resources to get back to No. 1 again -- IF we have the WILL to do what it takes to do it.

It will take a SMART strategy. It will take a GLOBAL strategy -- we don't live alone on this planet. Being stupid in our policies and choices of action has profound economic and life-changing consequences --since that is what put us in this situation. 

Americans can't make intelligent choices if we are clueless about the real world (versus the pundit world) we are competing against. We can't afford to double down on disaster or voodoo economics.

We have a SKILLS GAP, and an education gap - but there is a formula to regain our national mojo in Agenda for American Greatness. The eBook chapter is the latest edition--the website version is FREE but its an OLDER version than the book...without reading the book, you won't know how the journey got there.

Details and links to Amazon, iBooks and Barnes & Noble (at bottom)...

by Michael Fjetland